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Lost Resort (NSFW)
(( Alright everyone. This is the modified version of my first story that I had on here known as The Island. Tyler is the first image in the attachment. Keyston is the second one. The third image is Mr. Kreiss. I hope you all enjoy it. ))


When people usually think of a new island resort, they think of a perfect getaway. A getaway full of clear blue water, nice white sand, and the usual tropical trees that most hardly know the names of. That's not also to mention the relaxing poolsides, the soothing jacuzzis and saunas, the nice rooms, and the employees who run the resort. The kind of employees who tended to their customer's every need without ever once complaining. To those who stayed the whole week they were promised in the envelope they received in the mail about a new resort getting ready to open and how they needed a few people to "test" out the environment before they fully opened it to the world, even opting in a free cruise, they would think it was a perfect getaway from all of their stressful woes in the game they called "life".

Tyler Marshal got all of that. His sophomore year in college was quite the handful for him with teachers who were vague and some even stating they made tests out for their students to fail them. Like anyone with common sense, he believed the letter to be a hoax and tossed it out, and even though it had the university's logo on it, he was told to watch out for scams like that. It was no later than after he tossed it out coincidentally that he received a call from this illustrious owner of the resort saying how he was a perfect candidate to try out the resort and he would one of the first people to get a full experience. When he asked about bringing along his family and two of his friends, the man on the other end sounded really reluctant to the idea. That was another sign that made Tyler a little suspicious of what he already called a scam. That was until the man asked to speak to his parents. To the young man's surprise, they agreed telling Tyler of how it was considered an internship and he wasn't the only student offered such an opportunity. His parent's, the kind that were usually strict about how their children should conduct themselves and make wise choices, were just gleefully happy about how their son got an internship at a resort they knew nothing about? If their alarms weren't blaring, his certainly were.

Tyler received the phone once more and as him and the man talked some more, he found out about their site and immediately looked it up. Apparently, the island was located not too far from the Bahamas and the resort was known as "The Isle of Calypso." After looking at it, the mysterious man said that he wasn't the only student at the university offered the intern and that if he accepted it, he would be around some of his peers. After being a little hesitant on the thought, Tyler accepted it figuring he could use a break away from some unwanted stress after the owner described the experience he would get, his family causing some of it unintentionally. Afterwards, he was informed that his counselors and student president would contact him. He had no idea how much of a mistake he had made then.

The day of departure had arrived on Saturday. Tyler was at the port with not only students that he somewhat knew on the campus, some of them taking classes with him, were on the soccer team with him, or some that he just walked by at times, but three university professors and two students counselors. Those that attended Westmore State University were informed that they would be representing the University as well which meant future dealings with this resort no doubt. Tyler hugged his parents and little brother, taking pictures of him before he left. After a short while, Tyler and the other students were able to get on the cruise ship and have the "experience of a lifetime" as they were told. If they were not told it, the cruise ship's little slogan told them. That was enough to make Tyler reconsider the thought, but he was already on the ship getting to know the students he didn't know too well as well as meeting other students from other universities that were attending the trip. It was safe for him to assume that he was wrong now.

If the cruise ship wasn't enough, actually getting to see the island was captivating. Everything they experienced on the ship was meek compared to the things him and the others experienced on the island. They were told how the island was almost on the verge of sinking and as such, some of it is partially man made. They even met the mysterious man, known to them as Mr. Kreiss. Tyler enjoyed his time on the island and he thought he was receiving everything he they promised as some reward, but like the others he really did not have a clue what it was all for until it came too late. It was now Saturday evening and Tyler was walking around the shorelines with his "personal assistant" as they put it, Keyston. The brown-skinned man was much older than him at least by five years since Tyler assumed that anyone who wasn't nineteen like him or a year older or below him were either too young or too old for him. That was all things considered with his date being a girl of course. He had no desire for the same sex. Keyston continued to lead him on the trail until he got to a stopping point to turn and look at Tyler, examining him a little. He smiled some and began speaking about the island's myths once again. Tyler found them amusing and even took notes on them, telling himself how he would tell the stories to his friends, family, and girlfriend Candis. The myths were quite humorous to him. One of the myths talked of how people were cursed on the island. Another myth had talked about how sailors had been trapped on the island, unable to escape from it.

"Do you want to hear the last myth about this island?" Keyston said turning to look at the ocean. Tyler smiled some and nodded as he wondered what this one was about this time. Keyston pointed up at the full moon and began to speak. "They say that on a full moon here, you can hear the ocean waves sing as if it was some mermaid and that an unfortunate soul would find themselves entranced in it's spell."

Tyler chuckled some as Keyston told him to come closer and listen in and see if it worked. Of course like most Tyler found it absurd until it got quiet enough for him to hear some voice in the ocean. Before Tyler realized it, he was entranced in the voice which seemed so distant, but in reality it was Keyston singing the song. After he realized the younger male was lost in the song, he braced his arms around the boy and held him in a lovingly manner. He stopped singing once the boy had been completely mesmerized and just like that, Tyler never noticed how attractive Keyston was, letting the bigger man take him in his arms. It was as if he had found his soul mate. In some cases, he knew what was going on, but he couldn't shake the feeling away. When he almost felt reluctant, both their lips soon locked with each other, making him slip into the trance some more. Tyler would have fallen into it completely had his phone not buzzed, knocking him out the trance.

"Whaa..he..fugh.." Tyler managed to say as he pushed Keyston off of him. He fell on the ground some and got up fast. When Keyston tried to grab him, he pushed off aggressively and ran down the shoreline back through the trail. Keyston shouted for him to come back and once that didn't work, his eyes turned a wolfish yellow as his bones began cracking. He would hunt the boy down and make him his. Tyler continued to run, stopping when he needed to rest. This normally wasn't a problem for him since he took pride in exercising nonstop to keep in shape, but he felt tired out for some reason. It must have been all of the R&R he was receiving. A cold chill ran down his spine when he heard heavy footsteps and breathing approaching. It wasn't just normal breathing either. It sounded like some animal.

Tyler started running again. He had to get back to the resort and get everyone out of there. This island was isolated to begin with, their only transportation out being a helicopter, small boats, and the cruise ship itself. Escaping and warning people of the immediate danger was his first priority, but all of the said vehicles were at the resort. Tyler, on the other hand was on the other side of Island thanks to Keyston leading him there. He saw the lights of the resort coming into view as he continued to run from the sickening sounds of the beast in hot pursuit of him. Tyler was almost relieved that he was almost there until he tripped on something, or rather something caused him to trip. He turned around on his back to see the beast towering over him. He looked at it, noticing a necklace around it with shark teeth around it. It was the same necklace that Keyston had. Tyler looked at the monster as he started panicking.

"W...wait Keyston. I'm sorry." His begging came to an end as Keyston now some monster, grabbed him by the legs and dragged him off back into the forest, Tyler pleading him to stop. After a good while, the sounds of clothes could be heard tearing and afterwards the sound of Tyler screaming. Everyone else at the time were asleep, except for Mr. Kreiss, who sat in the chair in his office, smiling as he heard the noises of the boy until they died down minutes after with loud moans to eventually soft ones.

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(( Character List from Left to Right: 1. Owen. 2. Alex. 3. Kristin. 4. Stephanie and in the center 5. Candis ))

~Chapter One: Admittance~

Almost nine months had exactly passed since Tyler's ordeal and mostly everyone had moved on with their lives, except for a certain few. The one who was effected the most was his girlfriend, Candis. All she got from him since he "returned" from his trip was a phone call from him and then the eventual breakup. When his best friend, Owen, went to visit him after coming back from a family vacation, he discovered that his family had up and moved. When he tried to get in contact with him, his parents only told him it was best if they never spoke to each other again. Leaving it with that something was wrong, but unable to confront them or get the truth out of them, Candis and her friends almost completely erased Tyler from their lives if not for the good moments they had with each other. Though moving on at first was a little difficult, Candis learned to get over it, somewhat.

The clock in the dark dorm read 7:30 as it began beeping. A groggy figure groaned as the covers in the bed began to move. At first he began to sit up, but eventually the male figure fell out the bed and onto the carpeted floor with a loud thud. A curse slipped his mouth and he got up after almost tripping over the cover he fell out the bed with. He made his way to the clock on the desk and turned the alarm off. He sighed some as he turned the desk light on as he was ready to begin another day of school, but before he attended his classes, he had to attend a morning session of P.T. with his coach. Shortly afterwards, his phone under his pillow began ringing. He walked over to it. After seeing the name "Alex" on the screen, he answered it.

"Hello?" He said in a somewhat tired manner.

"Owen. Just making sure you got the memo. Coach Sanders canceled practice for today due to him being sick."

No sooner than when Owen heard Alex say those words did the light on his phone start blinking green. "You're the first one to tell me that though I have a feeling that after I hang up, I'm going to be reading a lot more of it." After agreeing to meet up in the cafeteria, Owen hung the phone up and began browsing through his phone, checking through at least five messages informing him on the same thing. He was relieved to know that Spring Break was right around the corner. After making his bed, he grabbed a dry towel and began placing it in his shower caddy. He walked out his private dorm into a suite-like area of the entire dorm room. The dormitory he stayed in consisted of a private bathroom for him and his suitemate since no one else stayed in the dorm with him, two sinks in the main area, one with a mirror and the other the kitchen sink, the cabinets and microwave and finally the refrigerator. Aside from those aspects, the suite area lacked a bigger room compared to the shared dorms. Their main areas had two tables and three chairs along with a plasma screen television. Owen wasn't complaining since the plasma screen television came in his room instead.

He walked into the bathroom and set the caddy down on the floor, grabbing a bottle of all-purpose cleaning bleach and spraying over the tub with it for sanitary reasons. After cleaning it, he ran the hot water and pulled up the stopper, letting the shower turn on instead. He got in letting, the hot water hit his body while scrubbing soap almost everywhere on his body. After repeating the cycle for at least four times thanks to his OCD, he then grabbed the shower gel and began his lather and rinse process. The shower took at least forty-five minutes as it eventually ended with feeling that he was "clean" for now. He would take two more showers later on throughout the day. He walked out the bathroom with the red dry towel wrapped around his waist, revealing several tribal tattoos running down his arms and chest. Everyone all had their problems, he was no exception. Every “dark moment” he had in his life ended up with a new mark on his body. Those days were over for now, but now he had to live with the choices he made. He was sure there wouldn't be a day where he would allow someone to make new markings on his back though.

He unlocked his room door and began opening his drawers for something to wear for a Thursday. He was relieved that he would have a week away from this place, but he wasn't in the mood to go back him either. He wanted to get away from his family. Although he loved them, they had their moments at times. After deciding on just a purple T-Shirt, and black Cargo Shorts, he proceeded to iron the folds out of them. His phone's forecast read for a warm sunny day, so he wasn't going to dress up in anything that would make him burn up fast. After applying lotion, deodorant and making his bed, he placed on some black tube socks and black slides and walked out the door after spraying body spray on himself and grabbing his bookbag, ready to start off the morning.

He walked out the dorm's main exit and began walking down the walkway that was near one of the campus's lake in front of him. He eventually made his way to the bridge and came into view of the cafeteria. The cafeteria had served a lot of horrible food at times, but fortunately for him there were restaurants on the campus and one of them that would do him justice right now was the on located inside the cafeteria that served a better breakfast and only required him using a cafeteria meal for it. That restaurant was the campus's cafe known as Starbucks. He walked inside the main doors of the cafeteria building, walking past the windows to get to the door to the cafe. After noticing that Alex was already in there, no doubt waiting on his order, Owen made his way to him. After exchanging a certain handshake with each other, he then went to the cashier to order something for himself. Afterwards, he sat nearby Alex as they began talking about Spring Break.

"So what are you planning to do for Spring Break?"Alex asked him. Owen shrugged some.

"I honestly have no idea. I guess go back home and spend a boring Spring Break there..."

Alex chuckled some. "Well that sounds like fun, but what about doing something else?" Alex pointed over at this sign that was on the wall near the straws. It was a sign about spending the break at this resort called Isle of Calypso with a sign-in sheet. Alex began explaining how the school and the resort became partners and the island offered free passes to those who signed up quick enough. "It's more of a first come, first serve basis I suppose" he stated as he stopped talking for a few. Owen looked at it and thought about where he had heard of it before.

