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男儿国 is a comedic spin-off from a part of the tale called 西游記, Journey of the west. There is a place in the tales called 女儿国, which roughly translates to daughter country, where there are only women and they have children by drinking water from a spring that allows them to get pregnant.

男儿国 is a male version of the original tale where the country only has men and they get pregnant and give birth.

All the links are in chinese without any subtitles.
Trailer /
Movie /
I cant use the link to watch the movie
I dont have any problems entering any of the links though.
It's good. Not much belly scenes and can't understand anything, but it's still good.
I like as realistic male pregnancy about having sex and getting pregnant, life during pregnancy and long hard labor.
PM me If you want to RP. 
I do : Carrier for long-term rp
        : Husband, midwife, coach for birth rp

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