Reported Post Etiquette
Hello guys.

In light of the spambot blitzkrieg I woke up to, I wanted to remind every one that politeness will get you a lot farther than rudeness and sarcasm when you do anything.

I know it's frustrating when a spambot attacks, especially if it's in a thread you started. And I'm glad you were all diligent in reporting it while the mods were AFK so it can be handled now.

But please remember that we are reading the comments you guys make in your reports. They're not just getting fired off to some wasteland never to be seen again.

But mods are not always here. We're people with lives who need sleep too. And waking up to find this mess? Yeah, it's frustrating and annoying to go through and delete all those, but it's equally frustrating to see snippy attitudes, sarcasm, or implications that we're not doing what we're supposed to in the reports.

If this happens in the future, please make your report. Be conscise, clearly and politely state the problem and a mod will get to it as soon as possible.

Thank you.
Sometimes, the world is cruel to shiny things...
To add to this-- Currently, all of the mods, including Lyric, are in American time zones. All of us have jobs, and three of us are also full time college students. Please keep this in mind when you report a post. If we don't get back to you within an hour, it's not because we are ignoring your problem.

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Hello, every one.

In light of the massive amounts of spambots we've been dealing with lately, I want to again address the issue of reporting posts.

I know it's been very frustrating, seeing all those nonsensical ads taking over the board, but I want to remind every one again that while there is not always a mod available to deal with a spammer immediately, we are diligently dealing with this problem.

We are very aware of which posts are advertising and spam, and which are real posts. We WILL delete them, as soon as we are available to do so.

We CANNOT ban a user simply because we suspect they might be a spambot. We do know that most spambots have user IDs consisting mostly of gibberish combinations of words, but that is not enough to ban some one outright, until they make a post.

While I understand that you want to do something about this and can't and that reporting the spam posts is all you can do, it's not necessary. Again, we WILL get rid of both the spammers and their posts as soon as we are able, and -I am only speaking for myself, of course- reading the reported posts sometimes makes more work for the mods.

I ask that you please be patient as we deal with this.

Thank you!

Sometimes, the world is cruel to shiny things...
"Currently, all of the mods, including Lyric, are in American time zones. All of us have jobs, and three of us are also full time college students."

No complaints here. In light of how much of the little free time each you have that you donate to keep this site going for all of us, it seems like an opportune and appropriate time to express appreciation for all that you do! Big time thanks!!!
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Totally understand that, and thanks for bringing it to light. As for time zones, I'm in the British one, so am hours ahead of you guys and this is one of my fave sites to visit.
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Just so we're clear, the mods DO NOT want people to stop reporting posts. It actually helps us track the spambots easier. However, there are a few members who have reported the same post or user over and over-- this is what we want to cut down on. If you've already reported a post or a user, then don't worry about doing it again. The website allows us to track down all of their posts at once through their username.

Thanks for your help, guys! Hopefully we'll find a solution to the recent spam influx soon.

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I have to say I have seen a big influx of spam advertising lately. Probably the same user with multiple accounts but I've been reporting them so hopefully you'll catch em and chuck em out soon Smile

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