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Saline Infusion
Last week, someone suggested to me that I should do a saline infusion, in order to obtain a natural loomong pregnant belly. He sent me a link to this forum in regards to saline infusions. Supposedly, people do it to enhance the size of their scrtoums and breasts, and I was surprised to see that select few did it to their midsections. Despite the lack of photos and videos online, at least the ones that I have seen, the results are impressive. I'd like to think that this might be a game changer in the mpreg community in terms of maintaining a natural looking belly, as opposed to padding. It might serve as an alternative to bloating and inflation.

Has anyone on here tried it or have heard of it before? I'd do it, but I'm very squeamish when it comes to needles.
i respect the dedication but it wouldnt be for me!
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