"Hey wasn't that the same island that Tyler went to?" Alex shrugged some and then thought about it. Owen recalled Tyler talking to him a week before the trip about going to some trip that was offered to him by the school. After that week, no one pretty much heard from him or seen him except for when they called him and he responded back with a lot of negative remarks and how he didn't want to see them again. Although Owen had known him for most of his life, he wasn't in the mood to hear Tyler say some more derogatory things to him, so he left that when Tyler was ready to tell them what was going on, he would. That day eventually never came and soon everyone found it better to leave him alone. They even found out he transferred schools, now attending St. Thomas University. Owen looked back at the sign up roster and walked towards it. He looked at the current names and phone numbers. Out of the fifteen on there, only three stuck out to him like a sore thumb. The names were Candis Mitchell, Kristin Taylor, and Stephanie Black, all of them him and Alex knew all too well, especially Candis, who was Tyler's ex. He thought that maybe it was worth a shot if they were possibly attending. He grabbed a pen and read everything on there before signing his name on the list. He was sure there were other lists circulating around the campus, so maybe they wouldn't make as the few who get to go on the trip. Alex made his way over to it as Owen handed him the pen. "It's worth a shot, I guess" he said as he moved out the way. After ten minutes, the cashier called his name and he made his way over to get the pancake platter and frappucino.

“I think it's unique, you know?” Alex said in between a sip of the Breakfast Blend coffee he was drinking. Owen only glanced up slightly to wipe his mouth before speaking.

“What's that?”

“The Island. It is apparently man made. Like that Island we were shown in Geography.” Owen chuckled , looking puzzled.

“I honestly do not recall going over that in class.” Alex chuckled slightly tapping Owen's head in a teasing manner.

“Sometimes I wonder if you recall anything. You need to lay off the weed...”He said joking around with him once more. “Anyways, I bet it's helluv' expensive.” Owen nodded turning to look back at the sign up and information sheet.

As the day progressed and Owen finished taking his second shower, he headed for the baseball field. Since there was no kind of training today, that meant that he had the rest of the day off since his Tuesday and Thursday classes were only in the morning. This was also his usual meeting place with his friends. After checking his phone for the time, he looked at the baseball diamond and waited. After a few minutes, he heard a car pulling in, recognizing Alex's, Kristin's, and Candis's faces in there. That meant that Stephanie must have still been in class or doing something. He stood up and made his way down to them. After hugging Candis and giving a knuckle bump to Kristin, they all sat down and began talking. Out of their subjects, the discussion about the resort trip sparked up. After hearing Candis reveal her motives for going, Owen and the others really could not blame her or try to stop her. There had to be a reason why Tyler would return and then cut his ties with his friends like that the minute he comes back from a trip.

“Maybe he thought he was too bourgie or he found some “Helen of Troy” that made him change his mind.” They all laughed a little at Kristin's comment. Even though Candis laughed at it, it was quite obvious that she was not all the way over with what happened. How could she exactly when she didn't even get the decent closure she was looking for? To add to it, her phone's ringtone buzzed to Monica and Brandy's “It All Belongs to Me” seeing as she went out her way to help get him some things when his family went through a rough patch financial wise. It really left her devastated.

“Yea...” Candis said. “As long as I find something there, maybe I won't have to resort to tatting up my body for every depressing moment like you Owen.” She stuck her tongue at him as they all joked around some more.

Their usual meetup concluded with them all having to work on some assignments and Alex receiving a text from Stephanie. Everyone knew that those two liked each other except for those two, but they did not want to get into their love lives like that.

“What about you and Kristin, Owen” Alex asked.
“Oh I am sure she looks for a man she can dominate or where he is wearing the dress in the relationship.” Kristin smirked as she hit him in one of his fresh tattoos on his arms, causing him to slightly jump back and rub it afterwards.

“Very funny. I would need to find a man much more masculine than you.”

They all continued to talk some more as they stared off over at the Football field nearby with the Sun slightly setting. They all decided to meet up either later on or tomorrow when they all had some free time to help study in some of the classes they took together or had the same professor with in regards to their electives and minors. All of them were truly close friends. More closer than Owen and Alex were with their teammates and it could not get closer than that. At Westmore University, anyone could mess with the Football team and get away with it. They could even rob something from a Basketball player and get away with it. If they tried it with the Baseball team, you aren't getting away with it. Last Fall Semester, a male student had robbed several baseball players of their valuables. The next night, every baseball player was outside waiting for him. After they succeeded in knocking him out, they woke him up just so they could beat him up again. Of course, the campus police came to stop it...eventually. If Owen and Alex were like that with their teammates, it was even worse when they were with their closer friends.

That night after Owen had finished most of his assignments and retired back to his room, he checked his student email. After browsing through and deleting the useless email letters about campus events he really did not care for, he took sight of one of the messages whose sender was none other than Calypso Isles. He began to read it.

"Hello, Owen Walker"

This is the Isle of Calypso responding to your request to come for Spring Break. I am glad that you chose to sign up for the Spring Break trip and as such I am here to inform you that you are one of the thirty students from Westmore that will be attending this trip if you so choose to. We recommend informing any family member about departing for such a trip and ask that you fill out the health form below. Lastly, we would like to know if you are aware that you may become sick during the cruise. We like to accommodate our guests to suit their needs as much as possible. Your school will be departing on Sunday. Turn in the health form to your Student Activity Adviser as the final deadline is on Saturday for everything to be faxed. We look forward to seeing you...."

After reading through the letter some more, he printed up the form. He was relieved that he would be attending the trip, sighing that he wouldn't have to spend a boring week at home. After filling the form, he pulled his phone out, texting Alex and the others to see if they had gotten the same letter. When he found out that they did, he then called his family about the trip, informing them that he wanted to go on vacation with his friends this time around, though the “vacation” with the family meant staying at home. After talking to them, they gave him permission to go on it since he was with trusted friends just so long as he let them know when he was leaving and when he would arrive there. He hung up afterwards and smiled as he was now about to take his fourth shower and then get some rest.

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(( Here is Chapter 2. The images below in the attachments are: 1. Dylan and 2. Vega ))

~Chapter 2: The Departure~

Owen's alarm went off once more as a new morning had arrived. He crawled out his bed and walked over to the alarm clock. This time, the clock had rad 4:30 am. Today had marked the day of his trip; Sunday. It had been Monday when he had received the letter, liking that they gave immediate responses. He turned the alarm off, stretching slightly as he turned the light in on a hasting manner. Even though he was a little early, two hours early to be exact, he wanted to take a shower and be ready on time. The school's bus would be departing from the school at the Gym promptly at 6:30 after they took roll of who all was there.

Owen grabbed the shower caddy and walked out his room with his keys in his hands. He returned twenty minutes later. After drying his body off and waiting to put on lotion and handle the rest of his hygiene, he began clothing himself with only red plaid pajama pants and a black wife beater t-shirt. He placed on his socks and shoes and walked out the room once more to brush his teeth. He walked back in and sat on the bed, grabbing his phone as well as it's charger. He scrolled through his contacts and finally landed on Candis's name. Owen was relieved to know that all of his best friends were going on the trip as well. If they were not, it was natural that he would not go himself. After finally getting through to her, he informed her that he would be by her dorm in a few to pick her, Kristen, and Stephanie up. When he hung up, he made his bed and packed the rest of his bags up.

After checking to make sure he did not leave anything important, Owen turned the lights off and headed out the dorm. He opened the door as walked out, only to crash right into Alex, both of their heads colliding.

"Shit!" Owen managed to get out of his mouth after rubbing his head for a few. Alex got up quickly, helping to pick up the fallen objects.

"Sorry about that man!" Alex helped Owen up. For a good while after making sure nothing fell out, Alex glanced over to make sure Owen was alright. Owen cursed a little under his breath. He was wide awake now. He reminded himself mentally to take some form of Acetaminophen or in his bag when he got on the bus before he went to sleep. He picked one of his bag, not knowing that the zipper had unzipped during the little run-in. When the zipper full unzipped, three baseball bats came falling out. One was made of solid oak while the other two were just aluminum. Alex chuckled some as he helped him put the bats back in the bag.

"Whoa. Someone is serious about practicing while on break, huh?"

Owen smirked a little as he placed the bag's strap on his shoulder. "Yea. That and I do not want to take any chances just in case we run into a looney bin."

That thought did not fully cross Alex's mind. He did not want to go back on the fourth floor of the dorm to get his bats either. Alex and Owen walked out the dorm into the parking lot, getting into Owen's car after placing their bags in the trunk. When they were ready, Owen cranked the car up and drove off fast, slowing down when he got to the speed bumps. He looked at the car's time, reading that it said 5:20. He wanted to get their early for two reasons. He wanted to be punctual and he wanted to get him and his friends some good seats. Either way, he was going to be asleep for most of the trip.

When he pulled up to the female's dorms, he was relieved to see that they were already standing outside with their bags. He popped the trunk open and then got out to help them get their bags in. When they were all ready, Owen drove off for the gym. He parked in a spot not too far from the Shuttle Bus. When he turned the car off, they all got out, grabbing their bags out the trunk. They walked over to the bus, putting their bags under the bus while placing other things on the bus. After they did that, they got off the bus and walked to the gym's door. Owen and them had all arrived inside the gym, looking and walking around until they came across Coach Sanders along with Professor Stacy, Professor Kevin, and one of the school's student advisors, Marvin Alexander. It was only one bus going on the trip from the school, so there had to be more than just two supervisors. Even though the students were all young adults, they had to go through some procedures with them as if they were still in Elementary School or something. When 6:30 had arrived after they made sure everyone was accounted for, they dismissed for the bus.

Owen really found relief on the bus with being on the road helped him out a lot as well. He had peace and quiet to himself, Candis being the occupant of the seat to the window next to him. He took some medicine upon remembrance and after a good while, he went to sleep, music softly playing in his head as the bus drove. Maybe this would give Candis some closure.

It was 7:35 when Owen had awoken. He yawned a little as he peeked over to look out the window. The bus had arrived into the city of Boston. Owen sat up, to look out as the bus was approaching the ports. When the bus came to a full stop, the Coach got off along with Mr. Alexander. They came back on the bus notifying everyone that they could get off. Owen got up and grabbed his bags, getting off quickly. Once he stepped off, he looked around to see other people from other schools possibly with bags as they were all heading to the Ship. Owen looked to take a look a the ship. The ship was big of course, it's colors only being a solid white and crimson red around it's borders. The name "Isle of Calypso" was right in the center of the ship. The rest of the ship looked pearly white with silver coral like designs made from metal or something possibly along the exteriors of the ship, the front mostly. Anyone in their right mind would think it as some really tricked out ship made for rich people. Something that Alex could afford with his fortune. It was him after all who said the Island was supposedly man made. Owen took his phone out to take a few pictures. He turned to wait on Candis and the others as he would get on with them.

Once their names were checked off the list, they were all handed their keys to their room. From what they were informed, they would set sail when everyone was on board around. Owen was not complaining that his roommate for rooms was Alex. He had to wonder why the men and women were all isolated on one side though, like the men stayed on one end while the women stayed on the other. He thought that was weird, but Kristin pitched the idea that they would all stay in Owen and Alex's room for the night together. She had brought along something special for them all to share. Once they were all settled down, Owen and Alex were both asked to meet in the Dining Area along with every other guest. Owen took the time to change clothes before leaving out.

Owen and Alex had both walked into the Dining area. Although he was not one to be surprised or in awe for mostly anything, he did enjoy the scenery that was in front of him. The Dining area had consisted of two floors. In the center of the room, there was a stage. People were probably going to perform there or give announcements. The entire room seemed to be domed shaped, golden chandeliers and golden lights illuminating the room. All the tables were round, seating at least seven people each. The walls were decorated with swirls of gold paint, with the main steps that lead to each floor being to the far left of the room. Finally the floor itself was carpeted in only a crimson red color. When Owen and Alex were all seated, they waited on Candis, Kristin, and Stephanie to join in. When more students and possibly professors from other schools had arrived, Candis, Kristin, and Stephanie took their seats. As the room filled and separate conversations grew louder and louder, several men in waiter uniforms with trays all walked in. They began serving everyone who had sat down.

While they were tending to everyone, a mysterious middle aged man with a light blonde beard in a white suit had walked in. He looked at everyone, only smiling slightly. He walked down to the center stage, grabbing the microphone. After several "shh's" spreaded from each table for the man to speak, he only chuckled a little.

"Thank you everyone for your kindness. I trust that the breakfast provided is good?" After waiting for several positive reactions from each table, he began to speak again. "Well everyone, I am Christopher Kreiss and I would like to thank you all for choosing to spend your Spring Break here. We assure you all that you will not regret choosing us and hope to work with you all in the future if possible. We have many events planned out for you all, but for now, I want you all to enjoy the company of new people. Today while on sail, we will have many socializing events for everyone to join in on. Tonight we will have a celebration. For now, do not let me stay up here talking for long. I want you all to enjoy every minute of this as much as possible. Thank you."

