The royal baby is born
It's a boy. Wish we had seen more of her belly. The Kardashians had more exposure.
(07-24-2013, 05:29 AM)hugebelly Wrote:  It's a boy. Wish we had seen more of her belly. The Kardashians had more exposure.

She's a duchess carrying the future prince and Kim Kardashian is just a trashy reality "star". Obviously the Royal Family would be more closed about her pregnancy,
My friend Jack is a London Paramedic and there were protocols in place to give her as much privacy as possible. Including covering her with a blanklet, using back/ side entrances etc.

Seriously, You're comparing the Royal family to the Kardashians? Of course we'd all have loved to have seen more but she's royalty, her, her husband and her sons lives are forever going to be in the public eye and forever will be assessed, judged, cross examined and scrutinised from every angle. They are going to want as much privacy as possible, while it's possible.

Just today I heard on the radio that her weight gain is being commented on, her son hasn't even been in the world a week and the media are criticising her lack of weight loss after giving birth.

Frankly such SCUM media coverage should be banned from the shelves and broadcasting stations.
Agreed. I don't think a princess will be broadcast at the hospital after her water broke holding a towel as she's escorted in.
The princess has more class than the Kardashians.
Then why did you compare them?
I just want to see what other people think.

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