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Is this the ultimate EMS for conraction simulation?
I've been looking for ages for an EMS/tens unit that is portable and doesn't cost the earth for enhancing my simulated births. It's amazing how much feeling belly contractions adds to the whole experience and by placing the pads in various places you can of course stimulate the muscles of the belly, back, thighs, anal area etc. I did notice that they also sell anal probes and vaginal probes for putting up there and stimulating the sphincter muscles which would be bizarre but interesting! The thing I love about the EMS thing is that you get the contractions and the physical sensations and they're outside your control just like in a real birth. Part of the turn on is feeling that gradual ramping up of the contraction, knowing that the pain is about to hit you yet again. I have found that even with my existing EMS you really can breathe through the contractions to help you deal with it. Combined with my inflateable butt plug (which I personally find unbelievably uncomfortable) the whole thing gets pretty intense! I actually can't stand the butt plug up there for too long, the feeling of rectal pressure (often mentioned by women in labour) is horrible and it's almost a relief to push it out!

I'm also contemplating adding an enema kit or at least a douche to my arsenal as an alternative to the butt plug. I think the fullness and desire to expel is important during birth.

My existing unit which is a basic one is great but the maximum length of the contractions is only 40 seconds and the maximum off time is about 60 secs. I've finally found a machine with the option to power from the mains too but this one has contractions up to 90 seconds which are thus as long as real second stage delivery or transition contractions. Looks like the time in-between contractions can be varied too from 0-90 secs.

So just need to get the readies together and I can invest -

The bonus of all this is that while roleplaying labour I can work on my abs LOL!

I have posted some pictures of my new red pregnant summer dress in the other thread.

How much is that one??
Around £88 from the sites I have seen so its the cheapest one I have found with such adjustability in terms of length and frequency of contractions.

If anybody has one or tries one I'd be interested to know what they think.

I've got interesting ways for you to feel the pain. Since you already have the entire kit, you can actually try it out.

PM me if you're interested in knowing!

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