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They say more often than not that when a student leaves from Grade School and enters into either the workforce or college, their sheltered life is taken away by their parents and they are now out in the real world. In these settings, you either make decisions for the better of your life or perhaps worst. There are even those in between matters like partying too hard every once in a while. He was one of those students who chose to live for the occasion, maintaining his grades, joining a Frat, destined for greatness in sports and now hoping to tie the knot now that his college career was coming to an end as Senior year approached. Someone else made the most of her college life as well, but isn’t exactly outward with social norms as he is. She realizes that by watching from the sidelines, he’s too dreamy to pass up and this obsession is only growing intense. She doesn’t care about whether he’s with the love of his life. She has to do something to make him hers, forever. Fate happened to favor her that day as he was handed right to her at the hospital’s emergency room one post summertime night.

Earlier that day, he felt a slight pain in his stomach while in class. It had only grew intense as the minutes rolled on and the Mass Communications major found himself almost doubling over in pain. That made him hurry out the class as quick as he could, but moving made it worse. The pain grew intense that he had to bolt into the bathroom. Inside the stall, he spilled his guts out, but rather than a form of relief, it made his head light. He passed out from the pain’s intensity, his head running a fever. Fortunately, his friends in the class had found the behavior too bizarre and got to his Aid in time. He was taken to the university’s infirmary at first to help get him conscious and feeling essentially well. Now there it was, night time and he was in the emergency room with his fiancé, who was running her hand across his slightly shaggy dark blond hair. The six-foot-three quarterback felt so weak, his head resting between her legs as lying down rather than sitting seemed to make everything feel a lot better, especially with the pain relievers working as much as possible. A small trace of tears slipped down his blue eyes and on to his stubbled face as he waited to get called into a room. Hopefully this didn’t take long. The two-hundred and ten pound muscular male had never felt such a pain in his life.
The blonde beauty, who was his soon to be wife, used her thumbs to gently wipe away his tears and kiss his forehead,"You'll be fine, babe." She smiled softly at him, though it pained her to see him almost doubled over in agony in her lap while she stroked his bearded cheek and looked up helplessly toward the front desk. Where the nurses sat typing on their computers, doing nothing in her book as her partner was brought to tears from his pain. She wondered when a doctor would finally come by and give him some real medicine instead of the weak store bought stuff she had hurriedly gave to him. Which was clearly not helping him at all when he quivered in his own skin from pain, tears staining his cheeks.

Trisha did her best not to get too worked up, convincing herself that whatever was going on with her fiancee was something small, though from his pain she knew that wasn't true at all and finally after a painstaking half hour the doctor showed her face. The woman was almost the complete opposite of the patient's fiancee, she had dark almost coal black hair though pretty brown eyes beneath her glasses, "Hi, sorry for making you wait, it's a busy day today." She took her pen and started looking over a clipboard in her hand, reading about his stomach pain and vomiting,"Has anyone did an ultrasound yet?" She asked and came over, flipping through the papers in the file she hand on him, since he was a footballer the university clinic had almost everything on record for him.

Her heart thudded in her chest as she knew exactly who he was, she had been looking over his files even before he came in, it just seemed to be her very lucky day today. Though it would have been even luckier if the woman she was sure to be his fiancee wasn't here with them, then maybe she wouldn't have to tiptoe as much around him. But here they were, she did her best to ignore the tapping of Trisha's heels and remove a pair of gloves from her pocket to pull them on. The doctor in training meant to do a quick examination as to see if it was a quick fix, not wanting to admit him if she didn't need to.
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All he could do for the time being was just rest and hope for the best. At most, from what he felt, his stomach or the area around it anyways, felt sensitive to the touch. If he remained just as he were, without having to move or sit up straight, the pain was tolerable. It agitated him however given the priorities the nurses were giving others. Sure, he understood, but he just wanted a means to an end with this pain and nausea among other things. He could even hear and feel Trisha tapping her heels on the hard floor, her annoyance surely at a high at this point as they waited for close to an hour. Hope had finally arrived however.

His name was called and he glanced up to see the figure approaching. It was a stark contrast from Trisha, the female clad with dark hair with glasses to boot alongside the white Doctor’s coat. She seemed young from what he saw, but he wasn’t really observing looks as if someone like her had gotten that far to wear the coat, it meant they were doing a good job or that he was probably in good hands. He eased up a bit further, slowly and surely as not to let the pain creep up on him and he forced a weak smile on his face as a result to allow her to do a quick examination of his body as she slapped gloves on. After all, the School University extended out to the Hospital as well. There were a few familiar faces here and there working their butts off in various scrubs.

“No, it’s fine,” he said barely. “We...understand. No though. Nobody has come to do anything.”

There was no shame in revealing his body. He didn’t have washboard abs that models seemed to be obsessed about, but they were there all the same. When Trisha helped him lift the hoodie and shirt as a result, Red discoloration could be seen on his skin as a spot seemed a bit swollen in particular. It wasn’t his appendix, clearly.
"You're in good hands, promise. I'll fix you up in a jiffy." The woman smiled at him as he sat up with his fiancee's help, she saw the pain on his face and couldn't help but grow excited at the aspect of being able to take care of him as it seemed this ailment wasn't just some common ache or pain, nor probably a broken rib. Though she was sure the man would barely notice a fracture if it happened to him, he had been on the team ever since he set foot on campus, and she has been watching every game from her couch at home. That's where her dreams grew, she wanted to be the woman keeping him steady, she wanted to be the one sharing the space in his bed and wearing the ring he bought.

