Silvermane and Violet
Okay, so this is Slivermane and his mate Violet.      I made them slightly cartoonish on purpose.  Bits of it are rushed as far as the back ground, I was pressed for time.  Violet is female, just in case you missed that.  Anyway, since they are seahorses, I went ahead and made it so the male carries the offspring to term.  Basically they mate mammal style, then later the female will lay her fertilized eggs in the male's internal brood pouch.  My Triphibious Hippocampus Unicornus species is a shape shifter.  They can change into a full equine form, an anthro form, and a water form that you see here.  I plan to make a few improvements to all of my initial attempts with this creature.  But, mostly I am satisfied with his over all look.  Also, no, I am not obsessed with mpreg, I just like doing weird every once in a while.  If you look at my gallery, you can see most of it is normal enough.
  This drawing was done in mixed media with Prismacolor pencils and markers.  I started with marker as the first layer of color and then layered on colored pencil.  It has a smooth and intense color effect.  This technique is not suited for all drawings, but for this one it worked okay.  For the water, I used colored pencils and then used a method of smoothing and blending the color by using a Prismacolor colorless blender marker that I learned from a book a while back.
I am still working on the design of these characters, I plan to change them around a little.  The main concept will still be the same.  I also think once I am done developing the physical part of my creatures, I can come up with a basic story line and work with someone who makes video games.  I think they would be great for that.

I also did Silvermane in his other forms either as sketches in black and white or as colored references:

Amazing artist
(01-07-2018, 04:27 PM)pregnantluvr Wrote:  Amazing artist

Thank you! Smile


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