After getting down and several students and professors clapping, music began to play from the jazz band that sat down in the stage, all consisting of men, though it was something that people really did not pay attention to. When they were finished eating, Owen, Alex, Kristin, Stephanie, and Candis all were ready to head out when they were stopped by two boys in the same identical clothing of the crew which were white polo shirts and khaki pants. They were not twins of any sort, though the best way to tell them apart was by their height as there was one shorter than the other. The shorter male began to speak.

“Hello everyone. My name is Vega Kreiss and this is my brother Dylan. We are to be your guides for the vacation.”

Candis had thought about it for a few before speaking, though she was unsure if what she was going to ask would help any. “Kreiss? So you both are related to the owner?”

Dylan smiled and nodded. “Yes, we are.” They all had given slightly puzzled looks as Stephanie glanced at them both for a few, trying her best to figure out how were they related. Using the photographic memory she had of Mr. Kreiss, she could not figure out how they both were related to the owner.

“Are you both adopted?” She asked. Dylan chuckled, revealing a set of clean white teeth.

“No we are his biological children.” At least with family members if they were half related, their was a resemblance to the person that linked them biologically. They both looked as if they were of different racial backgrounds....both looked nothing alike at all, not even in some kind of small feature. It began to frustrate her a little seeing as she prided herself in trying to solve most cases of problems. She would have to see their mother or mothers in order to help clear that kind of anomaly up. Vega smirked a little.

“Yea...it's really complicated. You could say it's open for discussion, but not right now..So shall we escort you all to your rooms?” He said it all in a very fast pace.

Alex shook his head a little. “Yea sure. We are heading to our room though” he said in terms of his and Owens. “I do not mean to offend, but I think we can handle getting back to our” Dylan interjected immediately, cutting Alex off while he was speaking.

“Really, it's no hassle. Our father stresses his children to have effective work habits and escorting is on our list of things to do today.” Dylan and Vega began to trail off down the hallways as .

“Maybe they have separate mothers and they look like them” Kristin said to Stephanie who was still trying to figure out how they were related, though she probably was thinking about it too hard, but all she could think of was that they had different mothers. Candis only laughed slightly at Stephanie and Kristin as they all followed behind the two.

Throughout the day, they had took the time to explore most of the ship as much as possible, taking pictures while doing so with Dylan and Vega guiding them. Throughout that time while noticing a lot going on around the ship, Kristin finally asked. "So...has anyone noticed that this ship is ran by a lot of testosterone?" Stephanie and Candis laughed. It wasn't that she did not mind the ship to be ran full of attractive men that seemed to lack any form of flaw to them. It was the thought that maybe they were discriminating against sex.

"I really did not think anything of it until now and other than the students and professors from our and other schools who are women, you are right" Stephanie said. Candis thought about it for a little.

"I don't know...Maybe it's just for the ship. You remember Dylan and Vega have a mother right?" Everyone agreed.

When nightfall had arrived, Owen and Alex had went to the party while Candis, Kristin, and Stephanie had went to freshen up. They both sat down, watching as the event started to build up on the top floor of the ship. The floor consisted of one large round pool, two bars on the left and right side of the pool, Two grills by each bar, which helped spread food out rather quickly, and a small stage a couple of feet away from the pool. Owen and Alex sat and looked around as Kristin lightly punched them both in the back announcing her, Candis's, and Stephanie's arrival.

"I thought this was a socializing event. Why weren't you both socializing?" Kristin asked playing around. Owen smirked as he looked around before speaking.

"We were socializing. We were socializing to ourselves." Kristin hit him lightly again.

"That's not what I meant" she teased as they all looked around, more people arriving. The party was well underway when the bar began to open up and liquor was being passed around left and right. The bartenders even made their way from behind the bar to serve out teal colored drinks in medium sized glasses. Owen took a glass of it, sipping on the drink slightly. The taste of some slightly tangy citrus fruit mixed with what also tasted like lemons and berries sent a warm feel down his throat as the alcohol began to set in his system. The sip was not enough to get him drunk unless he was one of those people that could not hold their liquor from just a small amount. He looked around as the others began to taste it for themselves. He had a feeling this place would get hectic in a few.

His theory to that was right, but at the given time, he was drunk himself. Alex was on the dance floor literally. Owen began to wobble over towards him, not trying to trip on anything as even one false move and he would have fallen over. Candis and Kristin were laid back on the same couch they were sitting at while Stephanie sat in the same spot as well only in a giggling fit. Owen lifted up Alex, but he dropped him the second he started retching all over the floor, which made Owen laugh for no apparent reason.

“Come on, man...let's uh...let's....wow it's slipping me...” he said completely lost at words , laughing even more right before it clicked in. “Let's get out of here...”
Before Owen knew it, he had fallen on the floor, the loud noises eventually fading out. He had passed out himself.

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(( Here is Chapter 3. It is a lengthy one. The interesting bit is further down the more you read into it. I also have the image ref for the puzzle the two women had to solve. I hope you all enjoy. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. ))

~Chapter 3: Cold Moon~

The fog that thinly covered the island was illuminated by the pale moonlight as the cool crisp air breezed through the night. A small speedboat tore through the sea towards the immense island as it approached the sands of the beach. Drawing to a stop near the docks, two figures in black skintight suits almost reminiscent to scuba gear, got off the boat with two black bags. Dropping the bags on the wooden surface, they opened them and began to rummage through them. Pulling everything out from the bags such as cameras, strappings to place on around their feminine frames, guns and various forms of knives, they began to strap on goggles and black bags on their backs.

The sound of something charging was heard as the goggles turned on to act as Night Vision. After loading two pistols with ammo, one of the figures pulled the head portion of the suit off, revealing long flowing silk golden brown hair. Her eyes were covered by the goggles, but the rest of her face revealed a light skin tone with light rose red cheeks. The next figure removed the head gear as well, revealing a darker skin tone and short black hair. They both walked over to each other as the brown haired female tapped a button on a communicator next to her ear, both exhaling out a puff of white smoke as the beach itself was cold.

“Director? This is Michelle Cole. Our current location is the island itself. We are not too far off from the Caribbeans.” After a few seconds of interference, a voice was heard.

“Understood. You and Allison are to infiltrate the island. Find whatever incriminating evidence you can find on this place.” A deep electronic voice commanded.

“Roger” she said as she cut the connection. Both women nodded to each other as they began to run off along the sand in a very swift mannerisms. A massive island that appears out of nowhere, complete with a volcano had to be suspicious. To add to it, there was a popular resort on it was slowly beginning to buzz around South and North America. It did not take long for rivaling resorts to want to know what was going on with their own set of customers. That is what exactly what was going on among a potential rival resort. The owner wanted to know exactly what was going on with this island from where did it come from to how he could steal plans from it. That was where Allison and Michelle came in. They were personal Investigators. Though there were probably no need for them to defend themselves, the owner did stress them to have some form of protection.

Both the women ran through a trail in the forest that led to numerous buildings. Scoping the area out as the resort for the guests to come, they continued their search. They both pulled out a hook with rope from the bags, throwing them up to the top floor. They began to scale up the wall. They both set foot on the roof and examined the only door that was on the three story building. They walked towards one edge of it as they took in the view. The building itself appeared to be in the form of a semi-rectangle with a large pool right in the center of it. The exterior was lit up with white lights, revealing some of the rooms on the lower floor such as the gym and dining area.

“So far, so good.” Allison said as they walked towards the door. She pulled out a lock pick set and began to work on the door while Michelle looked around as some form of cover. When the door opened, she turned back to look as Allison opened the door, never once getting the chance to see the set of red eyes that were watching them in the nearby trees. When they both walked in, Michelle closed and locked the door again. Yellow lights lit up the narrow halls adorned with crimson red carpets almost the color of blood with tables posted on the wall with actual real tropical flowers in them. The doors were colored in white and gold as the room they were near read 320. It would be easy to assume that all the other halls were almost identical. Allison quickly pointed to a rotating camera as they both moved to avoid it's direction, fortunate enough to have been out of it's view when they came in. They darted down the hall, avoiding several more camera's as they made it to the elevators. Michelle shook her head in a negative manner.

“Let's take the stairs instead.” Allison nodded as they went towards the door that led to the flight of stairs. Running all the way down to the bottom floor, Michelle opened the door after scanning for any near by camera. They ran out into the halls, scanning around through every door until they found the manager's office. They both examined the door to see that it required a keycard like every other door. Allison pulled out a device and attached it to the door. After a few sounds, the red light on the door turned green as it opened. Both women walked inside the room and closed it behind them. They looked at the room as it looked like some kind of executive office. The carpeting was black with a brown desk in the center. Other than a few decorations. a chimney and a black couch, the office was just a regular one. Michelle walked over to the computer on the desk as Allison sat on the couch, toying around with one of her guns as she aimed it at the wall.

“Do you think we will find any kind of evidence or anything new about this place?” Allison sighed in a slight frustrated tone as her goggles began to scan through the computer for her to hack it.

“I doubt it, though you have to wonder about an island that seems to appear on the map in over the course of months without anyone saying their plans to help restore the sinking remains. I mean it even has a volcano on it. You can not say that is weird right?”

Allison chuckled as she placed the gun on her lap, not taking any chances. “Granted. But if we don't find anything bad about this place, this would not be a bad spot to take a vacation at.” Michelle smiled after getting past the series of passwords Mr. Kreiss had set up.

“We have to find no incriminating evidence first.” She began clicking through numerous folders, uploading images and projects all on her flash drive. After finding things that could possibly benefit their client's interests, Michelle noticed a file labled “Gold Mine”. She turned to look over at Allison.

“Hey. Come check this out.” Allison got off the seat and walked over to the computer. Seeing exactly what Michelle had saw, she looked amused.

“It could be a theme park in progress, but click it.” Michelle clicked on the file. Shortly afterwards, the screen turned black as an entire layout of the island popped up. Scanning everything on the drive, both women saw a mine underneath the resort. It had several entrances to it, several of them cave entrances. Michelle clicked on the one that read “elevator.” Before she knew it, the chimney began to light up as a panel appeared in front of it. There were three slots on the touch panel with numerous shapes on them of stars. Allison and Michelle walked over to it after turning everything off and erasing their presence there.

“This looks like a puzzle.” Allison said. Michelle looked at the stars. “Maybe we need to put them in some kind of order or something. Let's look around the room for some kind of clue or something.” Both women began to look around the room. Allison had looked above the chimney, seeing a pattern of stars on the wall. She tapped Michelle, pointing up towards them. Michelle noticed how the twelve stars were following the same order and pattern of how to form it. She looked at the panel as it only required three. She put in the first three and it chimed incorrectly. She then tried the last three and it did the same. She looked up at the pattern again. She pressed the 12/1 first, entered the 12/3 for the middle and the 12/5 for the last one. The panel chimed correctly as the panel went back up. The chimney began to open up revealing an elevator. Michelle and Allison both stepped on the platform pressing the down button. Their job was to investigate and this counted for it. The elevator began to lower as both women turned on their headlights as the area was getting darker and colder in their descent.

“Even if these are thermosuits, I am still getting a chill down my spine.” Allison said as she still gripped her gun.

“Agreed. Let's just get what we came to find out and get out of this place.” Michelle said as the elevator came to a screeching halt. Upon getting out of the elevator, Allison caught whiff of the scent around them and pinched her nose tightly.

“Ugh! What is that smell!?” Michelle gave a shushing sound as she smelled the area herself. It smelled like rot and decay, even with the dark cave being cold.

“It's probably some form of gas...If that is the case, I think the gold being referred may be oil or something else.” Michelle looked at the trail with mine carts and rails.

“Maybe not” Allison said as she walked over to the cart. Upon looking in, the light revealed a cart full of some form of guts. Allison almost threw up as she turned to look away. Michelle walked over to it, taking pictures of it. She looked over to see more cart full of the rotting flesh.

“We may have found the evidence we need to shut this place down.” They both aimed their guns towards the trail of the cave when they heard weird moaning sounds. Both women walked softly as they walked down the trail. The trail were lit up by sapphire's on the wall. Allison leaned over to them.

“It looks like they are still growing in the cave...Looks over there.” The glanced over at the other lights. In reality, they were more sapphires with emeralds and teal and regular diamonds that lit the cave up in a blue light.

“This is not right...” Michelle said. “Diamonds have to be cut in order to show this form, yet these are growing out the walls and the carts full of....” She stopped from touching them as they both heard the moaning sounds again. It sounded like someone was in pain. They both walked down into the cave further until they came across a wide cavern. Looking around, they saw what looked like craters down below them. It was also where their wailing assailant continued to moan. They ran down the slope quickly as they followed the sounds of the moaning. They began to lower their guns when they came across a boy posted on the wall inside one of the craters. The dark skinned male had his eyes closed as he rested his head on the wall, appearing to be nude. A full set of hair covered his head as fully formed goatee was under his chin. None of this was appalling to the women. The sight that made them both cringe was his stomach. It was round as if he had swallowed an entire exercise ball. Alongside the tight skin, there were small lumps the bulged from inside his skin, evident from the fact that whatever inside him was either white or some shade of blue. Allison walked over to him about to tap the sleeping boy until his belly began to move, whatever it was inside of him moving around, which made her jump back.

