Closed Coffee House Romance (w/ bhdire8)
Name: Katsuro (Katsu for short)
Appearance: Has dark curly hair that he keeps in a shaggy cut that frames his face. He's thin but not too tall, sits around 5'9". He has dark eyes that he tries to keep his hair from covering up while he's at work. He wears big black glasses, but sometimes forgets to wear them when he's at home. He loves to wear big, comfy sweaters so he's almost always in one, even at work.

Katsu never really thought that he'd end up working his days away in a small coffee house near his university, or what was. He couldn't afford to go classes anymore, so instead he just served the people he used to call classmates. Not that he really minded, he liked the small, uniqueness it brought. It wasn't like a large starbucks, everything was made from scratch with a little love in it. It sounded cheesy but it was what brought him to the coffee house in general.

Plus, there were plenty of opportunities to see all of the cute boys university had to offer. There was occasional flirting, on both ends. He was more petite, hands slender hands and slightly wider hips for most men his age. He figured he gave just enough feminine appeal that most thought it okay to flirt with him. Good thing he appreciated it.

Today was no different. He had his hair half pulled up, his big glasses sliding down his nose as he stood at the cash register, "Hi there, what can I get ya today?"
Name: John
Appearance: tanned and tall, but easygoing despite his height and size. He was the captain of the rugby team so he was pretty big at 6'4", but he always had an easy smile on him that most wouldnt find him intimidating, bur almost all of them would be fooled by his looks that they omitted his intelligenc, and none of them would have guessed he was studying medicine. He would be a great doctor some day, he was sure, since he wouldnr be pursuing a career in rugby anyway.

He liked to visit the same coffee shop over and over again, and this shop was nice with its environment and how homry it is. He had a big test coming up and he had a big owlishglasses on him as well that almost looked exactly like the one on the cashier -.only his wasnt hlaf falling off his nose. He looked at the menu over the head of the smaller boy. "Hmm a double expresso... and a muffin please. Wish me luck, I hope i could stay awake to get through the exam." He said, sleep still in his eyes as he yawned. His eyes watered and his vision was a little blurred, but he still flashed one of his signature smiles at the boy. Katsu. He remembered him and his cute smile.

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Katsu gave a tiny laugh as he took up a cup to right down his order on the side. He wrote a little "Good luck! Smile" On the side before he passed it off to his coworker to make for them. "Well good luck, I'm sure you'll do great." He moved to the side so he could pull the muffin out and put it in a small bag before handing it over to him. "It'll be $6." He could see just how tired he was and it almost made his heart ache. "Hey, if you pass come by and show me. I'll give you a cup of coffee as a congratulations." Once the coffee was ready he reached back and pushed it across the counter to him.

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"Yea? That's really nice of you.... i would make sure to get by... oh well I get by everyday anyway." When john took the cup, his fingers brushed against Katsu's hand and he was just touching it slightly longer than most, and smiled at him before quixkly dashing back out. He would surely see this cute one very soon.

It was an excruciating 3 hour exam with practicals to follow, so when John got out of the examination venue, he was beyond drained. Though before he collapse, he wanted to grt by that coffee shop just once more.

It's in the late afternoon and the coffee shop was almost empty. He pushed the door open and the bell hung on top of it rang. He smiled seeing Katsu right there with his glasess still low on his nose. He went forward and used his finger to push it back up. It was in fact quite an intimate thing to do so and John just realised it after doing it. He fidgeted and cleared his voice. "Hmm .. err, sorry. I just.... nevermind. Erm, i have finished my exam, results were out yet, but, just as celebration, can I get a cake first?"
Katsu hoped that he could see John soon, seeing him once in the morning almost wasn't enough anymore. He really did like him, he was nice and sweet, educated. But he felt that there was a little bit too much of gap between the two of them just regarding their lives. And after the morning rush, he found himself bored, just thinking of how that exam was going.

