PM Etiquette
This thread is to clarify a few of the rules which we have noticed have been broken over and over, and by the same people.

We have had complaints from people about being PMed and asked for RP or chat info. Unless a member has stated in their bio, in the RP section, in the Intro section, or in a conversation that they are open to chatting or RPing, you may not PM them asking to chat or RP.

This is something that the mods have been dealing with on a case to case basis, but since it seems to be becoming more persistent, more firmer action is being taken.

This type of behavior falls beneath the rules, as stated in this thread, regarding spam and harassment. This offense is subject to actions including being warned, having PM privileges taken away, and having your account banned. The mods take this type of behavior very seriously, and we have and will take what we feel is appropriate actions to stop it.

If you have been PMed by someone asking to chat or RP, and wish to report this person, then PM myself or another mod. This process is completely confidential, and your name will not be known to anyone but the moderation staff.

Err on the safe side, guys, and stick to PMing people who have their info up in the RP section. If they don't, then they probably don't like to RP or chat off the site.

Thank you for your understanding.

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I wasn't aware this was a rule, but it seems awfully draconian. Surely it's easy enough to reply "no" to a person who PMs with an RP request, or just to ignore that person. I'd say there's an enormous difference between a polite RP request and "harassment."
I understand how you feel, really. And if it happened one or two times, a simple 'no' would suffice. But I -and I'm sure others have as well- have had far too many unsolicited PMs that say things as brief as "hi want to RP?" to count.

I am not interested in RP. I am also not interested in PMs like that clogging neither my email nor my message box.

And I may be wrong, but I suspect others don't always appreciate it, either.

That's why we're asking that people stick to PMing or replying only to people who have mentioned/expressed an interest in RP. That's the whole point of the RP section of the board -- So members can find willing partners.
Sometimes, the world is cruel to shiny things...
I'm also one of those who's been hit multiple times with "Hey, wanna RP?" PMs, even though I don't RP. Like Gusty Unicorn said, if it was just one or two times, yeah, I'd just shrug it off, but when it seems like it's practically every single PM I receive, then it starts being a bit much. So sure, maybe it's not "harassment" in the usual sense of the word, but it's still darn annoying (especially since I've never to the best of my knowledge even implied that I'm into RPing, so I honestly have no idea why those individuals decided to PM me out of the blue about that).
Mark, I think it's probably because you seem like a swell guy and you always welcome people to the forum. But for that, you certainly don't deserve to be annoyed.

I can see the point, I guess. I initially had a negative reaction because I imagine I've broken this rule before and resented the suggestion that by doing so I was "harassing" people.
That's because you are thinking like the rule breaker, not the "victim" so to speak. You're not the one being PMed by a whole bunch of people that you've never talked to before.

Let me put it this way; what do you do with emails (not PMs, emails) that ask you to check out a bio, or a webpage, or email back to "chat", and are from people that are not in your contacts and you don't personally know? And if you use Yahoo! or gmail, where does the built in filter automatically send them?

We understand that this is a website with very like minded people, but there are still many who are uncomfortable with the idea of being contacted by people they do not know. Many of the people breaking this rule are people who don't post on the board and simply PM everyone that they can from the member list, hoping to have someone respond. It can be unnerving to have someone you have never talked to, or even recognize, PM you out of the blue asking you to do something you never expressed an interest in.

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