The boy's eyes shot open wide as he looked in pain, placing his hands on his hairy belly as best as he could. His iris's were pale brown indicating that he had been down in the cave for quite some time. He looked at the women as she struggled to get up, his belly practically weighing him down.

“Please...Please get out of here....” he said in an exhausted manner. Michelle walked over to him as Allison came forward reluctantly. She leaned down beside him, trying to find some way to get him to his feet. The poor boy looked young.

“Sure thing....What's your name?” The boy turned his head slightly.

“It's Tyler...Tyler Marshal.”

“Well, Tyler, we are going to get you out of here.” Allison gawked for a few as she looked at Michelle and then at the boy.

“Oh no, you are kidding me! Do you see the size of this boy's stomach!? Son looks like he has had breakfast, lunch, and dinner nonstop for the past two months. He literally has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Heck....” Michelle cut her off.

“We need to hurry and get out of here. If you are done bitching, find something to help me lift him up.” She turned to look at Tyler. “It's alright. We are going to get you out of here.”

Tyler had moaned again, the sound of him in pain.

“Get them out of me...” Michelle began to try and find a way to lift him up, only to see his belly button pushed out with a dark line running down the center and his testicles if she could call them that, big and bulging through the brief's he only had on. She examined his chest. Aside from the hair on it, his pecs looked really huge and dark, the nipples looking. She pressed her hand on his chest lightly and no sooner than she did that, his nipples began to secrete a white substance.

“Oh my gosh....you're pregnant!” Allison dropped the crowbar she managed to find when she heard Michelle say those words. Tyler only looked up.

“Their are others down here l..like this....they take us and...” He looked in the dark background as his eyes widened again struggling to use his legs to push back against the wall. Michelle tried to see what was making him panic when she slowly stood up, turning slowly with her gun aimed. Appearing almost off of the black walls, jet black skin began to rise off the walls as something large began to rise up behind Allison, water falling off the body making it look slimy. Allison turned slowly as she dodged rows of teeth quickly. Both women began firing their guns into the darkness, only seeing large yellow shark like eyes. Both women started back up the slope as the monster roared loudly. No sooner than doing that did the cave start to shake as more of the creatures sounded off. The yellow eyes were soon joined by crimson red eyes as both women ran back to the elevator. Pressing the button back up, the platform began to rise up. Halfway up towards the door to the office, a set of large claws ripped the cords that lifted the lowered the elevator. Both women screamed as they fell down hard into the ground with metal. Both of their bodies had blood on them as their bodies were limp.

Tyler began to panic as claws were placed on his belly. Shortly afterwards, he began to calm down, eventually falling asleep. Any other traces of the women ever being there such as the boat and other equipment near the docks were wiped out by one massive tail in the ocean. Eventually the island and the seas fell silent once more. As Midnight passed in more later hours, the sun eventually began to rise. Coming from the horizon was the Nautilus as Mr. Kreiss began to slow the ship down for it to approach land in within an hour and a half.

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Incredible story! I'm really looking forward to an update!
(( This Chapter and the next will be in two parts since these will be long chapters. The other part will be posted later on today. Thank you all for the views and feedback so far. I would like to continue to hear from you all ^ ^))

~Chapter 4: The Arrival Part Part One

The sun began to shine brightly through the windows as “morning” had officially started. At least for Candis it did. Her body appeared to be programmed to waking up automatically around seven. She shot up quickly out the bed, rubbing her head as she had a massive headache. Thoughts of what she did the night before came back to mind as she could only say “Oh...”. She remembered only drinking one cup of the drink and she was drunk, maybe even worse. She looked to see where she was at, noticing she was back in her room the minute the sun hit her eyes. She groaned as she got out the bed, closing the curtains. She had to wonder how drunk she was the night before because she did not remember anything after apparently blacking out, not even taking herself back to her room. That thought was scary as she feared she could have done something else. She glanced over to see Kristin sound asleep. There were only two beds to a room, so Stephanie roomed with someone else.

Candis walked over to the desk between both beds as she opened one of the drawers, pulling aspirin out. Afterwards, she grabbed two bottles of water. After taking the medicine, she lied back on the bed. She got off the bed again to open the windows again to see the view. Seeing nothing but the ocean on the left side, she glanced over to the right. The scene of an island coming into view greeted her. She could not see much of it, probably from her window, but surely they were reaching their destination. She rested back under the covers on the bed as she figured getting some more rest from a recovering hangover would be best. She was relieved no feeling of nausea hit her. She looked at her phone and began browsing through her gallery, she clicked on one of the galleries labled “memory lane”. It showed several pictures of her, Owen and the others and Tyler out at events, parties, or at their usual spot. She stopped at one of the pictures of just her and Tyler close together at a restaurant.

“Where did I go wrong...” She said to herself silently as a tear rolled down her face. She wiped it quickly as she could not think like that. He was the one that decided to cut it cold turkey and then vanish after all. She had to really wonder if something happened at the resort he went to. If this was the one he went to, maybe she could find some sort of answer. She tried not to think too much on as she was also there to enjoy herself. From nineteen hours to extracurricular activities that semester, she deserved a break. At the moment, she would do just about anything to get back to her usual cheery charismatic mood and put an end to the slightly depressed aura she had. She could only wonder if Owen and Alex were awake. She thought against finding out as she let out a yawn. She could use a little more rest before going to breakfast, if she felt like it. There were a few reserves in her bags she could eat on. With that, she turned to sleep.

Owen had awoken completely under his covers. After wrestling around to get out of it, he realized he had fallen out of the bed during his sleep. Looking around in the cold dark room, he rubbed his eyes as he placed the covers back in the bed. Contrary to the party he had himself involved in, he did not have any kind of hangover. The problem was when did he get back in the room. He smelled himself, noting that he smelled fresh compared to sweat as if he had taken a shower as he was in his sleeping clothes which were a white wife beater and gray plaid pajama pants. The smell however did not smell like any of the shower gels he usually used, yet alone his soap. He smelled like some kind of tropical scent. Needless to say, that creeped him out a little, knowing that he was somewhere near water and in a drunk state. Who was he to kid around on that thought though as they were on a ship surrounded by water. He could have jumped off the boat if he was not careful. He had to assume that he succeeded in bringing Alex back to the room. He flicked the light on the desk on.

Walking over to Alex's bed, he noticed the other boy under the covers. He let out a sigh of relief, thinking that he got him back in the room safely. He went over to his bag and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. The second he did that, Alex shot out the bed fast as he darted for the bathroom. The sounds of him spilling his insides out in the toilet were heard. Owen lit the cigarette as he sat on the bed, sucking the stick one good time before exhaling a huge puff of smoke. After a few more minutes of Alex flushing the toilet several good times and cleaning his mouth out, he wobbled back out the bathroom, sitting on a chair to gain compusure.

“Someone had a rough night” Owen could only muse while smoking. After fixing his eyes on Owen after realizing he was squinting, Alex rubbed his head, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Ughh...what happened last night?”

Owen chuckled, smoke trailing out his mouth as he did. “Rich boi' partied hard last night. Went out on the dance floor and tried to grind on several women, note that he could barely walk straight, before finally finding the girl of his dreams for the remainder of the night; the floor. Did I mention his best friend trailed along to try and get him to stop, but that wasn't happening?”

Owen walked over to the sink after setting the cigarette down with a empty glass. He filled the glass with water and walked over to Alex, handing it to him. Alex looked at Owen for a few before taking the glass, the sense of paranoia hitting him. Owen smirked.

“Son, if you're worried about second hand smoke, you were exposed to it the second all the other teammates lit up that skunk smelling weed.”

“I am not worried about that...” Alex said taking some of the water down in one huge gulp. “I just had the oddest thought of the water tasting like cigarettes.” After drinking the water, he noticed his clothes.

“Aww, thanks man. You looked out for me....wait....Dude, did you and me take a bath together....NO! Did you change my clothes too!?” Owen chuckled.
“If I did any of that, I would have to kill myself. Anyways, I guess you woke up later on in the night and did whatever. I'll be perfectly honest with you, I don't even recall taking a shower and changing clothes myself.”

Alex yanked the cigarette out Owen's mouth. “But you recall smoking? I told you to lay off these things before you fry your brain even further.” He placed the remaining cigarette in the small amount of water. “Besides, it is too early in the morning for you to be smoking.”

“Early in the morning? Who told you it was still morning? It's the afternoon.” Owen smirked as Alex scrambled to his bed to check his phone. Owen picked up a box of aspirin as Alex checked his phone. Timing it perfectly, he threw the box at Alex, letting it slide off his chest and into his hands.

“I'm just playing around with you. Take two of those and freshen up some. We're gonna' catch breakfast.” Alex looked at him.

“You could do the same.” Owen smirked as he already had several towels, soap, and shower gel in his arms.

“I just beat you to it. Do me a favor and spray the room would you?” He walked inside the bathroom and shortly afterwards the sound of water running was heard. After the two had freshened up, Owen could still smell the same scent from earlier on him, not that he found it annoying. The scent actually smelled good. Trailing around the room shirtless, Alex laughed as he looked at all the tattoo's that covered the boy's back, chest, and arms.

“Dude, how do you expect to get a job with all of those on you like that?”

“Simple. I work under your family's company or stick to Baseball like originally planned.”

“Oh? What if I say not to hire you?”

“Trust me. You won't say that. I know you all too well.” Owen said as he placed a sea green tribal styled t-shirt on. Alex smirked.

“Honestly, when are you going to stop doing that to yourself? It costs a lot of money to get rid of them. Even then, you would have scars left.” Owen stopped what he was doing for a few, not letting Alex see his face.

“There will probably be a time I stop torturing myself to remember every constant moment in life I have had that ended in scarring me...until I have to live with these constant reminders...SO, are we getting breakfast or what?” Alex placed a watch on his wrist after buttoning his shirt up.

“Right...well ready when you are.” Alex stared at him for a few, realizing that Owen had just finished smoking not too long ago. “Oh wow, the cig. It's going to make you....”

Owen walked to the door. “Dude, don't worry about it. I'll have everything fixed in no time.” Owen opened the door. As soon as he did, he jumped back totally creeped out by the fact that Vega was at the door with his hand raised as if to knock on it. He busted out in laughter afterwards as Alex pulled him back, placing shades on him.

“Do not worry about him. He is still out of it from last night. Were you getting ready to knock on our door or something?” Vega nodded.

“Yes, I was. I came to let you know that we would be approaching land shortly. I wanted to know if you all would be coming down to breakfast?”

“Why yes we are, sir. Thank you for letting us know.” Vega smiled warmly.

“Yea...just make sure he takes it easy right now. We had to stop a few people last night from trying to go for a swim last night. These parts of the waters are not safe at those times.”

“Dully noted. He will be alright. Thanks for being concerned.”

“Don't mention it. If you both need anything, don't hesitate to let me or Dylan know. He's gone to go check in on your friends, so I shall go with you both to breakfast.” Owen closed the door behind him as they all walked towards the dining area. While walking, Owen could not help but notice the familiar scent in the air. He had no idea where it was coming from other than himself as the scent was in front of him. It was soon washed out by the smell of food as he walked into the dining hall. Vega pointed over to where Candis and the others were sitting. Owen sat in between Kristin and Candis after stumbling one good time, almost falling out of his seat while Alex sat beside Stephanie who was currently reading “Pride and Prejudice” while sipping on Orange Juice. After getting what they wanted to drink and eat from the small menu they were given, Vega and Dylan walked off.

Trying to run a finger across Kristin's face, Kristin grabbed Owen's hand and sat it on the table only for him to bust out in another giggling fit.

“Alex...” she pouted. “You weren't supposed to let him get high this early in the morning. You know he acts like a child when he does.” She placed his hand back down on the table after it found it's way back to floating around her face. Alex chuckled.

“I would have stopped him if I did not have my own problems to take care of this morning. Besides, he looks really happy right now.” Alex motioned with his hand as Kristin turned to look. Owen began to rest his head on Candis's shoulder. When Candis saw the waiter come with trays of plates, she moved out the way quickly causing Owen to lean over and almost fall on the floor. He was caught by a set of arms. He looked to see that Vega had caught him after setting plates on the table.

“Whoa. 'Preciate that, man” he said chuckling as he sat back down, Kristin and the others laughing. Coach Sanders shot Owen an angry stare as the table quieted down. Of course that stare would have consequences the minute they returned back to practice since the Coach “knew” his baseball team so well, from the students that were always on their best behavior on trips to the students that chose to live their trips up as best as they could. He resumed talking with the other supervisors from their school along with other adults none of them recognized.

