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I found a game with mpreg in it!

It's a free-to-play, text-based erotic game. No downloading needed; it's browser-based. Anyhow, if you chose your character to be male, mpreg is one of the options you can choose as a feat. There's even a special ending segment if you have a ton of kids as a male---it's mentioned that your character lives out the rest of his days constantly fucking and birthing.

There's another that I'm even more excited about that's still in development, called Gaea's Covenant. In that you play a young man taken away to a shrine to be a sacred whore and impregnated by the faithful who come to worship at the shrine. I'll link here when it's ready!

I should point out that neither of these games are mine; I'm not being paid to promote them; I'm just a fan.
Thanks for the heads up!
How close is the Gaia's Covenant game to being completed?

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