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whisky fist short film
Omg this is so funny XD love it
Wish it was longer
Haha loved it. Wouldn't mind if this were lengthened into a feature film. As always thanks for sharing! Smile
This was really good! Thx for posting this!
Omg I'm obsessed. The main character is SOOOO DREAMMYYYYY
THank you for sharing this!! <3 it would be great to see more and see how big he gets Big Grin
If I was to give you a novel you never heard of, tell you to read it from the middle to the end, would you understand the whole story? 
You start from the beginning.
Without understanding how the first chapters influence each other, only then will the climax make full sense.
Thus, why history is our guide map to the future.
Here's a fun bts pic! Smile

[Image: 14156335_1598607263771947_1763761694_n.jpg]

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