College Roomies and their Pregnancies (Open to Everyone)
(Set in alternate universe where males can get pregnant from unprotected sex form both males and females.  Basic Idea is my character and his Roommates are pregnant while trying to live a normal college live and looking for my character’s baby’s other Parent.  So I’m looking for Human/Aliens, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Husband/Wife, Parent(s) (Birth/Step/Adopt) (1-2), Roommate(s) (1-3), Friends/Classmates, Teachers/Professors, Neighbors and anything else you all can think of.   And this is not a One-on-One it a group RP.  And if you would have any questions message me)

Name:  .
Gender:  Male/Female
Age:  yrs.
Description:  .
Extra Info:  .

Name:  Jackson
Gender:  Male
Age:  18yrs.
Description:  Tall (6’2”), Slender Body, Pale Skin, Medium Blonde Hair, Green Eyes, Attractive Features/Body
Extra Info:  Bisexual, 3Months Pregnant, Freshman in College

Jackson was ready for another date with some stranger he was set up by his Friends.  “This is going to be horrible.”  He groaned as he was checking himself out in the mirror, “maybe I can get them to leave before we ordered the food.”  He looked over to the bed and sighted, “so what do you think.  Do I look good or should I bring down a notch?”  Jackson asked as he was modeling his polo, jeans and old pair of dress shoes, while throwing on a light jacket.
Name: . Brandon
Gender: Male/Female: male
Age: yrs. 19 years old
Description: . average height 5'10," tanned skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes, caucasian, thin build
Extra Info: . gay, 4 months pregnant, freshman, engaged

"What about your old boyfriend? Don't you think this is a little soon?" said Brandon, as he sat on the bed, with his hand on his pregnant belly. At 19, he was already engaged to a man several years older than himself. They had been dating for about a year, but the "accidental" pregnancy forced things along. If Brandon's plans worked out correctly, his husband to be would let him quit college and become a full time house husband.

"It's fine, if he's petty enough to care about what shirt you are wearing, he is not worth your time," said Brandon. "I don't mean it that way, but don't get too worked up over minor stuff, you don't want to come across as too desperate."
“Well,” Jackson sighed, “it didn’t last and he cheated on me and I haven’t seen the one that knocked me up since the night the baby was conceived and I’ve been single for nearly six months so any I think it okay.”  He sat down on the next to Brandon and sighed again.  “Yeah well I haven’t seen this person and just know what I’ve been told.”
Brandon put his arm around Jackson. "Does this guy know that you're pregnant?" he asked. Brandon paused for a second. "You know you will have to put a name on the birth certificate. Doesn't he at least deserve to know that he has a child somewhere? I mean, your 3 months along, there is no need to keep hiding it,"
“To be honest I’m not sure it was a guy,” he said, “I was high and drunk that night so…yeah.”  He trailed off and nodded, “I’m going to have to find them if not…well trust me half the campus know, my teachers, friends and family all know too.”  Jackson placed his head on his friend’s shoulder, “do I look fat?”
"No, you can hardly tell that you're pregnant," said Brandon, trying to console his roommate.
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Name: . Elizabeth Swan
Gender: Female
Age: 18 yrs (looks 28)
Description: . Short (but lean) 5'4, black eyes, brown hair, bit on the musculature side
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“Really,” he asked knowing you could tell that was either a baby bump or slightly pudgy belly.  “Well I feel sick,” getting butteries in his stomach while feeling sick too.
Brandon hugged Andrew. "You know, if you are too nervous, you can call it off if you need to," said Brandon.
Jackson took a deep breath hugging Roommate back, “maybe, but I think I can get out just by saying I’m pregnant.”  He said with a smile.  “So I think I’m going to lose the shoe and just throw on my snickers.”  He took off the dress shoes and grabbed the other shoes and threw them on.  “I so need this.”
"So, do you know anything about your date?" Brandon asked, "Or did they not tell you anything?"
“That they go to this college.”  Jackson answered.  “And after that no,” he replied.  “They weren’t too specific about it just they were looking to date someone since they haven’t ever been on a date.”
(Do you want me to rp your date, or do you want something else to happen? It seems like we are waiting on someone else to show up)
(We can skip or it can be cancel but yeah I know what you me)
Name: Ava
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Description: 5 feet fall, slim hips, green hair (not natural color), pale skin, has glasses,
Extra Info: pregnant by a teacher, 9 1/2 pregnant 5 weeks overdue expecting hard birth, freshman with senior classes
Ava comes out of the bathroom feeling sick again she saw Brandon all dress up "off to another date don't push yourself you will only hurt yourself"
"I'm Brandon, he's Jackson," protested Brandon, somewhat annoyed by Ava's absent-mindedness. It was funny how intelligent people like her could never keep names straight. "Anyway, are they going to induce labor, you are how far overdue now?" said Brandon. It was somewhat awkward sharing a dorm room with a girl, they were all placed together because they all were pregnant.
“Yeah I’m Jackson and that Brandon,” Jackson said as he looked over at Ava, but did nod as Brandon corrected the young lady. “Yeah well I know what you mean and if I know my friends they found a virgin too,” he joked with a slight smile on his lips.
(Can I do a secondary character, like maybe your date, so we can get the plot moving)

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