Vega began to set more plates down as Dylan brought the requested drinks. Dylan then placed down saucers that had pink colored cookies on them.

“What are these?” Kristin asked looking at them.

“They are breakfast cookies. Our island produce them from lemons and oatmeal to cover up the vegetable taste with a hypoallergenic plant. Are any of you allergic to any of those ingredients?” Everyone shook their heads while Kristin tried to get Owen to stop shaking his.

“Well cool. They taste great really. I hope you all enjoy your breakfast. If you need us, we will be sitting over there with our father” Dylan said pointing to Mr. Kreiss who was sitting at a table not too far from theirs with an Asian man.

“Sure thing. Thank you both again” Candis said, removing sharp objects away from Owen as much as possible after the two boys trailed off to have their own breakfast with their father.

“Let's not ask them to come over for anything since they are trying to eat themselves. It must be hard to be the captain's, owners, children and work around an entire ship and resort” Stephanie said, placing her book down. Kristin smirked.

“Gee, you are always so thoughtful. Well they work here, so....” she said teasing around as she began to eat. After everyone ate, they stared at the cookies. Alex grabbed his fork, beginning to poke at it to see if it would move.

“So, who wants to eat the cookie first. You heard the man, he said it tastes like vegetables” he said continuing to poke it. Stephanie took the fork from him.

“Stop being picky, sir. He said the lemon and oatmeal got rid of it” she said before Alex stared at her. He picked up her cookie and began trying to shove it in her mouth, which was met with protest.

“Mhm. If I was a picky eater, why aren't you eating it?”

“Enough you two. We have a willing participant” Candis said. She turned to look at Owen. “We know you still have the munchies and you have been eyeballing that cookie under those shades, so go right ahead.”

Owen had looked at the cookie. “Well if no one else is going to, I may as well” he said before picking it up. He took a bite out of it, the taste of lemon and oatmeal filling his mouth, blocking out the green crushed plants that were in it. He began to finish eating it.

“Well, we have a satisfied customer. Let's eat them then” Kristin said picking them up. Kristin stopped for a second. “Should we eat these anyways? I mean we had some of those drinks last night and quite frankly, I don't even recall how I got into my room.”

“I think we can all agree that we had one too many last night” Alex said. When they were all done, Mr. Kreiss stood up and walked back to the stage. Picking up the microphone, he began to speak again.

“Good morning everyone. I trust everyone had a great night and are off to a good day. We will be approaching the island in thirty minutes, give or take ten.” With that, he stopped talking and stormed off with the Asian man following close behind like some bodyguard. Kristin turned and looked at the others.

“He is quite the mysterious man with very few words huh?” She asked as she got up from the table. Everyone began to get up as well, Stephanie the last one as she was looking puzzled.

“Wait...we should have not arrived to the island this fast. I mean, we only left a day ago.”

“Maybe you are overthinking it a little. The way I see it, the less time spent on the ship, the more we can spend on the island, all the things we can do there” the others laughing as Alex looked at them trying to figure out why they were laughing. It seemed like those two were completely clueless to some things after all. They walked out the dining hall, getting ready to go to their rooms and pack everything up quickly right until Candis pulled Owen over to the side.

“Do you think this is the trip he went on?” Owen looked at her and shrugged.

“Honestly, it could be. I don't mean to sound rude, but if it's not, we both should try to move on and not think took hard on what happened.” Candis stared off for a few, nodding.

“Right...” Owen, placed a hand on her chin, lifting it up.

“Promise me you will enjoy yourself for the break?” Candis nodded and smiled lightly.

“I will.”

“Great, because I think I am going to....”

“Oh no” Candis said cutting him off as she ran off to join up with Kristin and Stephanie. Owen only laughed as he began to walk off. While walking back to their rooms, Stephanie walked down the hall by herself in the slightly crowded hall to her room. Placing the keycard in the door, she shook her head some, grunting a little as she got out of some dazed form. She looked around for a few before it finally went away. She walked in the room and closed it behind her, getting ready to get her bags together.
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~Chapter 5: The Arrival Part 2~

The sounds of the ship's horn blew loudly as it was finally approaching land. When the ship finally settled to a stop at the docks, an announcement informing everyone they were to wait on their school and organization's supervisors. Owen sat on his bed as Alex Skyped with his parents. A knock on the door came as Owen walked towards the door to open it, a flash hitting his face as Candis took a picture of him. Candis, Kristin, and Stephanie barged in with numerous bags. Not even recalling that the three had bought so many with them, Owen gave a gagging look as he tripped over one of them trying to recover from the flash to the face.

“Yikes, woman. What was that for!?”

Candis only walked in taking a picture of Alex, who was already posing. “I thought to take a picture of you in your natural habitat. You know, when you aren't high off on drugs.” Owen got up, picking up the bag he tripped over.

“What is with you all and these bags?”

“Girls have more needs than boys do. What did you bring with you exactly?” Kristin asked as she stared over at the bags Alex and Owen had on there separate beds.

“Enough to get by with for the week. You all are almost like walking malls...”
Candis sat on Owen's bed as Alex closed the chat out on his computer, shutting it off afterwards.

“So when are we supposed to get off the ship?” He asked.

“I dunno. I guess when those instructors of ours check off the rooms. Maybe we should have stayed in our rooms” Stephanie said as she examined one of her class books for Calculus. Kristin walked over to her and slammed it shut.

“Look here workaholic. You are taking a break this week” she said as she walked over to Candis, yanking her phone away from her. She pulled out her memory card, reaching in her pocket to pull out another one in a case. She put it in and placed the cover back on the phone. “And you are going to forget about Todd...” she said, mixing up Tyler's name on purpose, though Owen gagged again, giving her the correct name.

“It's Tyler”

“Right...You are going to forget about him. No one should be thinking about a sleaze bag for almost an entire year. It's just not healthy.” Candis only smiled as she hugged Kristin, yanking the card out her hand, placing it in her purse.

“Thanks.” Kristin hit Candis's arm as she smirked.

“I don't want you getting soft on us” she said before Candis knocked her over on the bed. She got up as she walked towards the door.

“Well, if Kristin is in such an outrageous mood as always, I say we get off the ship before they get here. After all Coach Sanders has it out for you with your little incident this morning, Owen.” She stared at him in a seductive manner, causing him to blush slightly. Candis walked towards the door, opening it. Peeking around the corner, she closed the door quickly to grab her bags, motioning for the others to follow. When she opened the door again, they quickly poured out, scurrying down the hallways, with Candis in the lead as if they were trying to escape prison. She held her hand up as she heard the deep scratchy voice they all could assume belonged to one person, Coach Sanders. His voice sounded as if he would eventually wear it out. Though his voice sounded tiring, Owen and Alex knew fully well his training methods and bulking size for punishment were something entirely different. Alex pointed over to the map on the wall as the Coach knocked on another door, checking off the names of students who came with them.

Stephanie skimmed the map quickly, her photographic memory kicking in as she pointed down the opposite end of the hall. With that, they all wasted no time running down the hall as they neared the other exit. Stephanie pointed at the door with excitement as if she was looking for a way out for days as they all scrambled for the door quickly, giving off their appearance of desperate freedom even further as Kristin slid past them all. Her hand reached for the door, almost tasting the tropic breeze on the other side. She grabbed the handle, getting ready to open it only for a giant hand to slam it shut. She jumped back in shock as she looked up to see who the hand belonged to. At first sight, she thought she saw a bald headed giant blocking out the sun, but Candis made her realize who it was that was blocking out the dim lit lights in the hall.

“Oh Coach Sanders” She said as if she was happy to see him “When did you...”

His hoarse booming voice cut her off immediately as his hands gripped the pen he had in his other hand hard.

“Ladies. I see you are all ready to get on with the vacation huh?” He looked at the list, knowing their names real well from their affiliations with Owen, Alex, and previously with Tyler. He started checking their names off, letting the hard grip he had on the door free, prompting Kristin to fly back as she still had her hand on the door trying to pull it open. Candis slightly chuckled in a nervous manner as she walked out the door, Stephanie following her as she gave Coach Sanders a nervous smile while adjusting her hair to look down quickly, Kristin following behind. As soon as Alex walked out, Coach Sanders blocked the path for Owen.

“And you sir!” The man's dark iris's immediately locked down on him as if he was staring right through him. “Did you think I forgot about the little stunt you a while back?” Owen began to scratch his neck as his body started to itch.

“This may be some form of interning and community hours, but we also have an image to maintain. We do not want your face as the image of our school with your ass clownery. One more false move boy and I will come after you like Black Hawk Down!” Coach Sanders immediately dropped the stern look as he smiled lightly, moving out the way. “Now enjoy the week.”

Owen walked past him as he went down the ramp, his eye slightly twitching. It was hard to keep the same face with a much taller and bigger man staring down at him. He could only imagine what hounding after him would be like since he had a lot of repercussions from practicing. He jumped a little when he heard the coach's voice yelling at someone. He joined the others on the dock as Candis stopped to take pictures of them in front of the teal waters to sea green waters that neared the golden sands of the beach.

“Alright. Now let's take some with me in them” she said as she began to back up, bumping into someone which caused her to drop her phone. She had almost fallen in the waters below the dock had not an arm caught her.

“Whoa...Someone needs to be a little more careful” a lightly deep voice said in an enthusiastic tone as he caught the phone as well. When Candis got proper footing, she took sight of a mid-brown skinned man. The man stood over her with a complete six-foot-seven height, full of solid muscles. He looked flawless to her, from his perfectly chiseled body to handsome face aside from the tribal tattoo's that adorned his chest and upper left arm, which was noticable from due to him wearing a blue muscle shirt with an island pattern on the front of it with Calypso Isles on it in red lettering. The man rubbed his styled beard as she stared at him dazed. Kristin shook her as she came to her senses.

“Someone looks a bit shaken up” he joked as Candis chuckled a little. She would not mind getting lost again as long as he was there. The man scratched his black hair, his huge biceps almost flexing as he picked up the bags around them.

“Yea...Oh wait no...” Candis said as she chuckled. “Sorry. I did not notice you were behind me. This works out perfectly really. Do you mind taking pictures of us? We could take a few with you in it as well.” Kristin smirked as she mumbled a little for Owen and the others to hear.

“Looks like she has forgotten about Tyler after all.”

The man took the phone from Candis as she handed it to him. “Sure thing, ma’am.” Candis giggled at the word ma'am.

“Ma'am is something you call my mom. Just call me Candis” she said before Stephanie nudged her, whispering to her.

“There's no need to be so formal with a complete stranger, even if you have a love at first sight crush on him.” The man cleared his throat as he held the phone in a position to take the clear picture of them all.

“Well the stranger has a name which is Keyston and there's no need to panic, miss. I'm not some psychopathic stalker that will chase you down wherever you go.” He said, smirking at Stephanie as the phone snapped with a camera's shuttering sound. “It's not a bother really. I mean you would have to memorize my name eventually this week as I am the tour guide through the forest. At any case, relax a little. If anything, I'll be there to help you out” he said as he winked at Candis. He looked over at the bags and pointed to them. “SO...shall we get you all settled into your rooms?”

Kristin and Candis handed Keyston some of their bags as Alex poked Stephanie. “Come on. Lighten up Miss Prissy Pants” he said as she scoffed slight, giving him a scolding glare, completing it with a disappointing nod. She smiled a little as Keyston took some of her bags and placed it on the dolly. All six of them walked down the docks with Keyston in the lead as they walked on a concrete path that resembled ancient Greek roads, coconut trees on each side with unlit torches. Coming across the resort itself, they all took in the sights of not only the three story building that looked as if it was made out of white marble slabs. The building itself was something worth staring at if not that there were other sights such as as the tribal cabins that lodged themselves in the nearby forest, the large oval shaped pool that gave a sea green color, and three more resort building. The smell of chlorine hitting their noses as the concrete pavement around it had sand placed on purpose. Keyston turned to look back at them all.

“This is only part of the island. Wait 'til you all see the other sights” he said as the main doors to the resort slid open electronically. Placing their bags down on the floor, Keyston nodded and began to head out.

“Well, your instructors should assign you all your keys in a few once they get everything...” he said looking at all the other people pour in, seeming to multiply as soon as others were off to their rooms. “...and everyone settled. Well, I am out of here, so good luck with that” he said, darting out the building fast. Owen looked at them all as he got ready to sit down in one of the chairs before someone filled it quickly.

“So what now?” A whistle pierced through the loud noise from numerous chattering as they all turned to see Dylan and Vega approach them with a card in Vega's hand. Vega smiled as he handed Owen one of the cards.

