Closed Crawl out through the Fallout, baby (closed with NSAria)
Tobias groaned around Charlie's cock, bobbing his head and swallowing around it. Hands fondling his balls and base of the shaft.

He grunted and gagged when he was forced down by the other's hand, tail whipping behind him. He tried to pull back, unable to breathe. Claws digging into Charlie's thighs.
Charlie would remove his hand when he felt the claws dig into his thighs, "Oh, sorry. That feels really good though." He moans at the attention from his companion. "I'm so close, keep going."

His skin creaked as his belly continued to grow, the child within began to writhe and kick, causing his belly to bulge in an unusual manner.
Tobias pulled back when Charlie let go of him, panting to catch his breath. He watched Charlie's belly contort as the baby moved, one hand moving to touch it. He then leaned back in to lavish attention on the other's cock, licking and sucking on the head while his hands squeezed and fondled his balls. Wanting hear him cry out as he came.
(Sorry about the delay, new house issues and major distractions, I'm back now though)

He moaned loudly as his balls tensed and shot a thick load of cum down the back Tobias' throat, his newly massive cock throbbing strongly and twitching rapidly. "Oh holy shit, wow that felt great."

His eyes shot open and a puddle gushed from his birth canal, "Oh fuck," he cried out as his belly tensed visibly.
Tobias gagged and coughed from all the cum pumped down his throat. He pulled back, more of it dribbling down his chin. "H-holy much." He panted, But he didn't have any time to think about that, seeing the fluid gushing from Charlie.

"Oh, man....This is gonna be hard." He muttered, hands moving to Charlie's belly, feeling how tense it was.

(its ok. Real life comes first. Welcome back. :3)

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