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The Monkey King 3
There is a film coming out next year in China called “The Monkey King 3”, from the old Chinese story Journey to the West. There have been countless film and television adaptations of the story, this one is the latest with a large budget. The story is long and so far has been cover in two 2-hour films, this is the 3rd film in the series.

Not all adaptations of The Journey to the West coving the male pregnancy portion of the story and at first I thought that this series would be one of those, however, thankfully that will not be the case as the 3rd movie will cover the events of the Kingdom of Women, where the heroes mistakenly drink from a river that impregnates anyone who drinks from it, female or male.

I am excited for this as Netflix has the first two films up and the 3rd movie will most likely join them!
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Wow, that belly pics, I love it. I can remember watching one of the original eons when I was little, and it's so cool. It's one of the first things introducing me to mpreg world along with Junior that I think all of us knows that movie Smile
I like as realistic male pregnancy about having sex and getting pregnant, life during pregnancy and long hard labor.
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Yeah, I know that. It was originally from a book called "The Journey to the West" and was written several hundred years ago, in Ming Dynasty in China. The book was really popular and it was known as "one of the four great classics" in China. Male pregnancy was one of the chapters in the book. Two of the four monks drank the water of a river and got pregnant, but soon the other two found the way to abort the child. Lol. You can search it in Chinese, which is "西遊記". There are a few TV series.

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