Closed Crawl out through the Fallout, baby (closed with NSAria)
Tobias stood by Charlie, looking over his shoulder as he checked through the computer. He made a noise when he mentioned the layout, tilting his head. "So there was enough space for a huge population. And I think the Overseer's terminal says there wasn't nearly that many people already here." He said, tugging a chair up.

He frowned deeply when he brought up the breeding room. "That's horrible....what the hell?" He mumbled. "I would avoid those....Don't want to see how they did that." He said, shaking his head.

"Alright, sounds good. Stay safe." He said, patting his friend's shoulder before getting up. "I won't be gone long. Meet back here." He said, putting the rest of his equipment on and picking up his rifle. "Oh, take this." He said, pulling the overseer's handgun out and offering it to Charlie.
"Thanks, I just hope I didn't need it." He takes it and tucks it in his belt.

"Good luck Tobias, be careful. We don't really know the extent of with this stuff did to us." He gestures to his belly.

"Hey Doc let's go. Oh wait." He stands still for a moment and says very clearly, "Activate combat protocol. Override: one three alpha gamma tango." The robot shifts slightly and it's lights turn an angry red.
Tobias nodded, watching Charlie put Doc into combat mode. "That old bot should keep you safe." He said, smiling. He was trying not to think about what had been done to his body...he just wanted to get out of this place.

He gave a small wave and headed out of the lab and towards the vault entrance, Spike by his side. He found a shortcut inside the hospital, crawling up through some rubble and ending up outside. "Wow...Ok, now we have to get somewhere high and see where we are." He said, looking at Spike.

He didn't realize that the area was part of the territory of an old Deathclaw...roaming nearby. Nor did he notice the changes with his own body....going back into season.
Charlie watched Tobias head back out of the vault as Doc clomped around behind him. "So much for stealth." He shrugs as he moves deeper into the vault. He slowly checks all of the dormitories and saw very familiar scenes, skeletons either locked in an eternal embrace or spread wide in a mirror of Tobias's position a few minutes ago.

"Down we go I guess," He says to no one in particular as he presses the button for the lift. It roared to life. "Well shit, if anything is alive down there it knows we are here now." He is completely ignoring the blood circling screams that he and Tobias were responsible for before.
Tobias moved through the ruins, looking for a way up onto the roof. He felt his body warming up, but assumed it was just the outside air. He climbed up higher, eventually having to send Spike back to the vault door to wait for him.

He made it up onto the partially collapsed hospital roof, only to find it littered with bones and partially eaten corpses. "Oh, shit...." He breathed, looking around quickly. Something lived up here, but it wasn't around right now. Tobias had to take a chance, moving to the high edge to look out for a town.

Just when he spotted one, he heard something coming, ducking behind something to hide just as the huge form of an alpha Deathclaw climbed over the roof edge, dropping a fresh kill, as well as some other things he'd collected. He was quite old, scars marked his leathery skin and one of his forward curved horns was broken off. He slowly lifted his head, sniffing the air and flicking his tongue. Something caught his interest.
Charlie steps out of the lift into the corridor, blinking at the darkness for a moment before clicking on Doc's headlamps. The lights in the hallway were on but very dim, he looked at the small piece of paper he had sketched a basic layout of this floor on. "Okay, not right, thats the breeding rooms." He shudders at the thought of what happened within them. "Storage is this way." He turns to the left and allows the robot to lead the way.

The heavy clomping of Doc's feet echoed through out the hallway, but they quickly found the storage room and he hit the emergency override on the door and pushed it open. "Doc go in first." The robot entered the room, but its heavy foot steps disguised the heavy breathing of the huge creature that he now shared a room with.
The Deathclaw looked over his nest slowly, tongue flicking about as he searched for the scent that had caught his attention. "Who?" Came a low grumbling voice from the large reptile. He started to slink around the rooftop, sharp yellow eyes peering around.

Tobias moved slowly, trying to get to the edge of the roof to climb down. He felt his body heating up, suddenly realizing he was coming back into heat. "Shit..." He breathed, trying to ignore it...but the warm feeling centered in his groin, making him pause and shudder.

The Deathclaw stopped, tongue darting out again before he looked right at Tobias. "Human?" Came that strange growling voice, then a strange purring rumble. He stood and began to move closer, shaking the ground with his weight.

Tobias panicked, making a break for it. He heard the beast roar and charge after him. A huge hand hitting his back and knocking him down. He blacked out when his head hit something...
The massive supermutant watched the robot and the blonde boy enter the room, his scent filling the dank empty chamber. It shifts its position quietly in the crate it had made its home.

Charlie hunts through the first crate, and he is very confused to find hastily opened rations, half eaten and tossed back into place. He adjusts his shirt and wipes his forehead, "Why is it so hot in here?"

The massive monstrosity catches a whiff of the young mans scent and inhales deeply, thoroughly confused by the stirring in its loins, but the thoughts that ran through its simple mind drew it to a single conclusion. It needed to mate.
Tobias woke not long after he'd fallen, head throbbing where he'd hit it and body hot and aching. He slowly looked around, finding himself in a cave the Deathclaw had burrowed into the wreckage of the building.

"Sh-shit...." He breathed, feeling his body throb and ache like it had before. Hearing a low growl from near him, he slowly turned his head to see the faintly glowing eyes of the old beast, watching him patiently.