“I hope we didn't keep you all waiting. Compliments of allowing us to be your guides for the week, our father has given you all a suite on the third floor. There should be enough room for you all.” He said, smiling at them all as he hefted up the bags along with Dylan.

“So let's get going before we get lost in this crowd” Dylan said as he went to reach over for Alex and Owen's bags. Owen grabbed the bag tightly as Alex placed his on his back.

“Oh it's alright” Owen said, Alex speaking afterwards.

“Yea. It does not seem right for another person to carry around things we could carry on our own.” Kristin eased between them both, placing on her shades.

“Yea. You understand the whole manhood thing right?” She asked as Dylan chuckled.

“Of course. It would not have been a bother though” he said as he pressed the up button on the elevator. Stephanie shot up quickly as a thought came to mind.

“Wait. How does this work out for the week? Do we have scheduled events like”

She soon found herself cut off by Vega.

“Like you are in school or under some rules? This is a vacation, not a place where you have to abide by rules. There are rules, but you are old enough to make some decisions on your own. After all, you need to make it back in one piece. Try to live it up for a little.” The elevator chimed as the door opened as Kristin turned to look at Stephanie.

“This is a week of fun. Don't be a control freak and try not to get crazy from having a little freedom from your control boot camp parents” she said before Stephanie pouted at her.

“Whatever...” she got out before following them to the door. She looked at her phone as she thought of the books and other things she brought with her. Maybe she could afford living it up some. Owen opened the door, leaning against it for the others to walk in. The room had a black sectional with a coffee table in front of it and a plasma screen television on the wall. Other than a few flowers and decorations, six doors, one of them being a slide door that led out to the patio to get a view of the pool and possibly some other sights. the fridge and small kitchen with counters, the main room was pretty regular.

Dylan and Vega sat the bags on the floor.

“Well we will leave you all to it. Enjoy the day as much as possible. Our father does have a request to ask however.” Dylan said as he pulled out a paper packet that had more cards in them. He handed them out.

“He would like you all to enjoy this week as VIP and he would like it if you all could join us for dinner tonight at our mansion on the other side. We will take you over there around five if you all accept. There will be other guests of course.”

The five guests stared at the cards before Kristin answered for them all. “Why, yes, we would love to have dinner with you all.”

“Great” Dylan said as Vega walked out the room smiling. “These are just a few things for the week. There are a a lot more benefits from letting us be your guides. Until five, enjoy yourselves” he said in a slight affectionate tone as he walked out the room, closing the door behind them.

“Great” Candis said with glee. “We allow two of the resort owner's children to be our guides, get a lot of more rights even though I could have settled for whatever non-VIP status was and now we have dinner with them. Are there anymore surprises?” Kristin began to open the doors to the other rooms to see what was all in them, secretly motioning to everyone if they had caught on as she made her way back.

“You left out the part where you began to flirt with a nice attractive man.” She said as she began to pick her bags up as Owen, Candis, and Stephanie did the same, walking over to the other doors, leaving Alex right there in the spot he was in as his fingers tapped on his screen to respond to a message from his parents. “And I guess from the looks of it, Alex is sleeping on the couch.” As soon as she said that, Alex shot up to see the others slam the other room doors behind them, laughter being heard on the other sides. Alex sighed as he sat the bag on the couch. Kristin opened the door and peeked out.

“Play your cards right and someone may let you sleep with them. Not me, oh no. I need the room, but someone” she said as she closed the door. Alex looked at the door cluelessly as she shrugged, opening his bag, beginning to wonder what he would do for the current timeframe, those thoughts currently being to go for a swim. He would wait on the others once they got settled in, something he would have to do as well except with the hard couch. He sat on the couch and took back his thought on it being hard. It was soft, almost as if I was a bed. He could deal with that, not waking up to a stiff neck or some kind of other pain.
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~Chapter 6: Business as Usual?~

Alex hopped off the couch when the stirring in the other rooms appeared to cease. He did think it was appropriate for them all to try and spend the first day doing something together, but if they were not about to do anything for the moment, he was going to go on and go for a swim. He pulled out his swim trunks, slipping on a black t-shirt as he walked towards the bathroom. Walking back out, he slipped on some sandals and walked out after grabbing a towel and his tablet in a black carrying case. It may have been a vacation, but the young businessman did have a few errands to run and schedule. One of those errands were to see if the owner was interested in selling a few merchandise items from his mother's Jewelry Store. He would have enjoyed it if his mother contacted him a whole lot more about things not pertaining to money, but money did come at a price it seemed, which was all the more reasons as to why he did not drag himself off to an Ivy League school. It seemed like all he was at that to his family was a reliable asset.

Alex slapped on some shades after placing the towel around his neck, closing the door behind him. He walked down the halls, the back ends of his flip flops slapping against his heels as the small noise bounced off the walls. He pressed the down button on the elevator, waiting for it to come up. When the door had opened, a female bellhop had walked out with a group of people that consisted of two women and two boys.

“Lucky them....” he muttered, the curves of his mouth slightly turning in disgust as his face gave an appalling look as he walked in and pressed the button to the first floor. He was not annoyed at them, but rather the fact that he got tricked out of a bed again. He was not all too pleased about getting the couch, even if it was soft. Everytime he made a promise not to fall for the same routine again, it ended up hitting him right dead in the head when his eyes had stayed glued to his phone for too long, attempting to pay attention to the chatter that took place around him. He chuckled at the thought of Kristin as she had an immature party going boyish attitude most of the time with the distinct motive to be sneaky. When the screen had read the first floor, the bell chiming as the doors slid open, Alex walked out to a much more calmer lobby. Unlike Owen, he did not prefer to be around crowded areas. The more calm and sane it was, the better. It felt like riots or protests, all of which he was not too fond of with his father being the CEO of the AmCorp Pharmaceutical Company. There was an instance where one of the clowns stood outside with supposed bombs strapped to him. It was the man instead who got the shocking surprise when he pressed the button. With Alex being twelve at the time, it was not a pleasant sight to see a man's eyes bulge out, the skin turning red as his body boiled from jolts of electricity surging his body. The justified reason for coming to the building was that he was fired from not following procedures after being told numerous times that he was not following them. Alex did not like to think of himself as a pampered snob deeming those that failed as unfit and unruly to climb up corporal ladders, but he was given numerous times to get his act together. The entire ordeal had left a bitter taste in his mouth towards tolerance at times, a taste he was certain would be washed out the more he hung around a different crowd and the more he filled that taste with another bitter taste to drown out anymore sorrows. He truly hated being alone at times. The more he was alone, the more it gave him time to think. Some things were just worth forgetting.

Alex, walked out the main door as the pool came into view. Seeing a couple of people in the pool, a little more than he was accustomed to, he began to tread backwards slowly, feeling the thought to be a bust, until he noticed the poolside bar, the smell of charcoal and raw meat burning attracting him. Alex sat on one of the stools, looking up at the menu before pulling the white tablet out of the carrying case. Tapping the screen a few good times, he began to open up presentations and slide shows about why Mastyr Jewelry was the best choice, cutting edge technology to craft diamonds and other accessories...the works. He groaned as one of the women behind the bar approached him.

“Is there anything I can get you, sir?” She asked, a nice sultry British accent trailing off in her otherwise melodious tone. Alex glanced up to see a short blonde haired woman smiling at him, a set of pearly white teeth with violet colored lipstick greeting his eyes, the name Stacy in black letters on her gold painted nametag that was positioned above her breasts on the red blouse. The brunette gave a warm smile back as he looked at the menu of the drinks they had. His nose had slightly scrunched up, his eyes squinting a little as his mouth curved backwards, a complete bewildered look.

“I'm sorry” he said shaking his head. “I have no idea what any of those drinks are on the menu other than the lemonade.” Shock smiled and turned before giving out a shocking “Oh” as if realizing something.

“Right! Here on Calypso Islands, we blend our own drinks and beverages” She said as her bluish gray eyes looked at the list of drink, one of her violet nails pointing at each name as she began to read them off. “MynoChrome is the equivalent of Coke Beverages. We have caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks to it along with anything the Coke has be it from Zero to Diet, Cherry to Lime. Cedar Springs is just like Sprite, Sierra Mist, or whatever citric flavored drink these people can come up with. It's ridiculous right?” She asked in terms of how many drinks certain companies could come up with against rivaling businesses only for them to taste the same.

“Right, though in the end, they still make money” Alex said as she trailed off to read the rest. Alex smiled at the thought of everything so far. “Wow, your manager thought of everything for this island huh? Where does a man like that get all of the funding?” Stacy only stared at him wide eyed as she only smiled.

“It's interesting right? No one really knows unless he was one of those rich people no one ever hears about. I hear he comes from some small town in Europe and he basically brought his skills over to another place and it worked out for him.”

“I see” Alex said. “So he's like another Andrew Carnegie huh?” Stacy only continued to stare at him with the same wide eyed expression as if she was all looks and no brains or just completely clueless.

“You know? The Scottish man that took his skills over to America and did well with Steel?” Her look had not changed at all, a wave of awkwardness hitting the area as Alex waited to see if she would catch on or not as she only stared at him like some mannequin. The splash in the pool by someone did not make it any easier.

“Right....” Alex said as he looked up at the menu. “So, I will just have a strawberry lemonade.” After stating what he wanted, the lady began to twitch and spring to life.

“Coming right up” she said in the same cheery mood as she trailed off. Alex shook his head as he pulled out his wallet, pressing buttons on the pad when he had it out.

“It's only natural that you run into a few weirdos” he said as she came back with a glass full of the orange colored beverage with small chunks of strawberries and tangy yellow orbs that fill lemons. Alex looked at the price and was ready to pay, except that Stacy pushed his hand back.

“Oh no! You're VIP, no?” She said pointing to the card that was around his neck. Alex glared down at it, completely forgetting about the status and the fact that he did not recall placing it around his neck. He turned the screen to black on the tablet as he tried to recall when he even placed it on.

“Oh...yea...” he could only say before taking a sip out the drink as the woman only stared at him again, her head moving a slightly as if she was in either awe or looking at some adorable little kid. The look was beginning to bug Alex as she stood there lifeless and clueless yet again. “So I hear this island is partially man made? How did you come about working for Mister Kreiss?” Upon saying those words, Stacy began to bag back into the bottles of drinks behind her stationed on the walls as her eyes blinked. She looked around for few good minutes, the mood that the Alex saw of her, bubbly smiles and easy on the eyes, replaced with a look of confusion, fear, and panic. Her mouth opened widely as high wails hit his ears, the lady beginning to twitch and revolt while screaming. The screaming soon faded as she was only muttering unintelligible mutter, people, like Alex, only sitting there as they got ready to try and help her as her body jerked violently as if she was having some kind of seizure. A set of familiar arms embraced her as Dylan pulled her close, allowing her to fall into his arms.

“Easy now....there there” he said to her as she began to calm down in a tone that appeared to be as if he was singing. Two men in white scrubs had appeared out of one of the resort buildings and began to escort Stacy, who had now appeared to be calm, laughing as if she was drugged on some kind of medicine. Dylan pinched the bridge of his nose as he sighed in frustration. He looked at Alex, smiling a little before turning to look at everyone who had all slowly gathered to see what was going on.

“Everyone, please remain calm. Everything is alright” he said as people began to go back to their business, some getting up and walking away from the bar to go somewhere else, spooked from the Barbie meltdown. Alex was getting ready to leave with the drink as well until Dylan began to speak.

“I am sorry you all had to see that. Stacy is a workaholic. We tried to get her to take a break and relax this week, but she kept on insisting and...” Alex chuckled as he was not trying to cut him, but it happened.

“Really, it's alright. I know the feeling all to well. Some people just don't deal with stress all too well” Alex said as he got up. Dylan let out a breath of relief, his breath coming to a slow after having to rush over, glad to know Alex was not freaked out by the recent ordeal.

“Yea...I was getting ready to take some hours off as well” he said as his own attire was now different from what he had originally wore not too long ago. The uniform of the blue polo shirt and khaki pants were now replaced with a white wife beater shirt and white cargo shorts. “So I see you're out and about by yourself? The click getting to be too much on you” he said joking, referring to Owen and the others. Alex nodded a little as he looked at the pad.

“You could say that. I had a few errands to run, which reminds me” he said as he was ready to get cut to the chase. “My mom. She sells jewelry and other fashion accessories. I told her how I would be going on the trip and she thought the resort could be the break she has been looking for with creating tropic themed accessories....”

“So she's looking to work alongside my father right?” Dylan asked as Alex nodded. “It seems like your parents are well into business...like father...It could work, but who said you have to primarily focus on that huh?” Dylan had lightly poked Alex in a playful joking manner on the shoulder, which caused him to tense up. Feeling the muscles tense up, Dylan backed up slightly. “Oh...Sorry. We've been isolated a lot, I just thought....Sorry” he said, not trying to cause the other to feel awkward or bugged out.