Her throat felt tight and she nodded at him as he spoke,"Sorry about that again. Let's get you looked at, though first I have to make sure you're actually... sick, I guess. It's only protocol. Especially for the er, you have no idea who we get in here, especially at night..." She trailed off.Would this be a chance to finally test out the experiment she's been developing since freshman year? Her heart thudded and she did her best to focus on the moment at hand, doing her best not to let her imagination get out of hand. He was so large and...dreamy... God, what was she thinking?

She looked down again and swallowed after clearing her throat, doing her best not to stare wide-eyed when his shirt was lifted up,"Why type of pain is it and where is it?" She asked as she flipped through a few more papers in her clipboard and pulled out a pin while she moved to place her hand on that red welt of his skin, it felt sort of hard and she frowned before writing down that fact,"We're definitely going to have to know what's going on in there. I think an ultrasound would be best. so you're going to have to follow me, do you want a wheelchair?"
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Hopefully she was right. He had his fair share of doctors in the past who claimed they were good hands, but they usually had either some weird ulterior motive just to keep him constantly going on the field or they didn't know what they were doing in the first place. Fortunately, he wasn't the type of dumb jock to just agree to anything and even in times he didn't know, his mother was there to help and more often than not, Trisha. It's how they remained with one another for so long and soon that was looking to be for a lifetime. Still, in this case, this was something he wasn't aware of and needed to rely on someone else in this particular case.

"Sensitive, mostly," he explained. "When I could touch it, it felt swollen and it's been the reason why I've been nauseous, vomiting and passed out..."

As much as he would like to walk towards the room they were going to set him up in, the medicine had already taken on top of the fact this "illness" made him extremely unfit to just easily walk around. Perhaps that was some of his pride in not wanting to appear as if he were weak, but let's face it. His face was already red with traces of tears. He wasn't fooling anyone if he ever thought such a thing were to make him seem or appear as weak.

"A wheelchair will work," he responded. His hand remained firmly with Trisha however. He clearly wasn't going anywhere without her.
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After the topical exam and short conversation, she nodded and removed her gloves again to write something down on her notepad again. This would most likely take more than just an jour or so, it could be internal bleeding or something even worse, though she kept a kind smile on her face all the while. It was her job not to worry her patients or their family, and she took her job seriously as she should.

Though she was still a doctor, or at least almost a doctor, and it was hard to tell what was on her mind as she closed up her file on him.

"I'll be right back." She left them to grab a nurse who seemed just about the right size to be able to push him around with less of a problem than others would. The young woman got a room held for her patient and waited for him to be wheeled into the back, she had grabbed the portable ultrasound during her wait as well.
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Connor and Trisha both watched as she jotted down the information she was given and she informed them of what was to occur next. Shortly after she walked away, to set the room up as she put it, a male nurse had stepped out with a wheelchair. Connor had rose as much as he could, with Trisha helping him, as a means to make sure he didn't tug on whatever was causing him so much sensitivity and pain near his gut. Once he was place in the wheelchair to make him as comfortable as possible, the buff male of a nurse began to roll him down the halls with Trisha quickly pacing behind, her heels clicking on the hard floor with intent. When he had arrived into the semi-dark room, there was the doctor or what Connor garnered her to be at least. She had an Ultra Sound at the ready, which naturally made the male think of pregnancies and how they were used for such. Of course he was aware there were more uses for the device than that, but that's what his mind kept going back too and probably what anyone else would think about. Either way, he was being ushered down on the examination bed, a slight turn around his waist causing him to yelp with intense pain. Once they were able to get him to calm down, he was probably now ready for the figure before him to properly see what was going on with him internally. He held back a few labored breaths as it felt like some of the pain medicine was wearing away at long last.
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The med student moved forward when her patient cried in pain, it wasn't the worst cry she had heard but it still made her adrenaline rush as she moved instinctively to try and do her best to keep his pain to a minimum,"Careful... Lay down slow." She told him, she slowly gained hints on what exactly was going on within him as she placed a hand on his abdomen and helped the nurse lower him. Her hands wanted so badly to be where Trisha's were, buried in his hair and wrapped around his hand in support, she even smiled slightly at him before she noticed that the doctor was staring and the other woman looked away quickly. Doing her best not to become embarrassed, blushing would not be good, not at all.

As Christina took her hand away and turned to switch the machine on, grabbing another pair of gloves from the box on the wall and grabbing the gel to smear some onto the wand,"Mind lifting your shirt?" She asked him and when that was done, she placed the wand on the area he mentioned the pain originated from, pressing lightly and looking at the screen as she moved the wand against his skin, her brows knit together for a long moment. As she held the wand still and pressed a few buttons on the machine, printing out a picture of what she saw and then taking it away to clean him up,"Alright, I'm going to have to take a few tests to make sure it is what I think it is. Then we'll see what we can do about it." She gave him a wipe to clean up the gel from his stomach,"Once we diagnose it we can get you some stronger pain medicine, just hang in there."
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