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Thread Prefixes - TheKicking - 01-15-2016

Thread Prefixes are basically tags that you can add to the beginning of your thread's title. They allow members to filter the threads in a forum so that only those which contain the desired tag show up. They show up as little letters before a thread's title.

As of right now, only two prefixes exist; Open (O) and Closed ( C). These are only available in the Mpreg and Fpreg RP sections to help players and their readers filter through their options.

More prefixes might be added on an as need basis and at the administrator's discretion.

To filter threads (pictures below), go to the bottom of the main forum box and find the drop down menus. You will see a box at the very end with prefix options. Choose your option and then click Go.


Any Prefix--> this shows only threads with prefixes attached to them
No Prefix--> this shows only threads with no prefixes attached
Any/No Prefix--> this shows ALL threads

Below the top three, all the available prefixes will be listed. Clicking on one of them will show only the threads with those specific prefixes attached.

To add a prefix to a thread (picture below), you need to press Edit at the bottom of the first post, click Full Edit, and then select the desired prefix from the drop down menu next to the thread's title. You can also ask one of the admins to do this for you. 


This can be done while you are making a new thread.

Hopefully this helps you guys out!

RE: Thread Prefixes - TheKicking - 06-23-2016

Someone asked a question about these, so I want to clarify.

We are using these prefixes so that members can sort through Closed ( C) and Open (O) roleplay threads.

If you filter the threads (as described above) by the ( C) prefix, the forum will only display those threads with the ( C) in front of them (closed rp threads).

If you filter threads by the (O) prefix, the forum will only display threads with the (O) prefix in front of them (open rp threads).

Hope that helps!