“Oh no, it's alright. It was just random is all. Yea, you are right though. I should not focus on that too much. I'm not the usual “business first” kind of person. When my parents ask me to do something, I try to be punctual about it.”

“That seems like something my father has in common.” Dylan noticed the towel around his neck and the swim trunks, his hands motioning towards the objects. “Were you planning to go for a swim or something?” Alex examined the towel and nodded.

“Oh yea, I was, but the pool is not as deep as I was hoping it to be.”

“So you swim? Like the sport?”

“No. I play Baseball. Swimming is just something I do in my spare time, though I probably could give a few of the recent Olympians a run for their money” Alex bragged. Dylan gave an amused look as his face gave an expression of curiosity.

“Is that right? I'd like to see that. There's a deeper pool in the bigger Gym not far from here. We can cross the beach to get there. I could give you a small tour along the way. That is if you're up for it.” Alex looked around for a few for signs of any outrageous incident to break loose again.

“Sure. If anyone breaks out in another panic attack, I'm dipping out” he said sarcastically as Dylan laughed. Alex got out the seat, finishing off the drink as Dylan walked towards the trail that led to the beach. The soft golden sand touched Alex's exposed feet as the sound of birds singing in the nearby trees were heard, a wave of calmness surrounding Alex. The water nearby in bluish and light greenish shades gave a beautiful radiance from the sun shining, with a few palm and tropical plants bowing under it. “This is nice...how did your father manage to create this all....wait, I need to ask this. Did your build this island partially?” Dylan stopped leading them along as he turned to look back at Alex who was staring out into the ocean.

“A person could get lost for days staring out into it...No, restoring it more like it.”

“How was he able to do that?”

“He has his secrets.” Alex stared at him as if he was waiting to hear him explain. “I suppose I could tell you, but you have to beat me in four laps first” he said. Alex looked amused.

“So if I beat you, you would just up and out your father's secrets?”

“You have to beat me first” Dylan said as he smirked.

“That sounds like a challenge. What if you win instead?”

“I'll think of something” Dylan said as he walked towards the water, letting the small waves of water brush up against his toes. “I suppose this counts as part of your tour, so I could tell you the stories the locals have said about this place. I'll tell you one for now, though” he said as he motioned for Alex to come closer. Alex walked over as Dylan pointed out into the sea. “The story I am about to tell you will sound like complete rubbish. This story talks of how this island has shifted from Greece and Rome to South America.” Alex had looked at him and chuckled.

“Shifted? Like Tectonic Plate Shifting?”

“Yea. Eventually the plates from whatever caused the island to shift converged with other plates here, causing the island itself to sink after other explorers discovered it. Apparently there are stories about explorers like Christopher Columbus and early vikings that traveled around this area that came to this island before it sunk, only for them to never return. They vanished into thin air really. The only story that seems plausible is the island shifting.” Dylan stopped talking and turned Alex around to look at the nearby forest. His hand pointed at white pillars in the forest.

“Those are what many historians write off as pillars of the Corinthian Order. There are a lot more on the island that the tour guide will show you. The thing is that we never put them there when father began to invest in the island. You don't have to believe it though as I have trouble trying to do the same” he as he Dylan began to walk down the beach again, Alex following as he pointed at some more nestled up in the small hills above them.

“Hey, it's possible I guess, but how does that explain how your father restored the island?" Alex asked as he examined the other pillars from the distance. History was not his strong point when it came down to trying to determine if it was a lie or not, but as Dylan said, Alex really did find it unbelievable. As the two continued to walk down the beach for almost a mile, Dylan pointed at a thirty foot dome shaped building. He smiled as he looked back at Alex, running towards it.

“Again, that's strictly confidential, but we made it.” He said while running, Alex taking off the flip-flops to trail off after him. Upon getting to the building that seemed to be isolated in the forest, the massive building stood higher than Alex thought.

“Wow, just how big is this place?”

“It has ten floors, the bottom floor making eleven, each with certain exercise equipments. We want out employees to be in shape any way possible. We don't have time for lazy people or else that will cause people get hurt.” Dylan opened the door, holding it open for Alex to walk in. Seeing numerous people on treadmills and other bipedal equipment, Dylan pointed over to the elevators. “The pool is on the bottom floor.”

Dylan pressed the down button as Alex was ready to see how this all would turn out. “When I win this” he said “You have a lot of things to tell me about this place and not that nonsense you try to feed regular tourists.” Dylan smirked as the door slid open.

“If you win...” he said as he stepped in with Alex behind him. The smell of Chlorine hit their nose as they entered inside the cold dark room, the only lights inside the the thirty feet deep pool the stretched from one end of the room to the other. Alex looked at it in paranoia as he looked at how deep the pool could get, there being no shallow end to it.

“Wow, this pool is deep...” He said as he stepped back in case Dylan tried to push him in. Dylan chuckled as he looked at it.

“You said you could give an Olympian a run for their money right? Last I recall, there have been some of those Olympians that swam the English Channel.” He looked at Alex and began to tease. “You're not chickening out now. After all, you said you want to know my father's secrets and not after we went through all the trouble.” Alex grinned, feeling slightly suckered into it. He did know how to swim after all. He took his shirt off, well defined washboard abs exposed, a combination of both a swimmer's and baseball player's build. Dylan took his short off as well, his toned body exposed. Alex looked at him.

“Four laps right?” Dylan nodded as he stared back at the water. They both got into a ready position. Dylan began to count them off.

“Three....” He said as Alex anticipated for him to say the next two words, already eager to jump inside the water. “Two....One....” Dylan said. Upon saying the word “GO”, Alex dived in the water, his body immediately propelling through the water, both arms stretched out to the front and both legs extended to the back. His head emerged out the water as his arms began to alternate from side to side, one arm pushing and pulling in the water while the other recovers until it is used to carry him across the water. At a small glance, Alex could see Dylan under the water. The boy only came up for air once as far as Alex could see from his face coming up for air on each recovering arm. After making it to one end, Alex could no longer see Dylan anywhere. He launched back off, his feet fluttering through the water as he continued back to the other side.

Alex rose up only to the same results. Dylan was nowhere to be seen at all. A whistle pierced the air from the far end as Dylan sat on the edge of the water. He could hear Dylan laughing as he began to shout at him. “I thought you said you were going to beat me! What's keeping you!?” Alex let out exasperated breaths as he dove back in the water. Dylan chuckled as he jumped back in a few seconds after. Counting the second lap, Alex continued to go at it, the length of the water beginning to tire him out. He was beginning to take back what he meant by those words. Halfway into his third lap, he swam back towards the end they started at. Upon placing his hands to launch himself out the water and climb up, a hand extended as Dylan only smiled, offering to help him out. Alex climbed out and lyed on the concrete floor, breathing heavily while Dylan only laughed, not breathing hard at all. He handed him his towel as Alex struggled to get up and grab it. After managing to get up, he started to wipe himself off.
“Ohh...” Dylan said in disappointing sound. “Sound like you lost. That means I win” he said as he grinned widely. Alex managed to get a chuckle out before wiping himself off some more, his ears slightly ringing as his eyes burned. He began to wipe them off as Dylan began to speak. “Alright. So Saturday is the last day you all will be here. I figure since we have to work for the week, how about you join me on a few jobs?” Alex pulled the towel off of his face.

“You want me...to work right?” He asked making sure he had heard right, the other boy's nod confirming it. “Alright. That would give them a few good laughs.” Dylan chuckled again, his mouth wide open with a smile.

“Very well then. You could learn a few things about my father, so it's a win-win” he said as he walked towards the elevator after drying himself off. Alex walked towards elevator slowly.

“Where...do you...get all that energy?” Alex asked in between breaths as the door opened.

“That's a secret of my own. Unlike my father, I'll let you know about it. Just not right now” he said as the floor took them back up. Walking out the gym that was on league with a closed football stadium, Dylan led them back to the resort. Walking inside the building, Dylan looked down the hall and then back at Alex.

“Well, I will see you later for dinner. You should try to take it easy until then. The room you have has a whirlpool instead of a tub. Maybe you could use that to massage yourself so your muscles won't be too sore.” Alex nodded as he could feel the soreness already beginning to set it after going on the walk of doom across the sand. Everything felt so heavy after getting out of the water and that included the beach as well if he had went to go for a swim there. He began to rub his neck only for Dylan to place his hand on his chin and lift his face back up. He took his hand off quickly. “Sorry about that. It's just that having your neck down like that could give you a whole lot more problems then you realize. Tomorrow, the Spa will open up. Maybe you should get a massage as well.”

Alex could feel himself slightly tensing up again, but he let it go since he thought of all the crazy massaging routines they had to go through with Baseball. Dylan could be right seeing as it was his first time going that far. Then again, that pool was really deep and long. “I'll keep that in mind. Thanks...” Alex said before stopping and turning back. “Wait, you stay here in the resort?” Dylan nodded.

“Not really. Since we are on duty for the week, we stay in a room for better convenience. Our home is on the other side and that is only some part of the island. You'll see it all eventually.” Dylan waved at him as he walked down the hall, Alex trying to wave back before giving up. Making it back to the top floor, he walked back inside his room. Unsure if anyone was still in the rooms, he walked into the bathroom with fresh clothes, leaving his trunks and shirt to dry on the shower pole. He groaned in agony as turned on the hot water, cleaning the whirlpool to be on the safe side of things. Afterwards, he walked out the room and opened the cabinets and fridge for some kind of beverage. Settling on the pink fruit juice in the bottles, he walked back inside the bathroom and closed the door, locking it. After removing his clothes, he sat in the hot water, letting the jets in the tub, massage his back as he drunk some of the juice out the bottle that surprisingly had a familiar yet not so familiar taste to it. His face reddened at the thought of how he said he would eventually drink something that would be bitter. The drink was not really bitter, there was a substance of sweet to it. He layed his head back on the stone surface that surrounded the whirpool, his face still red and this time it was not about a thought he had about something bitter, but instead something about something sweet. The thought about him being on a business trip after the talk with his parents had not even crossed his mind anymore.
HeartLove this story full of good detail Big Grin. Keep writing.
(04-13-2013, 10:32 PM)redbabyman Wrote:  Heart Love this story full of good detail Big Grin. Keep writing.

I just noticed this post as well v.v Thank-you so much and I am continuing now that I have the available time ^^
(( Here is a new Chapter as I promised weeks ago lol. I added a poll to this as well that asks about the pace of the story. This has been a second time revising the story overall, so I wanted to know if I'm still moving too slow with it, moving at a moderate pace or if the story is at a great pace overall. I plan to pick up some of it a bit more as someone's critique suggested within the next chapter or so, but I just wanted to know over all. Thank you all so much for reading ))

Chapter 8: Extreme Lifting

The gold handle to the brown wooden door twisted as it opened. Owen yawned widely, trailing out like a zombie. With a soft thud, the male crashed on the brown sectional, placing one foot on the glass table in front of him.

"Let's see what's on..." an awry look graced his face as he realized the remote rested on the table next to his foot. The thought of knocking it off the table with hopes that it would land on the couch right next to him played out in his head, but eventually he reached over to grab the plastic object full of wires and buttons. His thumb pressed the power button as the thirty-two inch plasma screen on the wall flickered on.

A chuckle of astonishment escaped his lips as he flicked through the local channels. Even an island in the Caribbeans had to deal with the likes of Maury's television show with woman arguing about their baby's daddy to Steve Wilkos yelling in everyone's face. His face lit up when he landed on the ESPN network to see a basketball game currently in session.

"Pelicans...What fresh hell?" He looked bewildered as he was irate. He was certain it was the NBA as the other team were the Miami Heat. He looked down at the scores below to try and grasp a decent form of understanding the mysterious team.

"New Orleans?" he thought reflectively as the letters "NO" next to their score. "What happened to the hornets?"

"I don't know. Why don't you get outside and ask around..."

A slight chill ran down his spine when he felt something cold and wet on his neck, prompting him to jump and land on the floor.

"What the...!" He rubbed his neck, feeling the clear liquid remains on his neck, his brown eyes tracing to the figure behind the couch in the dark shadows.

"That got your attention." Long orange nails grabbed the remote, her lips smiling deviantly as Candis looked down at him on the floor. Owen glanced at her door, seeing it slightly open as it explained how she snuck up on him. "Boy, why are you sitting here!?"

The tone in her voice was as commanding as the gaze in her eyes. Her nails tapped on the remote constantly while her other hand held the object that caused the source of his chilling affliction. She threw the ice cube into the sink without having to once glance back, refusing to break the glare she had given Owen.

