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British Trans Man Pregnant
Awesome Big Grin I live fairly close to Gloucester too.
^ maybe u can keep us up 2 date with paparazzi pics? Big Grin
Well, I came across this today. Hayden has officially come out to the several different types of media on his pregnancy. Although I feel really bad that with as much support he's received, it's comes with just as many death threats. For fuk's sake he's just trying to be himself and start a family on his own.
Ok I understand that Hayden wants to start a family and is trans which is fine by me as it's interesting to see the growth and belly grow but I think the reason he has received negative attention is that some of what he's doing has be done on the NHS and is via taxpayers money. The fact Hayden is unemployed and receiving benefits I think has annoyed people as they feel it is scrounging of the hard earned money they put in.

IF it makes Hayden happy to be having a family then that's good.

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