Commissions for the holidays? (Art and Writing? Latter coming soon)
Normally, I'm usually swamped with schoolwork, but that's freeing up for me this time around. I figured I could offer the community some of my work, but unfortunately, I am not looking to do them for free. Fortunately for you all however, lol, I am in fact making this a pay what you want, the minimum being $5. What am I offering? Below is a personal project of mine that I'm not too worried about someone stealing because it is an unfinished project, the size I offer presently below are set to a low quality and shrunken size, and with it being unfinished, that clearly means you will see the full result under my name on another site at some point (For all these lurking art thieves, always remember you reposted the downgraded version if you tried to repost on Tumblr or Deviantart Smile Smile Smile Big Grin, but ultimately, it is a quickie which is what $5 will get everyone. The more added, the more effort I put! This means that even with a small amount of effort I put, you will still get a good result. I will update the images below with each commission. Those who paid the commissions will get the full sized image. The lower quality will be posted here. That being said, anyone up for helping me out these holidays?

Here are some things I won't do:
NSFW work (Let's keep it clean please)
Couples (Unless you're willing to offer a little bit more!)
Females (I figured it's mpreg, so most likely I'm doing mpreg, but always stay tuned a short I may change this)
Furries/Anthros (Not quite that good yet, I'm afraid, unless you're up for Simian based creatures)
Rule breaking characters: This enough says it all. I will not draw characters that do not abide with this site's guidelines. This is specifically to those that roleplay with these characters that have otherwise loopholed the rules to still make a young looking character. If they look young or you describe to me that they're petite, 4'5" with a bubbly face and whatnot, I will not accept.
Hyper inflation: Nope o w o. There will be some slight changes as you can see from the before and after quickie, but I won't take it to extremes.

As you can tell, I am good with anatomy, but let's not try to ask me to make a character too scrawny okay? Lol, that result will look really unfavorable.

How to contact me? Either message me in this thread or PM me.

Disclaimer: As an artist and writer, I have the right to decline any offer if I personally feel I cannot meet the objective. If however, you have another idea in mind for a character or visual reference, I will most certainly work on it if it's better than the first!

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