Ides of Spring (Closed with NSAria)
Brandon smiled.

"Of course" he stated. "How else you expect to have a big family? You weren't expecting to be working at the house all the time, huh?"

It would hit Jonathan instantly. The male stated before he was looking into sports medicine. Reality was shifting once again around him. He didn't reconsider the thought. Sports was a plus for him and he had the brains to match it. He was only taking a break after graduating from all his hard earned efforts to work somewhere small to build up an impressive portfolio for Grad school.

Brandon smiled at the idea of it being a quick ceremony. "I'm sure if we skip the dance, take some cake for ourselves and get back home, a round in bed could happen really fast."

He exited from the station, the lovebird in his arms still as he made his way to the truck. He opened the door and helped the other male up inside of it before walking to the driver's side. In a few seconds, they were off, towards the chapel itself. Everyone that would be in attendance was waiting on them both. As soon as he hopped out the car, there she was, waiting on them: The mayor herself.

"Oh, will you both hurry up" she insisted with a bit of persistent anger. "You kept the priest waiting a bit."

She grabbed Johnathan, pulling him away from Brandon, stating they would keep things traditional as much as possible, which meant both grooms not looking at each other for a few. Brandon smiled, a grin that seemed more mischievously as his green eyes faintly glowed bright under the night. He walked off, heading inside. The Mayor was already hard at work, dressing Johnathan up in his clothes.
"The faster the better," He had a sly look in his eyes. There was only one thing he wanted right now and that was Brandon.

"Sorry Ma'am." He said politely. Sorry? Fuck this bitch, she tried to set me up. They rushed inside and then got separated, he was less than thrilled that he had to go with the Mayor, but then again, would the Sheriff have been a better choice? At least she didn't actually try to kill him.

"We didn't mean to keep everyone waiting, I'm not really sure what took us so long at the station," He smiled at her briefly before looking away, he never could look at her for any length of time without her glaring or scowling back at him.

"Can I help you ma'am?" He was never content with being dressed, the fittings for this suit had made him uncomfortable. Fittings? I never went to any fittings. Where are these thoughts coming from?
"Oh don't you worry none, love" she said, other men helping Johnathan disrobe from his usual clothes. "I'm sure that ex of yours that was trying to steal your grandmother's wedding band was more than enough reason to take your time and feel bad, but let me tell you. My son loves you and always has. Don't second guess that."

Just like that, more memories was flooding the male's head about his girlfriend, the one he was planning to propose to during the Break. That happened years ago apparently now, at least what he would say outward rather than inward.

"Sure, just hold still as we finish the details." Her and the men finished dressing him until he was in something a bit simple: A nice white dress shirt with sleeves rolled up by design. A dark blue vest on the outer appearance with a lovely bowtie, black pants that fit his body properly as if he did go to a fitting and of course the right sized socks and shoes.

As Johnathan insisted, some time was passing by. It was already time for him to walk down the aisle.
He smiles in the mirror as he checks his reflection, "I like it," I guess I don't look bad.

"I can't believe she tried to take the ring again, I know she was always pissed that I never proposed, but to try to actually steal it." He shakes his head in disbelief, "Doesn't matter much now though, I've got Brandon, and he's more than I will ever need." He's a lot of man all right, but why am I being so sappy, I don't love this guy. Hell I just met him like 2 hours ago.

"Is everything ready? I don't mean to be rude to your family, but I hope this ceremony goes quickly, I've never liked standing in front of people. Even if it is for Brann, I'm stupidly nervous." He turns to the Mayor, "Martha, could you do me a quick favor and get me some water? I need to settle my stomach. Butterflies, y'know?" He smiles nervously. Wait, the Deputy is her son?

After a few moments he suddenly begins to hear the processional music, he takes a deep breath, "I guess its time."

The doors open and he sees a chapel full of smiling faces looking back at him. His gaze follows up the aisle to find Brandon, looking as handsome and dapper as ever in his almost matching formal wear, a smile crosses his face.

