Rules *Updated 6/10/2013*
These are the rules & guidelines of the Mpreg Central forums. Clashing with these rules can result in account warnings, being muted (the inability to reply to or make threads), and an eventual ban. If problems are severe, IP bans will be issued.

1.) This website is meant for adults 18+ years of age ONLY. Violators will be banned without warning.

2.) INCEST is not allowed. Incest is described as sexual intercourse between two closely-related people.

3.) BESTIALITY is not allowed. Bestiality is described as sexual intercourse between a person and an animal. Anthro/Neko/human hybrid/werewolf/etc stuff IS ALLOWED.

4.) PREGNANT MINORS are not allowed in any capacity, not even if the character is portrayed in an unsexualized way. All pregnant characters must be 18 or older in all forms of art, fiction, morphs, and roleplay.

4a.) MINORS should not be portrayed in a sexualized way nor should they partake in sexual intercourse.

5.) LINKING to off-site sources of INCEST/BESTIALITY/PREGNANT MINORS is allowed as long as it links to the *user profile* and not to the story directly. If linking to said user profile, it is okay to state the name of the story/art/etc involving mpreg so that users can find the relevant content. IE. Hey guys, JohnDoe has a cool mpreg incest story over at [link to off-site profile page] called "Title", go check it out!

6.) Posting private phone numbers is not allowed; if you want to share your number with someone please do it through Private Messages. *Please be careful to who you give your number to*

7.) Permission from the original author/artist or a mod must be obtained BEFORE you post a story/piece that is not yours.

8.) Do not have obscene avatar pictures.

9.) Do not harass or spam other members of the MPC community in any capacity. This includes on these forums, through PMs, through emails, or through any other social website. Anyone who continues to violate this rule will be banned from Mpreg Central.

If you are unsure, please send one of the mods a PM. We reserve the right to remove any content we feel violates these rules, and you will be contacted if such an action is taken.
Updated rules as of 6/11/2013
Please read them thoroughly.

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