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Looking for advise about going out in public as a pregnant male. I've always wanted to go out and show off my baby bump but I'm not sure where to go and the types of reactions I'll get. Anyone with experience or any tips about doing this?
Hey there. I'm looking for advise about going out in public for the first time as a mpreg. I've always wanted to go out and show off my baby bump but I'm not sure what's a safe place to go and the kinds of reactions people have got when doing this. Any advise would be great SmileSmile
I did it once about 10 years ago. I went to a store where I didn't think I would be recognized, and I wasn't. My advice to is make sure you are comfortable with yourself going out in public mpreg. Go somewhere where you think you won't be recognized. And make your belly as realistic as possible so I doesn't look 'off.'
I'm still trying to figure my fetish out. I like to be dressed as a pregnant woman. Just from reading through other threads I'm wonding do most people dress like a guy with a belly or try to look more feminine? I love wearing a dress or maternity clothing.
Personally when i go out i just to look as feminine as possible... a pregnant woman shopping is not something out of the ordinary.

neither is a male with a belly depending on how much "beer" has made it there, but feeling like a pregnant guy wouldnt give off the same looks as just a dude with a beer belly.

but like the previous poster mentioned you do need to feel comfortable with it all, whether is actually not minding the attention or the "fuck it why not approach" still have to have the confidence/comfort.
I would say that my only concern would be take care of your safety! If you are dressed feminine but dont look 100% female you might get harrassed as people might think you're a transgender woman, which would be very unfortunate if you were harmed!
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If I was to do I wouldn't dress feminine . I would just have the belly be as realistic as possible not to huge but still noticeably big . It might help if you want to swear a sweatshirt of a shirt or jacket or sweater etc to not make it look as pronounced but obviously still there , if also act as nonchalant as possible about it likes it's not even there .

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