"Here we go." Here we go? What the fuck are you doing? Why is this happening to me?
She nodded at his request with a smile and walked off. She returned quickly with a glass of room temperature water, which was surprisingly cool. When the time was around for him to be ready, she of course escorted him out in favor of the parents who were not present. Brandon had his long hair flowing down, covering his left eye in a strange mysterious, yet alluring matter. His mother thought it would feel better to have wildflowers poking out from it. Something about his presence, while formal, seemed nature bound, but his visible eye lit up when the music played and before it was Brandon walking down the aisle. As the other male drew forth, there he was, clad in minister robes with the bible in hand. It was the Sheriff. Of course this should not have ended well, but something was clearly different from before. He was clearly not in the same mood he was in hours ago. Nothing was right for Johnathan at this point.

The vows were said and on his finger, Brandon placed Johnathan's grandmother ring upon it, though his father, the Priest and Sheriff, named Boone, hinted that they both knew where the actual rings were at. Now came the final moment, the moment where he asked for people to speak now or to forever hold their peace. Nobody "spoke" so to say, but a loud crash through the doors was heard. Everyone shot forward to see what was going on. Of course Johnathan's friends had arrived and of course they were there to rescue him.

"Snap out of it" one of them screamed.

"This ex of yours really is a persistent one" Boone chuckled. "Can't let a man decide to want to be with another man, huh? It's that hard?"

Because Johnathan had signed the paper, of course his reality was being altered, outwardly at least, not inwardly. He most likely was trying to call out to them, but something was making him see them in a different light and some of those in attendance were already shoving them out the door.

"Well you heard him" Brandon said. "Still having second thoughts about me? I wouldn't hurt you, you know."
An eyebrow raised slightly at the peekaboo hair style on Brandon, Jonathan figured he would have just tied in back in a simple bun or let it flow around his shoulders. No matter, he didn't care. He was about the marry the love of his life.

He smiled as the Sheriff/Pastor took up his place. He's a priest too? Are you fucking kidding me?

His head snapped towards the loud noise, "What the hell?" Holy shit they didn't abandon me! I knew it!

In response to their cries he instinctively took a step towards Brandon for protection. Kelsie had tried to steal his grandmothers wedding ring after she found out he wasn't going to give it to her, but instead to (her words) 'some backwoods inbred hick.' She never could quite cope with the fact that he had chosen a man over her. "I don't care what they say, I'm staying here. I've made my choice."

What the fuck are you talking about? You didn't choose anything! This is all a trick! The statement, the attack, all of it. I don't have a fucking clue as to why all of this is happening, but its happening and for some reason you are just going along with it!

"You were there for me when they weren't. You've always kept me safe. And you always will."
That was that. Johnathan was sealing his fate more and more. Kelsie looked on in horror as the love of her life was being swooped away by a man. She could hardly react to the moment as Brann placed a ring on his soon to be husband's finger before this mad town that was clearly more psychotic than the town in The Crazies rushed after them. They had no choice but to leave him and the kiss was given in the final moments. Brandon hefted Johnathan up in his arms as those present were excited for them. There was no need for a reception, really. It was midnight after all. They would have that later today. Johnathan said he wanted things to be over immediately and in case he had not noticed, that was exactly what was happening.

"I'll steal you away" he chuckled as he placed the male inside the truck. "We've a new life ahead of us together and if I recall, a certain someone said they were ready to "try" tonight."

The truck revved up and soon they were on their way again. These certainly were some crazy hours for him and they were only going to get worse as he would soon find out. Where "they" lived was a nice two-story house with a lake, a bit close to the nearby swamps filled with gators, though they never were problems. They were in the forest enough to be a bit away from the city, but also far from most of the gator sightings. That was where Brandon wanted to have the house built, especially for when hunting season arrived. It was nothing expansive like his parents mansion, but it was homely for now. Given Johnathan's talks of wanting a big family, of course they would have to eventually upgrade. The truck parked in the garage and Brandon unlocked the door, leading them through the kitchen. There, Johnathan would find not only his belongings from the hotel scattered about, but also things that should have been all the way back in Florida.

"Welcome home, Mr. Andrews-Dixon" he said as he closed the door behind him and pulled Johnny close. "Let's see if we can make it to the bed in time."

He sure hoped Johnathan could feel the huge bulge pressing up against him.
Jonathan looked away from his old friends, "Since no one that matter objected," he sweetly but firmly plants a kiss on Brandon's lips. NO! What are you doing? That's Kelsie! She's the one you wanted to marry!

