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Breaking waters
This probably works better as an anal simulation. Where I don't mind the possibility that I could harm my vagina with playing this way, I don't want to take those risks with my colon.

There are warnings not to use vegetable oil with condoms because it weakens the latex. So once a water balloon or condom is filled and positioned, using an oral syringe to introduce some vegetable oil against the balloon creates a random timer for when it's going to rupture. Also fixes the problem of being able to push the balloon out without it popping.

I shoved into a water balloon and discovered some very hot things. (Yes, it hurts, but the hardness of the ball is controlled with a sportsball needle. I need to troll the dollar store for a ball that size that has a friendlier texture.)

I didn't use vegetable oil, just KY to assist in getting it in. Light pushes would only move the balloon, not the ball, and the balloon would slip back in when I relaxed.

A slight adjustment, and was able to have the balloon protruding with the ball holding it in place. Since I don't do this anally, if I wanted a huge dangling of fluid-filled sack, I couldn't fit the entire thing in.

I'd love for this site's favorite amature porn star to play with my technique.
Well, I can't show you what I would do, but I will try it as soon as I can! Thanks for the tip!

This space intentionally left blank*

What I've personally done for anal water breaking is I'll buy a water balloon, put a golf ball inside or a plastic egg, and filled it with a mixture of water and a small amount of corn syrup to give it a viscous texture and when going through a simulation it feels so good.
I have to try this some time! I love the idea of adding oil as a random timer! I suppose an enema before hand is a must since the fluid may get everywhere. I added a seperate bost about soap causing cramping, but I wonder if adding some peices of bar soap would helpful? Should cause immediate cramping once the balloon/condom breaks!

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