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Inflation Advice
I was wondering if anyone has advice for a safe and successful inflation, or at least tips for a beginner? My main questions amd concerns are: What materials do I use? Where do I find them? Which is better, air or water? What are the risks involved? Will it scar my intestines or cause internal bleeding? How effective is Coke and Mentos? How long does it take to "inflate"? How long does it take to "deflate"? Does body structure matter?(I'm assuming that having a slender frame yields distinguishable results)
I startet inflating like 3 years ago. I started with a small hand pump, moved to a bike pump, and bought last week an aquarium pump. With the aquarium pump i get the best results. I prefer air, because for me it is easier to hold in. But try both and look, whats your favourite. To the risks... There is only one rule: When it starts to hurt, then STOP. At the first few times, it will hurt after a short time. But thats ok, because its all about the training. Sadly I have not much time to inflate and I can see it in the size of my inflated belly.

All I can say: Try it, respect the signs of your body when it is enough and keep doing it, and you will be a little bigger every time.

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