Him and his coworkers were standing behind the counter when he heard the bell on the door ring. He looked up and smiled, "Hey there you are! Was wondering if you survived-" He paused when he felt the glasses pushed up on his nose. He blushed heavily, his brain going blank. "Uh...Uh...." he blinked for a second as he stared at him before nodding. "Yeah...Cake yeah." He moved to the small cooler next to him to pull the piece out and pushed it across the counter. "do yo think you did well?"
The dazed look coupled with the heavy blush was so adorable a sight, John was finding himself salivating. He cleared his throat again and watched as Katsu went ahead to take the piece of cake - tiramisu rich with coffee, his favourite, and before he knew it he had overcome the awkward situation just moments before. "I think i did ok.... i was so scared for the practical my hands would shake too much from my nerves, but thankfully they were steady." He then looked around and said in a low voice. "Care to join me for a little chat? There arent any other custoners anyway..." he said in a seductive way, hovering over thr counter. He took full advantage of his height and got pretty close to Katsu.

He took the pieve of cake and smiled at Katsu, squeezed his hand, and then turned to sit at the corner, where they could have a little more privacy if Katsu decided he should join him.
Katsuro felt the squeeze on his hand and he blushed even heavier than before. He took a deep breath before he looked at his co-workers urging him to follow him to the corner table. There was something different about him today, and it excited him. So he quickly followed, hurrying as quick as his legs would. He nearly tripped over the chair as he sat down, his hands moving to grip the seat.

"W-What do you want to talk about?" He titled his head and smiled. He was excited to talk to anyone now a days. "I'm up for anything."
"Woah careful." John smiled. "I dont think i have properly introduced myself? I am John... so Katsu, I have seen you around a lot... you are not a student?" He asked curiously. In fact he always saw him in the shop that he wondered he couldnt possibly have enough time for studies. Up close, he could see even more clearly his lovely face, with a few very faint freckles on his face. They were so fainr that whne he blushed hard enough, one couldnt distinguish them.

He pressed closer and started eating and hummed at how good it is. He got a little and offered it to Katsu. "I know you must have tried this before... but please today's tiramisu is especially tasty." He smiled, his fork still extended for Katsu to taste.
"Ah," Katsu looked down, a little embarrassed. "No I'm not a student. I finished my first year but I couldn't really afford it. So I just decided to stay here and work. I can move up here, everyone knows me and trusts me. Its nice." He gave a small shrug before looking down at the piece of cake offered to him. "I know its tasty." He leaned down and took it into his mouth, giving a happy hum. "I made it this morning." He shrugged softly, "I learned how to bake while being here. At least I have some skills." He looked up at John and smile,d "So you seem busy with school... What is it you're studying?"
"Aww that's bad. Is there other way? Bursery? Nothing that you can apply to substitute for the tutorial fees?" He said lamenting. Katsu must be a good student. He was so diligent even at work, always serving customers with enthusiasm that not all of his coworkers demonstarted. He smiled brightly knowing Katsu made it. "Wow you certainly IS talented.... perhaps you really should pursue on this. If you could make cakes this good, you should consider opening your own shop." John said looking at Katsu with admiration. He was also secretly glad that Katsu ate from his fork - and didnt seen to notice or, if he had noticed, he didnt mind. He smiled and leaned back on the chair. "I study medicine.... 4th year. It's really tough with training going on simultaneously. Hey why dont you come and watch a match! There would be one this Friday." He excitedly extended an invitation.

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Katsu made a face as he thought "I could do loans. But it's not really school I can't afford. I can't really do school and own an apartment. I need the money to just pay rent." It's not that he minded it too much. "But I have taken some online classes just from a cheaper school." He looked up at the compliment and blushed "what? No no, Im Not good enough to own a shop. I just... learned quickly." He gave a nervous chuckle.

"A match?" He had seen John in training clothes before but never knew what for. "Yeah, sure I'll go." Whatever it was he didn't care. He just wanted to see John. "I opennon Friday so I haventhe afernoon off. It works perfectly. Maybe.... they could do more after...

