Norwegian soccer player's wife criticized for post birth body
Mom slammed for post-baby body

What do you all think?

I posted this here because it was fpreg-related, but do hope that mpreg lovers check it out and give their input seeing as how many like the idea of a man with a very pregnant belly.

She did't look very pregnant at 38 weeks, and was shown with a flat stomach 4 days after giving birth.

[Image: wag1n-3-web.jpg]

[Image: wag1n-4-web.jpg]

It's similar to the other mom that was slammed for showing off a picture of herself being fit while having 3 kids, asking "What's your excuse?"

I think that mom was looking for trouble. With this mom, I think she was happy and just wanted to show herself off. Nothing wrong with that.

I think it's crazy how people are slamming her, saying she's putting pressure on other moms. No way.
There is the possibility that the picture was taken either before she was pregnant or shortly after she became pregnant. She doesn't explicitly say that this is her post-delivery body; she only implies it. Either way, it does confirm she's a bit of an exhibitionist!
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