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Video Game - Stick It To The Man
There is a game called "Stick It To The Man" where your character can pull items from people's thoughts and use them on other characters.

In one part of the game, there is a male army general who is trying to chat up a female staff member. Another female staff member is angry about this, and stands up showing her pregnant belly. Your character can take the baby and put it into the general, who seems to enjoy it until wonders how he is going to give birth.

Here's the Steam link for the game. It is also on the PS3 and PS Vita:
Here is the part shown in a walkthrough:
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Other than this and Sims, does MPREG exist in games?
(03-12-2014, 12:38 PM)Zeals Wrote:  Other than this and Sims, does MPREG exist in games?

Quote from's Mr. Seahorse page: "Brütal Legend. Hoo boy. There are more examples of this in a video game than there probably should be. The Warfather and Overblesser are living Mook Maker demons that can produce units in the middle of the getting pregnant with nothing but his master's say so. Then there's the Ratgut, a Eurotrash zombie whose belly houses dozens of plague infested rats. Yuck."
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