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Hey here's the thread! I'll make a bio, and start it!

Name: Finn
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Looks: He is a small and short male with brown hair and green eyes.
Wolf form looks: Small with brown fur that fades to tan on his paws and belly with green eyes
Other: His pack was killed, so now he roams around by himself as a lone omega.

Finn trudged through the territory, wanting to leave this place. His whole family had been killed and he was the only one to survive. Hunters had came in and killed his family to mount their heads on their walls.
All he wanted to do was get away from this place and the memories. He doubted he'd be able to survive on his own out here, and the idea of dying out there didn't bother him. 
The young male was also in heat, which left scent trails everywhere he walked but he  didn't care right now. He just wanted to get away.
Name: Ross

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Looks: He is a tall and muscular male with silver hair and blue eyes.
Wolf form looks: A majestic white wolf with icy blue eyes
Other: a lone alpha wolf roaming the wild for all his life. With his silvery fur he was often targeted by hunters, especially when he was just a juvenile but he managed to fight them all off and survived. He made a name for himself in both hunters and wolves, being a cunning yet ferocious beast. 

Taking a stroll around the moonlit lake, Ross suddely smelt something sweet and inviting. The scent of an omega in heat. He had never smelt something as enticing before, and his great smelling could distinguish this was fresh and genuine, unlike the cheesy stuff produced by hunters before aiming at luring him to a trap. Nonetheless, he was careful in following the trail, not losing his cautiousness even with this great temptation. 

He followed the scent and managed to track down its source. In front of him, there was a stumbling form. Even from a distant he could clearly distinguish this was an omega, alone in the forest. Interesting. An omega was not supposed to be alone, especially when he was in heat. 
Finn was much too distracted by his own thoughts to realize that he was being tracked by a much larger wolf. The young male was tired and hungry. He had no idea how he had survived the attack. He almost he wished he was dead with his brothers and sisters. He kind of wanted to stop and rest, but decided against it. He was not in a safe place! He all of the sudden became aware that he was no longer in the safe territory of his own pack. New scents were thrown onto him. All sorts of creatures had been here!
His heart pounded faster. Finn had never been outside of his territory, so this was all new to him.
He sniffed cautiously before catching a scent of another wolf. This wolf had been here recently- or was still here. He looked around, but saw nothing. He decided this area was not safe, so he padded onward.
All his instincts were telling him to grab and mark this omega, yet Ross didnt survive relying on instincts alone. He observed from afar, seeing the omega's sudden alert, he knew he was aware of his presence. The fact that he chose to escape further at this realization seemed to be indicating he wasnt some sort of trap set up by hunters or wolves alike, but he decided to wait and see for a little longer.
If the omega went any further, he would reach one of his hiding places, a cave closer to the peak. He hadnt visited this part of the forest for quite some time, and the storm earlier this month should have wiped away any of his scent. If this omega did stumble into his cave, he would consider taking him. 
Finn looked behind him, feeling paranoid. He should have stayed in the other territory where he might be safe. But then he'd have to deal with painful memories. He picked up the pace, looking both ways for enemies. Things seemed okay so far. He was quiet, nobody knew he was here. He seemed to forget that he was in heat. He spied a cave off to the left and decided to take a rest in it. As he neared the entrance, he hoped a bear or another wolf wouldn't already be snoozing inside. The cave smelled clean and it was empty so the male quietly padded inside. He settled on one of the corners to take a rest, wishing his family was still here. He'd be cold sleeping by himself!
He was used to sleeping in a heap with his packmates
It was an ancient ritual for omegas to select a cave cleared and decorated by an alpha as its way of showing his choice of mating. Ross thought to himself, such a twisted way to fulfill the ritual. He quietly approached the opening of the cave and released some.of his alpha scent, knowing the overpowering pheromones would drive the omega to full blown heat, officially kicking off the mating process. Looking at the small curled form in the corner, Ross smiled a predatory smile and thought, oh little one, you are my mate now. 
Finn was too occupied with his thoughts to notice the alpha male entering at first. He didn't notice until some strange scent filled the air. The omega quickly stood up to see the alpha at the mouth of the cave. He would normally run away, but instead he padded closer. Any thoughts of trying to get away were quickly replaced by a small tug to get closer to the alpha.
Finn submissively approached, ears back and tail lowered, but wagging. He licked at the alpha's neck, then rolled onto his back to expose his belly. His tail was still swaying back and forth.
Nudging at the smaller wolf's neck, he was quite satisfied with the delicious scent released. He licked happily along his neck and down to the snowy white belly, his alpha instinct finally taking over making him desiring the omega to be full of his scent. 