He smiles brightly as the ushers finally manage to wrestle the three out of the chapel, the smile only getting brighter as Brandon embraces him and presents him to the assembled crowd.

"You can't steal what is freely given," He grins as he kisses Brandon again, this time more passionately. "Let's go home." Home sounds amazing. But, I'm pretty sure you mean his home, not mine. Not yours.

Jonathan rides in the truck in silence, not out of spite or any negative emotion, but just because he was so ecstatic about finally marrying this man that he loves so dearly, that he was for once, speechless. He held Brann's hand tightly the whole way.

He takes a deep breath as he steps into the kitchen, it smells like home. The burnt popcorn on the stove, the muddy boots by the door, Brann's leather jacket that Jonathan got him for his birthday. But now it is home, officially. This isn't your home you idiot! I don't know why my stuff is here, but this isn't your home.

"Now who's eager?" He smiles as he kisses his new husband, finally feeling safe in Brandon's warm embrace.

Jonathan feels the bulge pressed against him, and it only makes him kiss more aggressively. They had waited long enough.
Brandon would have to be lying if he was not remotely curious as to what his husband was thinking, but judging from the way he behaved, he clearly was not resisting in any form. Dear ol' Johnny was eager and so was Brann. They struggled throughout the path, from the kitchen to one of the nearby rooms, the guest room to be exact. The master bedroom was upstairs with another room, but this would do for now. Brann pushed Jonathan on the large comfy bed of navy blue fabric in the dark, candles already lit as Brandon wanted some romance. He pulled his long hair back, tying it to a bun, revealing a green glow to his eye as both lit up to a bright green. His hand undid the other males's clothes, carelessly tossing them to the floor until Jonathan was naked.

"Gee, you're really swollen down there" he chuckled, running a hand across his testicles. "Looks like the fertility treatment has you rearing to go already."

He undid his own clothes, revealing the large fat sex organ at last, his testicles at a nice round themselves, a silver bar resting between the shaft and the balls, their REAL wedding ring.
Jonathan stood still and let his new husband undress him. He loved these little intimate moments, Brandon's hands roaming his body to remove his wedding clothing. "I love when you wear your hair up, it lets me see all of your beautiful face." He reaches up and caresses his cheek. What the fuck? Why are his eyes glowing? That's not goddamn normal.

Once Brandon had removed his clothes he laid back on the bed, his pale skin nearly glowing in the candlelight. He moaned lightly at his lovers touch and smiled at the implication, "I've wanted you since the moment I saw you, we've waited too long for this. But, someone is traditional and had to get married first." He teases lightly, smiling the whole time.

He had always liked watching Brandon get undressed, he saw something new on his muscular form each time. This time it was their wedding bar. Upon seeing Brann's he reached down and touched his own and smiled as he rolled the little bar in its spot. I have a piercing? Where the hell did that come from? I didn't put that there.

He was overcome with want for Brandon, his own cock drooling onto his abs as he sat up and pulled Brandon toward him. He kissed his abs lovingly and looked up at those beautiful eyes, "I need you." He says quietly.
Brann smiled, his skin beginning to change to a different skin tone, the candlelight revealing a light purplish tone to it with vine like marks appearing on his body as his ears pointed outwards.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind" he chuckled. "Though I love having it down."

Of course he chuckled at the response about getting married first before having sex. He liked being old fashioned, something he reminded Jonathan of as he climbed into the bed to join his husband there just as the other wanted him. He had in fact said that he needed him with pleading eyes with a quiet voice. Brann leaned in further, spacing Johnny's legs apart and around his waist.

"You're ready for this kind of a commitment" he asked him to be positive. "The doctor's said the procedure is guaranteed to work right away, after all."

Of course Jonathan wanted it and Brann obliged. His large member found its way inside of Johnny slowly, pushing past any slight form of discomfort as he eased into it. Soon, he pulled out a little bit and gripped the ginger male closer as he pushed back inside. He was moving slow at first, but soon as Jonathan would soon realize, this was happening. He was willingly having sex with a complete and total stranger that made it like they had known each other all along. A Fae, to be exact. Brandon lovingly kissed his lips, moving in and out the male at a moderate pace at this point.
Why the fuck is he turning purple? And pointy ears? What the hell is going on?