"Human..." Came a deep rumbling voice as the beast stood and moved into a faint light cast by the only working lamp, making Tobias scramble away. He knocked over some things the creature had, broken computers, some weapons...this Deathclaw was different, smarter than the average one. But right now, he was only interested in one thing from his human captive.

The beast moved again, much faster this time. Pinning Tobias down with one massive clawed hand while the other hooked its claws under his belt and ripped it off. He tore his pants down and flipped the other over. "Stop!" Shouted Tobias, but his voice caught in his throat when the beast lifted him and that forked tongue found his new opening. He shuddered and gasped, feeling his body heat up even more at the stimulation.

"Grogg breed..." growled the Deathclaw, shifting himself. Tobias got a glimpse of the beast's cock, thick and ridged, before he was positioned and impaled on it, screaming and reaching back to claw at the beast's thick hide. But Grogg ignored him, thrusting his hips powerfully and leaving Tobias in a world of pain and intense pleasure.
Charlie wiped his brow as it had gotten exceedingly hot in this vault for some reason. "Damn its hot in here, good god."

[Your internal temperature has increased by .02% Patient:Charlie]

His eyes grow wide as he remembers this same thing happening before he and Tobias had sex, "Not again. At least I'm alone this time." He shifts awkwardly, his new hole still aching from the birth.

Charlie jumps as a loud crashing noise echoes throughout the room, "Doc?" He turns and sees that his robot has been tossed across the room, and a massive naked green figure stands in front of him, an enormous erection bobbing lazily in front of his face. He nearly cries at the sight as he knows what is coming.

"Please no," he begs as a tear rolls down his cheek.
Tobias lost track of time, and how many times he was forced to cum. Grogg mindlessly pounding him into the ground. He stopped screaming, unable to ignore the pleasure. It was so intense, despite the pain that came with it. He cried out as he was pushed to another orgasm, shuddering through it.

Grogg growled deeply behind him, his cock throbbing and swelling more. Tobias screamed, feeling the beast blow his load deep within him, filling him so much he felt like he was going to burst. He was held there for a moment before the Deathclaw pulled out, his cum spilling from Tobias' opening.

Grogg left him there, wandering off to a fresh kill. Tobias struggled to his feet, fumbling with his clothes as he scrambled off the roof. He limped down to Spike, feeling his lower body ache and throb....then burn. Something was different, but he needed to get back to the vault...
The creature tore Charlie's clothes off, leaving him scared, naked, and oozing whatever pheromone into the air as more of his skin was exposed to the air. He watched in horror as a quartet of long tongue like tentacles unfolded from a small cavity above its dick, and he immediately turned to run.

This was a mistake.

A huge hand grabbed him and pushed him to the ground, his shoulder pinned to the ground but his knees were still under him causing his butt to be exposed to the mutant. A moment later he felt something huge nudging at his opening, he closed his eyes as he knew he that he could do nothing to stop it. The mutants massive cock pushed into him and he screamed as it was nearly as wide as the infant he had just birthed, but the mutant didn't care, and at this point neither did Charlie, his heat had finally set in fully. As the monstrous member slid further into him he was reminded of the tentacles as they flailed around, they roamed his lower body like a clumsy lover.

It wasn't until the monster could slide itself no further that the tentacles found purchase, Charlie gasped as each tentacle in rapid succession found its way to his tender anus and probed deeply, pulling this hole wide as they sunk their way deeper.
Tobias could feel Grogg's spunk dribbling out of him, staining what was left of his pants as he walked. His body ached all over, but a new ache settled into his lower stomach. He felt warm, feverish, not like his heat. He put a hand over his belly, wincing at how tender it was...Something was wrong.

He made it to the vault door, limping in and making his way back to their meeting area. But Charlie wasn't there..."shit...." he breathed, fixing his pants a bit better. "Find him." He said, holding an item of Charlie's for Spike to sniff. The dog barked and turned to head out, making sure Tobias wasn't far behind. He kept his rifle ready, having a feeling something was wrong.
Stars filled Charlie's vision as the supermutant pounded at his still tender cervix while tears streamed down his cheeks at the not so gentle violation of his anus. His mind was awash with conflict, it was incredibly painful, but it still felt really good. His own cock rose to attention and began to drip pre on the dirty concrete below him.

A smaller hand grabbed his waist and he nearly jumped, and his eyes snapped open as the pieces fell into place. This was one of the infants that managed to survive. He shuddered as he thought of the malformed baby that he had givem birth to, but these thoughts where quickly pushed from his mind as the mutant began to thrust harder. A rumbling roar began to build in the mutant chest and belly as it grew close to climax.
Tobias continued to limp behind Spike, watching the dog for any signs of danger. He could hear something ahead, but he kept his pace slow just in case. He needed to stop a few times, leaning against the wall as his fever only got worse. He felt a weight settle in his lower abdomen, confirming something had taken...He had no idea how, but the Deathclaw had impregnated him...

He heard a muffled roar, followed by Spike's barks and shook away his pain. Lifting his rifle and heading towards the sound, knowing Charlie must be in danger.
The mutant began thrusting harder into Charlie, the pain had long since disappeared and Charlie was overcome with pleasure, this heat had entirely overridden his brain and he could feel only pleasure. The mutant began to roar as its massive erection began flooding his insides with a prodigious amount of cum, so much that it began to spill out around its tremendous girth.

Once the monster had emptied its seed within Charlie, it pulled out with an obscene *pop* and Charlie collapsed onto the dirty floor, supermutant semen spilling out of him.

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