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(Yep. Would you mind starting after the skip?
You can skip as far as you like)
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The night of mating had been both wild and gentle, aggressive and caring. As the first ray of Sun entered the cave, Ross woke up in his human form. This was a sign that the mating had been completed and he had marked the omega as his own. Looking at the sleeping form in his arms, he noticed a slight bulge in his abdomen. He must have knotted the omega during the mating, there was high chance that the omega was pregnant with his pups now. His scent was too early to smell any difference, but in a few days it would.
Up close, the omega looked incredibly young. Remembering how he smelt of dispair and fear, he wondered what had happened to him to make him alone in this dangerous grounds. 
Finn had given no fight the night before. He had been so alone that he was willing to jump into anything to have companionship and a family again. Family was very important to him and he quickly became lonely without others. He was happy to be claimed by this big, strong alpha. The smaller male stirred slightly in Ross' arms and he sleepily opened his green eyes. "Um.. good- good morning?" He said his cheeks turning red. He sat up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and yawned. He hadn't noticed the slight swell of his belly yet.
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"Good morning little one. I am Ross. What shall i call you?" He smiled at how timid the omega looked. "I guess you may feel a little sore from our ... vigorous activity last night. We could go to clean ourselves up in a bit."
The omega bit at his bottom lip, still blushing a bit. "I'm Finn," he said softly. He scratched at the back of his neck. "I- I am a bit sore, yes.." His eyes scanned his surroundings, and soon enough his eyes landed on his belly. He realized that he was probably pregnant, and carefully touched his belly with the tips of his fingers.
He would have a family again! This was a new beginning for this heartbroken male. He wondered how long it would take for his belly to grow, and how many pups they'd have. He glanced at his alpha. The alpha was a lot bigger than he was! The pups would be large, and there would probably be a big litter as well.
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"Nice to meet you Finn." He smiled at his mate, helping him stand up with a hand behind his waist to steady him. He had a feeling he would most definitely notice his change in gravity when standing upright.
Finn accepted the help and stood up. "It's nice to meet you, too, Ross," he said, thinking back on the night before. All it took was one night, and now he had a mate and a litter of pups growing in his belly. He stumbled a bit while standing up, but was quick to regain his balance. He blushed, not wanting to seem clumsy in front of his new mate.
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(How many pups and how long a gestation period you want?) 

Chuckling at the little wolf, Ross find his mate quite adorable. He extended a hand and asked him "alright i guess we are in need of a shower. I guess you have noticed that our night event had probably created new members in you...." he trailed off while.gently placing a large hand to cover the slight mound before realising it could be a bit inappropriate. He cleared his voice to cover up the awkwardness and continued saying " Are you alright walking? I was told that for new... bearers they usually could feel a little lightheaded." 
(I'm thinking around 8-11 pups. And maybe the pregnancy lasts about 4-5 months?)

Finn nodded, thinking a shower sounded good. At the mention of pups, he blushed, and gently placed his hand when Ross put his large one over his little belly. He smiled a bit, noticing the size difference between their hands. "Yeah, I think I can walk.. I just feel a bit dizzy, that's all," he explained, raising his arms above his head to stretch.
ayy lmao
(Ok sure. )

With his arms raised his little tummy seemed to bulge out even more. He smiled at his little mate and proceeded to guide his way towards te lake.
While they were descending, he asked tentaively "so... if you dont mind me asking, why were you all alone in this part of the forest last night when you were at quite a ... vulnerable state?"
Finn glanced timidly at Ross. He'd eventually have to tell him what happened.
"I did have a pack," he said softly. "But we had an incident with hunters.. We didn't see them coming. My family is gone. I'm all that's left," He said, reliving painful memories in his mind. Tears threatened to spill from his eyes so he looked down at the ground. "I just had to get away, and I ended up here."
ayy lmao
Seeing Finn on the brink of tears, Ross quickly approached the smaller male and gathered him in his arms, overwhelmed with the desire to comfort him. "Shhhhh little one, dont you be sad. I know how much of a blow it is to lose your family. I am so sorry, i shouldnt have mentioned them. From now on I will be family, together with our little pups. Now calm down little one..." he gently stroked on his back, wanting to sooth him.

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