Patreon for mpreg lover :)
It's all not mine.

I think some people here knows Patreon. It's the good place to find and support the artist.

I found two Patreons that contain mpreg art.
I think someone here has ever seen the arts from this artist because she has drowned mpreg art for a long time. She's so good and I love her arts so much. 
If you become her Patreon with at least Tier#4, you'll find something good. Smile
I don't know much about this artist because He or She is quite new for mpreg artist, but He or She is also good. I love the comic from this artist so much.

We're people who love mpreg arst, so it'll be good if I can support the artists, right? Wink
I like as realistic male pregnancy about having sex and pregnant, life during pregnancy and long hard labor.
PM me If you want to RP.

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