Gender Identity from a Newcomer
Hello everyone! Longtime lurker who decided to make an account. I've been dealing with some gender identity issues recently and was wondering if anyone here has experience in these sort of matters.

I was born male, biologically male, and very much like my male body and my overall maleness. I'm proud of my body, my muscles, and... well, my genitals. However, there's always been a part of me, which manifests through my mpreg interest, that's female and feminine. I'm at a loss because I really have no interest in exploring that part of myself. There's nothing in my head that makes me want to try "being female" outside of some fantasy indulgence, yet it's been an interest for a long time.

I'm confused because from what I've read, most transgender individuals feel like they're inside the wrong body. I have none of that. I am a man and have always been a man. I just have a female side to myself and I don't know what to do with it.

Any advice or previous experiences would be awesome. Thank you all so much.
This is my first post too. Yes. I've had those same thoughts. Born male, feel...manly? like sports and all that good stuff but there's been a part of me that comes out as feminine sometimes. When I put on my belly I usually see myself as male with feminine traits but every once in a while I see myself as female. I've never delved too far into that part of myself because I see myself in your boat. I've never wanted myself to be addressed as female.

I guess I'm just letting your know you're not the only with those feelings/thoughts. You've just gotta accept yourself in the long run. You're a guy but there's something else just underneath that likes to sneak out at times.
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I've always felt similar, myself. I'm a guy. I like being a guy. I was born a guy. I plan on dying as a guy. I don't view myself as being a woman trapped in a man's body or anything like that. I sometimes like to say that what's between my legs are two of my best friends. This is in no way, shape, or form intended as being disrespectful towards transgendered individuals - it's just who I personally am.

But at the same time, obviously (by the fact that I'm here) there's this aspect of me that has this fascination with the idea of a guy being pregnant and giving birth to a baby. I can't really explain it myself. Perhaps, in a way, it may have to do with being a gay male, and Mpreg being the one way that I could biologically reproduce (or at least biologically reproduce with someone that I'd be physically attracted to).
that's how i've always felt all my life. I have explained it too previous girlfriends and for the most part they understand it. I think the fact that I have no real interest in sexual relations with anyone is a big part of it to. I would love to be able to get pregnant for real, I know that it is very unlikely that I will ever to do be in my lifetime.
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As I'm sure you're already seeing, there are plenty of people here who feel the same way. Hell, even I'm surprised sometimes. I'm in a similar situation, personally. I went through a period last year where I really started to question whether I was male at all, but I ultimately don't think that transitioning would help me sort much out.

That said, I think it's ridiculous to expect people to act perfectly in line with a predetermined set of traits based upon what sort of genitals they were born with. There are 7 billion humans on this planet; the idea that all of them should (or even could) fit neatly into two narrow categories is pretty strange when you really think about it. And yet, because people don't expect males to be affectionate or nurturing, they find the concept of male pregnancy strange. Who cares? Be who you are and do what makes you happy.
I find this thread very interesting because I feel identified in some aspects that have been said:I have also always felt comfortable with my body and my male genitals, and although since I was a child I was attracted by other boys, for a few years, I had satisfactory sexual relations with girls. I assumed in my family that I was openly gay, but yet I did not feel comfortable in a gay environment and I was not able to have sex with other gays. It was obvious that he had a problem: I felt that he was homosexual, I liked being gay but sexually I was not attracted to another gay. It was from having relationships with dominant heteros guys and assuming a submissive role regarding them, when my sexuality took a 360º turn: I was able to adapt emotionally and sexually to what these guys asked and demanded, I loved to satisfy all their desires and to please them. Then I discovered the most important thing for me: feeling fertilized, impregnated, My connection to my side Mpreg. These dominant heterosexual boys who had their girlfriends, liked and excited the idea of submitting and feminizing me as the male who subjected their prey ... and most important: plant their seed, mark their territory, and leads to fertilization. Forgive me for extending myself so much ... I have always felt very alone and misunderstood about my sexuality and this fetish (it is a vital necessity for me) in particular: feeling fertilized and carrying out my pregnancy as a way of expressing the germ of all the love and feelings that I keep within me.

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