Actually having a baby!
So I've arranged with a friend of mine to get me pregnant, and I'm really excited.

How many of you are parents? What was it like expecting your first child?
Not a parent but I hope you document and share your experience with us here throughout your pregnancy. That would super awesome.
Not a parent here either, but best of luck with your pregnancy!
Not a parent, but maybe one day I will be! Good luck to you!
I'm having my first baby boy on December
Muffin is two and a third. It's been mostly good times, but pregnancy and PPD kicked mom's ass.
I have a six year old.
It was really exciting but I wish I had had more support.

I was very confident in the birth aspect, though, because I had doula training.

If you want anyone to talk to who's been through it, you can message me. I found that very helpful.
As bad as I am, I am proud of the fact that I'm worse than I seem

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