He moaned at Brann's touch, he needed his new husband more than he had ever thought possible. His eyes grew wide as he sees Brann's massive member. Oh, there is no way, that's way too big. Jonathan had a hunger within him that he hadn't ever felt before.

Procedure? What procedure? What the hell is he talking about?

He gasped as Brann entered him, his size was much larger than anything he had taken before, but he didn't care. He needed it.

What is going on? I barely know this guy and now I'm married to him and having sex with him, what the fuck? Granted this guy is really hot with a big dick, but the purple skin is a little weird.
It was happening. Well, at this point, it was already in commencement. Brann was passionately mating with the human who seemingly could not sway from his advances. Him being compliant per the spells were good for him. He preferred it that way and not the other way where he was forcing himself onto another. Fae's were all about love in some strange twisted notion where both sides were happily pleasured after all. That made gripping the male before him with a firm grasp twice as sweet.

Like any good moment though, it had to come to an end eventually. This inhuman figure before him however had made sure the swimmer before him was given the workout for his life. He pounded in and out of him, which seemed like he was being overly aggressive as he himself gave in to his own lust, but his muscular frame and appearance dictated otherwise. Indeed, he was moving fluidly and rhythmically in and out the male's hole fluidly, but no small bruises or hand marks appeared on Jonathan. He pushed the male downward on to the bed for the last ten minutes. Yes, this took quite a while as the Fae's sex organ was actually working a womb into the male before him, but the effort was worth it. Near the final moment, a large amount of seed burst forth into the male's welcoming hole, where it would begin to take. Brann let out a heavy deep sigh, his purple body glistening in sweat.

"How I've waited..." he breathed. "To do that...for so long."
Jonathan came in almost perfect unison with Brann, the sensation of his thick cock pulsing inside him sent him over the edge, coating both of their flat stomachs with a prodigious amount of seed. "Me too, I never realized how big you were."

Seriously? No mention of the purple? Or the ears? Okay, I guess this is normal now.

When Brann went to pull out, Jonathan would stop him, "I'm not done with you, lets go again." He grins up at him with a mischievous look on his pale face. "We've waited so long, once is definitely not enough.

His cock was rock hard again, and he clamped down on Brann to force the point home ( LOL ) "Come on husband of mine, fuck me til the sun comes up."
He was spent, but given his nature, it took just a few seconds for the fae to be back in good shape for another round. There was no way he would do that though, especially with his spell done and other with. He thought that at least, but the male before him, this Johnny, wanted more.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," he insisted. "It's already big as is. You probably won't be walking straight if we kept going. I'm also not sure if you'd even have the stamina to last till sunrise, but if you want another round, now THAT I can oblige."

He did not know what had gotten into Jonathan, but he was going to let it happen. Truth be told, he wanted to release again, just for good measure and so, the supernatural figure got rock hard again.

"Let's make sure I get that oven of yours baking."

He smiled mischievously as he pulled the male closer. Round 2 was beginning now!
Johnathan smiled as he felt Brann grow hard again, "Give me everything you've got!" He grabbed Brann's head aggressively and kissed him deeply and passionately. He didn't quite understand but Brann meant by 'get that oven of yours baking' but he didn't care, he just needed the man inside him and to fill him to capacity with his seed.

He teased Branns nipples as they fucked, Johnathan didn't care about the weird ass evening he had had anymore, he just knew that the massive cock within him felt amazing.

(I'm so sorry I disappeared, work got crazy, but I'm back now, assuming you were still interested)
Brann was positive the spell on the male had come to an end. Why was Johnny still so active about wanting to have sex though? He kept going with the male until he was certain the human could not keep up and was well passed out. Afterwards, he carried him off to a bath to get both of them well cleaned, changed the sheets and let the exhausted male rest in the room under the cool southern breeze that was blowing in. The male needed some proper rest with the things soon to occur in his life.

Brann had no thought to Mesmer the male with another spell again. The deed was done and soon Johnny would have to get used to it naturally. The sun approached 10 hours later with the alarm sounding off. Time for their new lives to start.

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