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Hello! I searched for a while on here but nothing answered my question so I decided to ask on here. Sorry if this is posted on here somewhere!

Can you explain the whole rank, how you become a higher rank, and the list of the default name for them? Also! Does it have a meaning or what? Just curious! Sorry if I sound stupid or something. Thanks for taking the time to read/answer and keep up the good work on the site!
I believe this is something that just came with the site. Lyric will have more information on it, but I can tell you that the ranking system is not something we take seriously.

I believe you go up in rank by the amount of posts you have. The mods all have an automatically higher rank than everyone else.

However, don't feel pressured by your rank or anything. As I said before, the ranking system is just an extra feature, and it is not to be taken seriously.

If you have an issue, I can help! PM me or email me here-->
I was just curious! Smile I didn't figure they would be taken seriously. Like I said just curious... Curiousity did indeed kill the cat I suppose!"
Hey Amadog,

The ranks are as follows:
Junior Member
Senior Member
Mpreg Royalty
Mpreg Monarch
and there's one last rank that no one has achieved yet! I'll add more ranks as the average amount of user posts rises.

Keep in mind that you can also give yourself your own titles in your profile if the default ones don't match your style Wink

Well! Ill try and make history eh? Wink Wonderful job on the site and I really do enjoy it! Thanks guys! I was actually really nervous about asking it because I know on some forms the moderators and all are sometimes complete asses. But I havent had a problem with that here yet!

How many posts are required to achieve each rank?
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Newbie 0
Junior Member 1
Member 50
Senior Member 250
Guru 750
Mpreg Royalty 1000
Mpreg Monarch 2000

The very last rank is a mystery....
I guess I'm Member
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No, it does not.
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I like it, it sound like a fun way to encourage other to meet new people and enjoy mpreg and/or fpreg

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