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Orbeez In A Balloon? and my method
I've been a member on the site for a while but haven't posted anything till now (little scared/shy to be honest), but I came across this video on a tumblr post and thought it held some potential here.

I have tried inflation, but it isn't particularly my thing. I have tried the water-balloon inside a larger balloon method and like that a lot more. I used a balloon that I found in a dollar store that was larger than the 'punch balloon' type for the outside, a regular balloon on the inside and filled with water, and layered with two different kinds of shapewear. I modified a garment intended to be worn with dresses that was a size too small and I used regular shapewear (the kind like underwear the goes up over the belly to just under the chest). I would fill the balloons and tie them closed securely with a string. Then, I'd hold it in place and put on the regular shapewear. The weight would make the shapewear sag in an ugly way so I'd squeeze the too-small dress shapewear over top. A little adjusting and then it would look and feel great. A little wad of tissue or something during the shapewear adding process and you've got a belly button (or just position the balloon with the balloon knot for the belly button). Then, put on clothing over top. (total cost under $50 CAD. about $20 each for the shapewear)

My only problem was that I was afraid (like many others are) that it would pop and cause a huge mess or damage something with the water. It didn't happen until much later with new balloons that I ended up having my accident. I was sleeping with the belly but was finding it uncomfortable one night so I took it off and put it on the footstool near my bed. Some time during the night it popped and leaked water all over the wood floor and caused a water spot on the ceiling of the room below. It is an old house so it didn't create any problem with the wood floor (thank god). It cleaned up okay, but I had to come up with an excuse about a knocked over waterbottle to explain the ceiling stain to the people I live with.undefined

This is where I thought the orbeez could come in. I haven't tried it (and probably wont to be honest. I ordered a silicone belly and just got it today. i love it), but I figure it could work well. Orbeez would absorb most (or all) of the water in the balloon so in the event of a pop, you still have a mess of jelly balls, but not a lot of water. A lot nicer to clean up. You can also use orbeez over and over again. Just let them dry out and they will shrink back to the tiny size they start out as. In the video, he also mentioned how it felt and shaped which might be an additional consideration for bellies (and the part at the end made me think of ovi. Blush ). Also, if i recall, you can get similar balls in larger sizes. I definitely would not use them for birth simulation due to health/safety reasons, but for those into oviposition, it might be nice to try for a belly.

I'm interested if anyone tries this or what they think of it. Let me know!
I might give that a try. Combining Orbeez with a punch balloon ... hmm.
Whoa... I've only idly thought of what this would be like, but seeing the results on video, I definitely am more interested in actually doing this now. For extra safety I might layer the balloons, but that might just be my paranoia.
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I've always wanted a way to get more weight in my simulations but worried about the water going everywhere like many people do. This may actually be what I'm looking for. Huh.
This looks like a great idea, especially w/ a punch balloon like mentioned before!
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So! $8 plus shipping on Amazon ( ) got me way more of these absorbent beads than even I know what to do with, and three bucks at the local grocery store got me a big pack of punch balloons. My experience:

It's difficult figuring out how many of the beads to funnel into one of the balloons. Probably takes some trial and error, or an amount of math that I don't really feel like doing. I tried two different amounts to see what the difference would be ... one was kinda sloshy and jiggly with some extra water in it, while the other was packed pretty tight and the skin of the balloon was pulled taut over a very nubbly surface. Made me think of a dragon egg, but I think that's mostly because it was a green balloon. They both felt pleasantly massive, though!

The balloons wore out after a few days (or at least, the sloshy one was starting to leak through a few pinholes), but I transferred the beads to a double-layered garbage bag for the time being. Tucked into a wrestling singlet under a pair of sweats cinched tight at the waist, and it actually makes a good beer belly simulator. A bit too jiggly to feel like a pregnancy, but just the right amount of bounce for thirty pounds of imaginary flab, and it just ... feels inexplicably right resting in my lap.

Here's hoping any of that made sense and can help you decide whichever way you want!
Double duty as both pregnancy and fat simulation? These things sound amazing, I really need to give them a try next time I have the chance. How did the nubbly balloon wear out, did it just explode or was it more gradual? And what did you do with the balloons while not in use? I ask because I'd like it to last as long as it can if I try this out.
I'm that guy on Omegle. No not THAT guy!
Ack, sorry for the delay in response. When the sloshy balloon started leaking, I put both of them into the garbage bag and gave each one a quick snip with a pair of scissors; figured it would be tidier to do it that way than to wait for a sudden cascade.
When they weren't in use, I just kinda let the balloons rest on my bed. Wasn't really sure where else to put them. Woke up once with my arms around one at one point, but it doesn't really work well for a teddy bear substitute on account of the water being a tremendous heat sink.
Looks like a really good idea! hmm definitely double layers or more to be safe
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Sadly I don't have a great deal of privacy which limits what I can do, though I suppose I could use a plastic bin and keep the filled balloon hidden in the closet (how appropriate). Would double as a place to let the orbeez dry out and shrink again too. I've just gotta try this!
I'm that guy on Omegle. No not THAT guy!
Just as a word of advice, you might want some ventilation when you're letting them dry out. At least, leave the closet open a bit, just so things don't get mildew or start smelling funny from the extra moisture in the air. If you can get a small fan to keep the air circulating over the bin, so much the better.
For anyone looking for the best deal, and may not know - Orbeeze is a brand name for water beads. I have seen water beads used as mini-catapult projectiles, and in plant vases for long term watering. This might also make good hiding places...
I liked this method for a belly simulation. Definitely double up the balloons. I put it in a drawstring backpack (preferably a cotton one so it doesn't crinkle) and wear it backwards, and it falls right into place.

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