“I was waiting on Alex to get out the bathroom…” the thought of wondering how the girl had managed to sneak up on him with impressive silence still had him in shock, but his heart began to beat back to it’s normal pace.

“Owen?” Her right eyebrow raised itself at him as she put the television on mute. “Does that sound like Alex in there?”

The two turned to look at the brown door on the far right. The sound of thumps and pats on the floor before Kristin’s random outburst of “Put it on!” was heard. A loud thud hit the floor hard, prompting Candis and Owen to look away partially, both hissing at the sound of the impact..

“I see Kristen is working her magic on Stephanie.” He rose from the floor, being greeted by Candis lightly pushing him towards the door.

“Which means you should go find Alex or something. We’re having some time of our own before dinner.” She continued to usher him out with a sandal to his rear. The door slammed shut.

“Now where did you run off to…” he sighed, walking down the hallway towards the elevator. Pressing the button to call it, his eyes narrowed on the exit sign that pointed to the flight of stairs instead. Nothing bummed him more than being kicked out of his own room to have some “quality time” around the island. The door flung open as Owen ran down the stairs, pressing his arms against the metal bars of the first floor’s doors as he stepped into the hallway. He walked down the halls slowly, seeing the main lobby and receptionist’s desk into view, right until a certain door with words next to it halted his relaxed pace.

“Game room…” he rubbed the bottom of his chin. “Well she did say to go out and ask.” He smirked as he got ready to enter into whatever gaming freedom he allowed himself. The silver handles on the door would have very well twisted the door open had it not been the sight of something far more glorious to him that had caught his attention.

Several figures were walking in and out the room, towels wrapped around their necks and some sporting lycras. If he glanced a bit further, he could see through the glass some people were working out. With that,the young male made his way to the other corridor, heading inside the room simply labeled as Gym.

He was expecting the worse as to the many gyms he’s exercised in, his nose anticipating the very foul smells of musk and sweat. The only scent that greeted his nose however was the smell of citrus and the sea. Laid out before him were numerous up to date equipment as two figures ran on the treadmills near the windows that revealed the pool and party-goers outside. In the center of it all lied a booth to whom a figure clad in a pink hoodie, a yellow shirt lying underneath with a pink lightning bolt design with ear buds resting in his ears to match sat, humming to himself as he turned the page to some book. The male wondered to himself if the male matched from head to toe in the colors and no longer had to guess as Vega plopped his legs up on the desk, revealing pink gym shorts and a variant of neon yellow and pink shoes.

Not sure if he should contain a laugh or just rub his eyes at the too many bright colors, Owen left the hispanic figure known as Vega to his humming and book reading, heading over to the weights instead.

“You should do a few stretches first…” Vega continued to flip the pages of the novel as he pressed a button on his phone, stopping the music he was listening to as his hazel eyes rested on Owen’s figure. “That is what you do at practice right?”

“Excuse me?” His eyebrow raised as a look of annoyance formed across his face. “How would you know that?”

“You don’t remember?” Vega left the cushioned rolling chair, heading out the booth as he neared Owen a bit. “You were bragging about how you were so close to being the captain of your team last night. Tried to hit on a few girls, but they weren’t buying it…”

“I think I would have remembered that.” He was a bit defensive as he tried to recall the night before. There was the party, his mind recalled for certain. Other than dancing, everything remained a blur, an ache in his head reminding him of one thing: he forgot to take a pain reliever. “I must have been do drunk.” He chuckled nervously.

“Don’t worry about it” Vega patted Owen’s shoulder, the other male tensing up from it, before turning to the booth. “Coming in here unprepared though. I’ll hook you up.”

“And coming in here dressed in hot pink is prepared?”

“Hey!” Vega pouted a bit a bit, a hurt expression clear across his face. “I was feeling very colorful today.”

“Whatever…” Owen rolled his eyes to himself, thinking the male before him as a weirdo as he stared away from the colorful clothes and neared the booth. “So what are you “hooking” me up with?”

“First: Water” the bottle slammed down on the desk a bit as the sassy male was crouching down. “Then a towel. You can thank me later for those dull colors.” The pink towel rested next to the bottle while the figure placed a yellow around his neck.

“Really!?” The word slipped out fast. “I’d rather take yellow over that.”

“I can’t wear those colors over each other like that and besides, beggars can’t be choosers. Let’s get going.”

“I didn’t beg but that’s besides the point. Aren’t you supposed to be sitting?”

“Nonsense! I got this entire place monitored. I can exercise and spot you.”

“With you? I’d really rather not…”

“Oh? But I insist. Besides…” Vega pulled a small sandwich bag out, the smell of weed tracing out as Vega stared at the crushed green leaves, a bit of pink leaves in a few places. “I felt like taking you up on that offer last night about blazing up.”

“I made an offer?” He rubbed his head, the thought killing him that he could not for the life of him remember these conversations, but the weed looked fresh and green and the smell was strong. “You my good sir, drive a hard bargain. Let’s blaze up now.”


“Yea” Owen assured him. “Make it better to trip out while working out.”

“In that case” Vega pointed towards the Sauna door. “Let’s go in here then. It’s not open to the public currently.” He opened the door, letting Owen head inside first. Once they both had entered, he closed the door, locking it tight.

Vega began to roll the content up into the paper, lighting it up with a match shortly afterwards. He handed it to Owen, allowing him to draw the first. Owen exhaled deeply as he had found something else in light of what he had originally came for.

The two stepped out into the thirty foot complex of a gym minutes later, a trail of smoke trailing out with them. Vega stumbled out, chuckling as Owen tripped over an imaginary rock, causing the male to catch him, which resulted in him falling as well. The two broke out into fits of laughter.

“Get up man” Owen rose slowly, extending an arm. “You’re supposed to be helping me exercise.”

“Right. You’re so right” he gripped Owen’s hand, pulling on it as he rose to his feet. “Do the stretches first.”

“Dude…” his eyes stared at Vega. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“No shit, Sherlock” Vega’s red eyes stared over at the mats. “Go lay over there.. That shouldn’t be too hard.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means you’re a klutz when you’re high” he still held on to Owen’s hand, leading him to the mat as he ushered him to lie down. “Now, just lie still. I’ll do the rest.”
“Sounds good” Owen’s eyes stared at the ceiling, thoughts of him floating into space crossing his mind.

Vega gripped the athlete’s thick calf muscle, lifting it up upwards as he began to press on it, letting the knee do the work of bending it. Vega lowered himself on towards Owen, massaging the muscle as he brought the male’s kee towards his abs. Keeping the position held for a few minutes, Vega released the leg, grabbing his right limb next. Upon doing so, Owen burst into laughter.

“That tickles, man.”

“Try not to laugh then.” He continued stretching the male’s legs, almost working every inch of the male’s frame until he was done. “Now that that’s good and done. Let’s hit the basics.”

“Sweet!” Owen rubbed his droopy eyes as he got up.

“Let’s see if you can keep five laps. Vega walked towards the indoor track around the room.

“Let’s see if you can keep up” Owen quipped back as he found himself sticking his tongue out at Vega for some reason.

“We’ll go at three then” Vega got into his running position. “One…” he chuckled as he took off down the track, leaving Owen behind to eat his dust.

“That’s so not fair” Owen yelled as he ran off after the other male, Vega continuing to laugh as the other was in hot pursuit.

The two ran past the entire round room, weights and other exercise equipment meeting Owen’s face as the feel of the air around him boosted his strange high. In his eyes, the room was bright as if the sun was inside with him, the law of physics seeming no longer in play. The floor beneath him, in fact, began to rise up turning to rocks as if the two were running along the rings of Saturn, the sun smiling at the two with a wide grin. The two raced along the course, though Owen was beginning to catch up with the male, faster and faster.

“Five laps, huh?” He yelled out as his body lept forward, the athlete tackling Vega into the ground as his fantasy induced mind painted that they had hit the Earth’s atmosphere, crashing back into Earth and back into the gym they were directly in.

“Yea five…” Vege reversed the position, pinning Owen to the floor.The two stared at each other intently, their bodies tensing as they tested each other’s strength before Vega at last caved in and soon found himself on the opposite end with Owen on top. “Okay, you win” he whined. “Let’s get going. We’ll be late for dinner.”

“Dinner?” The athlete shook his head, his gaze drawn blank. “But I just arrived. It’s around…” His brown eyes glanced at the clock, the gaze widening in disbelief. “We’ve been here for four hours!?”

“Of course, silly goose.” Vega tugged gently at his hands. “We practically did P. T.”

“I only recall running.”

“Dude, you were so high, you thought you were running on clouds all thee way to space. You’re covered in sweat and the camera clearly shows otherwise.”

Owen glanced at his own body, his breaths heavy. Amid drenched clothes that if he squeezed just his shirt alone, he probably would create a puddle, his clothes felt weird, slightly if not more tighter around his body than before. Wiping the sweat off his face with the yellow towel, he found his way to the booth, leaning over a bit as he downed the cool water.

“And here we go” Vega brought the footage up to one screen. What started with a simple stretch soon turned into something more. Owen was soon over at the weights, lifting past his usual amounts all while Vega worked out alongside him. A small blush crept across his face as he shook his head.

“Ok, I’m convinced.” He was astounded by the footage really as his memories of everything began to fill in, from the work outs to Vega flirting with him, all which he minded little. That was until his phone buzzed that his short fantasy ended. He slid the screen lock’s pattern off, reading the text. “But I’m also going to run late if I don’t head out now to freshen up and change.”

“Nonsense” Vega pulled out a set of keys. “I’ve a dune buggy that will get us to the mansion in less than five minutes. I have clothes I have yet to wear and blah blah blah. You could use the guest shower and crap and problem solved.

“That…” Owen pointed at his pink shirt, giving a smug expression as he poked at the fabric.

“I have yellow and other dim colors, okay!?” Vega squeaked all while swatting away at Owen’s hands.

“Whatev” he simply chuckled, snatching the keys from Vega, spotting the vehicle outside the gym among the soft sands outside. “Lead the way.”

“I’m driving!” Vega insisted, instantly jumping on the athlete’s back as Owen could only try to wrestle him off as he “carried” the other male outside.

“All this extra weight is really getting to me, y’know?” Owen stood near the vehicle all while holding Vega firmly behind him.

“Well I don’t see you complaining.”

“That’s because I didn’t want to hurt you” releasing his grip, Vega fell on the sand below, Owen chuckling when he heard a surprised gasp as the wet sand splashed. :Unless you preferred the hard cold floor.”

“I would have taken the floor. I’m drenched!”

“You’re barely near the water!”

“Doesn’t mean I’m not covered in water and sweat even further…” Vega tossed his hand up. “Help me up?”

“Sure thing” Owen reached out his hand, leaning over a bit, but a questioned look formed along his face as the words from Vega seemed almost inaudible. His body jolted forward when a sharp pain hit the rear of his skull. Owen collapsed in the sand, a gash clear across the back of his head as blood trickled down into the sand. Vega’s eyes shifted to the assailant.

A large blood-covered rock rested in his right hand. A thick unkempt beard and shaggy hair hid away at any distinguishable facial features, but the mesomorphic figures belly was extremely large, ruling out that he was some kind of stowaway as his clothes were utter filth and rags, the stench he gave off made a decaying whale on a beach pale in comparison. As his hand strode through the air, a shocked gasp filled his lungs as he found himself lifted upwards, his hands scrabbling for his throat, now covered by a firm grip.

“Wrong one, fool” the voice simply said. “You would pick today of all days to act out. I take it he doesn’t know you slipped….” the green reptilian eyes glanced at the sea nearby. “Impeccable timing.”

He fought harder against the grasp, nothing in this world scaring him further than what his brown eyes could see skating across the waves, drawing closer and closer. The large fin swayed left and right, going under inch by inch until it faded. With a large expulsion of water shooting upwards, it was there before them, a lowly hiss faintly heard as the sand itself yielded to it’s might, thumps and small tremors within the puddles it left behind from it’s powerful steps.

“Please!” he thrashed around as best as his large belly, now wriggling on it’s own as well, would allow. “I’m begging you to let me go!”

The being’s shadow covered both figures as only the man’s screams were heard, his voice replaced with gurgles and loud splashes.

“Try not to make too much of a mess, okay?” The male waved off to the large shark fin fading into the sea. “I still need to clean him up for dinner.” He chuckled at that thought, finding irony with the word dinner. “Come along then, baby boy. I need to fix that head if yours. Hopefully that maniac didn’t knock some sens out of you.”

Owen’s body was hefted up, the towel he carried wrapped around his head carefully as he let out a low groan.

“Is there anything not cute about you?” His nose too a whiff of him. “Ugh. Other than that sweaty smell!”
So glad to see this story is back! The pace is great and very detailed. I cannot wait to read more of what's going to happen Smile

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