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Sex: Transgender (MTF)
Location: United States
Bio: I'm Kilix, the Broodmother. I'm definitely one of the veteran members of Mpreg Central; I was here long before we were even on this web host, or the one before that, and was even featured in a (failed) documentary about male pregnancy. I'm rarely online nowadays though.

I'm a transwoman from Oklahoma in a common law marriage with my monogamous partner since 2010, but we've been friends since 2005. Anyone reading this should know that my partner is entitled to read any messages I send or receive here on the website. When I first joined Mpreg Central I was still closeted about my gender identity, but I came out in 2013 and now live as a woman full time, though I still struggle with people in my life recognizing and respecting that.

I've been fascinated with pregnancy for as long as I can remember. I was one of those members that as a kid would stuff my shirt with pillows and stuffed animals and pretend to be pregnant as early as five or six years old. Pregnancy has been such an integral part of who I am it may be at least part of where my gender identity originated. I did not consciously realize that I'm a transwoman until I was sixteen, largely because, growing up in a red state, no one told me that it's possible to change your gender, or that I was "allowed" to identify as anything other than my biological sex. I know for a fact that I daydreamed, pretended, even wished that I was a girl far earlier than that. Honestly, had I been born a girl, I probably wouldn't really have much interest in male pregnancy. My interest in it has always been pretty self-serving; the only reason I've ever been interested in it is because I'm a genetic male and I've always wanted to get pregnant and have a baby. I really have no interest in seeing other men pregnant outside of the scientific and social ramifications that anyone with a curious mind should find interesting.

My personal beliefs are very naturalistic, and I draw a lot from Paganism. The amount of pregnancy and fertility idolatry and symbolism in Paganism has drawn me deeply into the culture. To me, pregnancy is the ultimate way to feel connected to the life cycles of the planet. Life is not one individual organism, but rather one ongoing process that started billions of years ago of which we're all a part. By being impregnated, experiencing another life form developing inside of me, and delivering it into the world, I would be taking a very active part in this life cycle, helping me feel better connected to the Earth, nature, the future, the past, and, of course, the child I bring into the world. I feel that the male end of reproduction is very distant and disconnected from nature, and that has always caused me to feel left out, alone, detached from nature, and just inferior overall. It's something I've struggled to cope with throughout my life, even before realizing I'm a transwoman. It's actually along these same lines why I still haven't actually started hormones yet despite being very confident in my gender identity; I want to have a baby. The male side of reproduction may leave me feeling incomplete, inferior, and greatly depressed, but it's still more connected than not getting to participate in reproduction at all. My gender dysphoria has only grown worse over the years to a point where I've experienced suicidal thoughts and sought professional counseling for it, but I still can't bring myself to commit to hormones yet because I don't want to sacrifice what little reproductive capability I already have. In short, I'm a bit of an emotional train wreck.

Is pregnancy a sexual thing for me? It can be, but my interest in it goes much deeper, as the previous two paragraphs detailed. I do have many kinks that are connected to pregnancy such as inflationism, particularly blueberry inflation, but also breast, butt, body, and of course belly inflation, not to mention pretty much any other body part (ever seen lip inflation? Or tongue inflation? How about foot or hand inflation? I have). Perhaps most notably, I'm a fat admirer, and I've known that I'm attracted to fat women for even longer than I've known I wanted to be a girl. I've been interested in fat women before I was even interested in girls.

My nickname, "broodmother," is a term coined by me after several interesting conversations here on Mpreg Central to describe very specific, bizarre impregnation scenarios wherein one's body becomes a breeding ground for an alternative species. I coined the term because I was surprised by how many people found the concept appealing despite its extreme specificity and narrow criteria. The concept draws heavily upon insectoid and alien races from fiction, such as the Zerg from Starcraft, the artwork of H. R. Giger, or the more obviously titled Brood Mothers from Dragon Age. Broodmothering, or being a broodmother, usually involves the frequent, sometimes constant, and continuous laying of eggs or the birthing of larva instead of fully developed young for an entire lifetime, much like the queen of an ant colony or bee hive. Broodmothering usually involves massively large pregnancies, elements of forced breeding and BDSM fantasies, and sometimes slime. Lots of slime. But generally, any sort of large, perpetual pregnancies that involve frequent births or "egg laying" brought on by contact with a different, usually insect-based species qualifies as broodmothering. Since I coined the term, I decided to take it for myself here on the site; I am the broodmother of Mpreg Central.

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