Main menu shows I'm logged out
When I first log in, I'm treated to the main "menu" of the forum as if I'm a guest. If I click on any subforum or thread, the display changes to show I'm logged in. However, if I click "Mpreg Central" again to go back to the main screen, the display changes and the website acts like I'm logged out.

What would be causing this or what can I do to prevent this?
I am having problems as well at the moment. I cant log out at all or delete any private messages from my inbox box so I cant receive any messages at all. I need help as well.
I did have something like that happen to me because I had my cookies disabled. Maybe if you have some software that could tamper with cookies, try disabling that, or try running your browser in incognito to see if it's an extension that is messing up the cookies somehow

Disclaimer: Not an expert

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