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HOw embarrassed Katsu was of his praise was adorable, and John was even more attracted to the humble little man who would blush so easily. He pressed closer and got his attention. "No, I have faith in you. IF you managed to make this so good in short a time, you definitely got the potential..." He then leaned back and relaxed against his seat. "Yep great! we could go grab a bite afterwards.... I am usually starving after a match... err, yea, I am on the rubgy team." He said fnding himself hadn't told Katsu at all. "I would get a first row ticket for you." He smiled warmly and just looked at Katsu and his lips that looked delectable.
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Katsu looked up at him when he leaned in closer, but then he was gone again, leaning back in his chair. He looked really handsome like that, relaxed and a small smile across his face. A smile he wanted to kiss. He leaned on his elbows, his chin on his palm. "I'd love to..." He beamed happily, "Its a date then." He liked the sound of it but he hoped he didn't frighten him off. "But, Friday is an awful long way away."
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"It is a date, yes." John confirmed, also happy that Katsu put it that way. "We would definitely meet again before that... afterall, where else could i go for my morning coffee and - to give you the ticket?" he said with a goofy smile and couldn't help but yawn. "Right... I, err, i should get soem sleep. Pulling all-nighters aren't really as easy as they used to be." he smiled shyly and scratched his head. He wanted to chat for longer, but he's dogtired and might actually collapse on the site had he stayed any longer. "I would see you around... tomorrow morning?" he asked, hoping he would have a morning shift tomorrow. Katsu's smiling face wake him up better than even the strongest coffee.
Katsuro gave a small nod. "Yeah, of course. I'll be here every morning. Always here with your coffee ready." Under the table, he found his foot gently tapping John's leg gently. "Go home and rest, can't wait to see you tomorrow then." But he didn't move from his seat. It was odd, he didn't know why he still wanted to find himself staying with him. "Unless.... I get off in a couple hours. Do you want to go home and take a nap, maybe I can swing by with more cake? For doing such a good job?" Was he pushing it too far?
"Oh." John wasn't expecting the kick, and neither was he expecting the offer. He smiled and nodded, then also got daring himself and reached out to touch Katsu's hand. His hand was very differnet from his own. Much smaller, much more delicate. His own were calloused from practice, and tanned. He almost thought his rough skin would have hurt the fair ones of Katsu. "You would be most welcomed.... let me give you my number and address? Give me a call before you leave the shop...? I wouldn't want to oversleep." He smiled warmly at Katsu and lifted his hand to press a chaste kiss on the back of it.
Katsu smiled, and of course blushed at the kiss on the back of his hand, but he watched him closely. If he knew to be more brave, he would have tons of dates by now. But this was perfect. "Okay, yeah." He handed over his phone to him, feeling the excitement rising in his throat and ready burst out of his mouth. He took his phone back once the information was put in. "You should get going then. Get as much sleep as you can." He stood up, reaching out to gently stroke across his jaw. He really had gotten brave. He quickly ran to behind the counter, seeing some one now at the counter.
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It's a loving act and John could only smile once the feeling of Katsu's hand on his jaw settled. He found it amusing how forward Katsu had been somehow, yet right after it he escaped like a hare, running away and hid behind his counter just seconds after. He waved him goodbye as he walked out of the coffee shop, a goofy smile still plastered on his face as he revelled in the feeling of Katsu touching him.

He, however, was physcially and mentally quite drained. He almost passed out immediately when he reached his bed, and slept through the afternoon.

John lived in his own place and it's a cozy little house, where he often held parties or gatherings for his teammates. His parents were rich but they lived on the other part of the country.
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Katsuro kept watching the clock during the rest of his shift. It was the first time in probably a long time that he wasn't going to be staying over just because he had nothing better to do afterwards. Once his shift was done, he sent a text to John but first went to spruce himselfnip in the mirror of the cafe bathroom. He had someone box up some cake before he left, giving everyone a wave as they gave little cheers.

He followed the directions to johns house, giving a loud knock on the front door. Only then did he realize his hands were shaking.
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The chirp of thr phone woke John from his slumber, and he took a shower to freshen himself up. He didnt even have his hair done but he figured it would be fine with Katsu. He just had a feeling Katsu wouldnt minded even if he wasnt in his sharpest self. He looked almost boyish in his tshirt and sweatpants, even though he was tall and occupied the whole doorframe when he opened the door.

"Hey! Welcome. Glad you made it." He smiled welcoming Katsu. "You got th4 cake! Great.... I could have eaten a horse really." He said pulling Katsu in. He took the box and wrapped a hand around his shoulder, then frowned. "You're shaking? Is it cold outside?" It's not October yet and rhe evening air wasnt really chilled. "Are you feeling unwell?" He asked, concerned as he led him into the living room.

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