Inappropriate questions during chat
So I won't name names unless Admin want this user's name in order to keep an eye but I thought i'd just post about staying away from people who ask inappropriate questions in the general stay safe when talking to strangers online theme.

This user and I were chatting casually about most things preg, when he asks me when I lost my virginity!!!! Now it's up to you if you want to disclose such personal information, but just go careful guys, we're all here to share a common interest and if you make long term friends here that's wonderful but to ask such an over familiar question when yo've been talking for about an hour? - Just creepy. Nothing short of. Other questions included what form of birth control i'm on. - Which I dodged.

Just, guys, een if this is part of your particular interest, maybe make that clear in your posts or threads so it doesn't come off creepy. I've had photos i've shared put out there on the internet, luckily I like to stay anonymous and the background was in a building I lived in on a very temporary basis so i'm not too worried.

Just stay safe out there guys, don't answer any questions that make you uncomfortable, don't chat to anyone who's making you feel uncomfortable, don't be swayed into doing anything you don't wanna do.

Just remember, we have some young, new, inexperienced users on this forum and I feel like we're a community that likes to look after each other here so stay safe out there x
I would like to jump in and say that if anyone makes you uncomfortable -even if you feel silly about it- you can always come to the admin team. We want this to be a place where people feel safe, not a place where you're left with a bad feeling about anything.

It might turn out that whatever was bothering you was something you simply feel better after talking about, or it might turn out that it's happening to other people or is more seriously inappropriate and should be addressed by an admin.

We're here to help you. I'm here to help you. Don't be shy about PMing me if you need to.
Sometimes, the world is cruel to shiny things...

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