Monsters aren't real (closed)
Marie stayed very close to Tim and slowly waddled around. "Hey- look. There's some cans and boxes," she said pointing at it. Hopefully there would be some water too.
ayy lmao
"Some water bottles too." TIm said when he got over to the boxes and started to examine the contents. "Why is there food here? Granted I'm glad but still. A tad weird."

[Image: Q92BT.gif]
[Image: ZY029.gif]
She studied the boxes and cans. "I don't know but I'm not complaining," she opened a water bottle and was quick to drink all of it. "Oh There's a can opener too," she said pointing to it.
ayy lmao
"Good. At least we can eat the stuff then. Most of this doesn't even need to be cooked." Tim said as he grabbed the can opener and held it to her.

[Image: Q92BT.gif]
[Image: ZY029.gif]
"What should we open?" She asked looking through. She grabbed a can of soup."not as good as home but these'll do," she opened two cans and handed Tim one. She looked for a spoon too and found some plastic spoons.
ayy lmao

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