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Some new maternity clothes
Well with a couple of weeks off work to myself and the house to myself most days I thought it was time to treat myself to some new maternity wear!

Asos have become my preferred supplier because they do some good deals and their clothes tend to be quite cheap and yet sexy! They also do next day delivery and will deliver to a local pickup point so no risk of maternity clothes being delivered to the house and me being out which would take some explaining!!

I picked up this rather night semi backless white cotton sundress for only £4.50

And this incredibly sexy black lace clingy mini cocktail style dress for only £7!

I'm going to try the smaller water filled balloon inside larger air filled punch balloon method I think too as I've not tried that before - I normally just go with a punch balloon filled with some water and a lot of air.

I do have an EMS machine too although am very wary now of using that around water for safety reasons. Maybe Orbees are the answer to soak up the water to make it safer - they'd be ideal in fact but for the fact I don't live alone and so can't leave a filled belly lying around except maybe in the loft for a moderate period.

I also picked up a suggestion from an anal fet forum about using a glycerine suppository with a butt plug to get some strong anal contractions and pushing urges going which I'm intrigued to try - has anybody tried that?

For me the big turn on isn't just looking heavily pregnant and roleplaying birth but also feeling the sensations of being pregnant and giving birth. I want to feel the weight of the belly, I want to feel the contractions and I want to feel the pushing urges in my back passage. That way my breathing, groaning, panting and all the rest is for real!

I think the clothes will be arrivinbg later today!

I'm still contemplating getting a more powerful EMS machine programmable for up to 90 seconds of contraction time which is about as long as real contractions get - mine only does about 40 secs.

Might post some pics in costume LOL!

Those dresses look great!

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