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Red Dwarf's done it again!
Hi all--I've never posted here before, but I have a pretty good find to share! (I'm pretty sure no one's shared this one yet). The British sci-fi show Red Dwarf had the promise of mpreg way back at the end of Series II that never played out (on screen, at least), and now in the most recent Series XI, another character found themselves pregnant--this time, it was the Cat!

It's in series XI, episode 6, called "Can of Worms".

I don't know where you can watch it for free, but it's out on DVD, or you can buy the episode on Amazon or iTunes, or watch it for $1.99 here on the BBC's youtube channel:

If you want more details about the episode, or rather--spoilers in regards to the mpreg, highlight here --> The Cat is impregnated by a Polymorph, a sort of alien shapeshifter who took the form of the Cat's desire, and impregnates him with 8 of her eggs. There is a scene where they try to abort the pregnancy, but the babies change their shape to tumors on vital organs to stop them. There are a few quick, though memorable belly scenes and a rather humorous water-birth scene. Unfortunately the babies are monsters and the Cat has to put them down, but the mpreg is still strong in this ep Smile


Here you go

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