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Not very creative with titles :/

Anyways, finally got the damn time to post here again. It's been a long time. My art pieces contain not only MPreg, but a story to them as well. It's also original too (sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who actually does original Mpreg), I don't like to do fan Mpreg at all, & a lot of other fan Mpreg slash art disturbs me greatly. Anyways, I'll start the posts of my images & their stories too, which is very important to me in an Mpreg story. Most of my stuff might be too long to read but I do NOT like leaving an image without a story. Feedback & some critiques of my stuff are always welcome & encouraged Smile Let's me know people actually viewed my stuff & want me to improve on it. Sorry that they're not all in color, but I hardly have enough time for these, let alone privacy, to color them fully.

I also offer Mpreg writings. So if you'd like to be part of one of my stories (guys only, sorry ladies) please message me.


I'm going to start off with one of my personal favorites: The Story of Al.

[Image: E05Emuh.png]

[Image: AfHYYIy.png]

[Image: 2Fp5tEV.png]

[Image: 2fmPodW.png]

This wonderful character was won by one of my friends on Y-Gallery. The story goes that it Al himself was finally done with his extremely hardcore tests to get into a good college, & gets invited to a regular fratboy-like party. Al was simply watching his friends play beer pong while he drank a soda (he didn't drink any alcohol, & he avoided it too since he was an amateur boxer & trainer). About an hour later Al grabbed the wrong soda cup, drank it & it turned out to be a beer, & he found out he was allergic to beer the hard way & got wasted (one beer was like drinking 5 in his case). Dancing around he bumped into an Orc (whom was also drunk), where Al flirted with him & ended up sleeping with the orc (something the normal him wouldn't do, especially with a stranger). Al awoke a terrible hangover, found that one drunk friend of a friend had recorded the hardcore sex between him & the orc, & felt completely embarrassed by all that had happened. He confiscated the recording & kept it hidden.

A month later Al began to notice his stomach suddenly expanding (along with feeling very nauseated & vomiting) & went to a doctor to get it checked. Discovering he was pregnant sent a whole range of worry, panic, & fear to Al, especially considering that he never expected to have children at such a young age (21). His other major concern was being a single-father, because the other father of the baby he had a one night stand with back the party was not present for this; in fact the other father wasn't even from the U.S. but from Australia as one of Al's friends said. The Aussie Orc was only here for a week & the night Al met him was his last day there.

At his 4th month Al's parents found out about the pregnancy & kicked him out of their house, outraged. To Al's fortune his parents had left him a cabin way up in the snowy mountains. He felt it would be the perfect place to grow & raise an orc baby, but since it was distant from home (a roughly 45 minute trip) Al had to start making changes & sign papers to go to the college that was in the town near his cabin.

For the next couple of months Al has been dealing with the issues of paying his bills, staying consistent with his new job at home (he proofreads & spell-checks for a local newspaper), & learning to live alone properly; while also going through the process of being pregnant & getting used to the symptoms, being a single parent, deciding on whether he will be keeping the baby, his health regarding the birth, & school itself because Al's baby is due around the same time he starts college. He's a very devoted father-to-be, but he worries mostly whether he will be a good parent & if he raise such a child on his own.

Al doesn't hold any grudges against the other father, since it was technically both of their doing & they both did something utterly stupid, but he often wishes that the father of the baby would somehow show up & support him.


The story to this guy is finished. I'd like to post it here BUT I also plan on publishing it; so my concern is if I publish it here on the site would I still be able to publish it as a book too?

Let me know guys. I'll post more art soon Smile
Next is another personal favorite story of mine Smile

[Image: mZibotS.png]

[Image: hKx6xbG.png]

[Image: XPdQMMt.jpg]

Marcos Galfeggor (19) had become the next chosen surrogate to give birth to the orc King's next heir of the throne. This happened at a ceremony that was held every 35 years. Every 35 years because when the next heir to the Orc King's throne would turn 35 himself, & by that time the new king would need to have a surrogate bear a son for him. During the ceremony, all the boys & girls of the land ages 18-22 were obligated to attend & slip their names into a giant stone jar. Once that was done the current king would insert a large blade into the back of the jar & the jar would eject the name of the next boy or girl to become the king's surrogate. A feast would later be held after the picking, & once the feast was over the king would take his chosen surrogate to his chamber & share a whole night of intimacy alone.

Once the surrogate would announce his/her pregnancy (which on average took 3 days to a week) they would hen make the decision of either staying the next 10 months with the king or at their own home. IF the surrogate chose to stay home then the King Orc would have an obligation to check up on the surrogate, leave many foods & a satchel of gold to the surrogate in their home for, be obliged to comply with demands relevant to the baby from the surrogate if they were reasonable, & simply be very courteous. The only thing the King Orc was not allowed to do other than abuse his power was give his next heir a name; giving a name to the baby was all up to the surrogate. Once the delivery of the child came, the surrogate would give birth while the father was present. After the child would arrive the surrogate did not have the choice to keep the child. In fact the only way the surrogate could stay with his or her baby would be if they chose to stay with the King orc, which very few have ever decided on.

Marcos did NOT want to become pregnant, let alone even plan on having kids at all. His goal was to go to Alaska in America to become a crab fisher, but those plans were put on hold. Once the pregnancy became official he was far from happy with his situation, & in fact he is aggressively hostile towards his pregnancy, & he resents both the baby & the father (where his hatred is mostly focused on). He hates the father because he impregnated him despite being a very sweet, noble & kindhearted orc (for an orc of his level, stature, & physique), & the baby for being the spawn of the king & for the amount of suffering that it has caused Marcos’ body. There is no doubt in his mind the baby is going to be large in size, so the birth itself is what terrifies him most, which only adds to the loathing.

The general plot is for the character to go through the pregnancy & give birth to the Orc king’s heir, & after that Marcos is free to either receive his reward for his accomplishment or stay & start a family. But the storytelling relies on character development, & how a guy like Marcos can change when something changes his life; in this case he learns to become a better person despite all that has occurred in his life.

The color one is not complete, I still need to add highlights & change the skirt he's wearing because I'm not happy with it at all. The orc at the very bottom of the image is a rough WIP sketch of the King Orc named Griphin.

This story was won by a good friend of mine Smile I love the way he described his character enough for me to develop him in the story. I know the beginning of the plot for this story sounds a lot like "The Hunger Games" but trust me when I say that I was NOT planning o that nor was I even thinking of The Hunger Games as I wrote out the plot for this XP

More coming soon.
These next few images are part of a very, very personal story of mine. Inspired by one of the most marvelous dates I've ever had with one wonderful man Smile

[Image: ZzPkJLv.png]

[Image: fYoCkPg.png]

[Image: c5pTEVZ.png]

[Image: ce8EIQq.png]

The story with this one goes that the two (Walker & Eliad) met online while Walker (32) was still in Iraq at the time. They chatted together for about a month & finally Walker was allowed to travel back home. He traveled to meet Eliad (18) in his home state, & they fell deeply in love since. Walker later proposed marriage to Eliad after only 3 months of dating. They married in one of the Hawaiian islands, navy wedding, & are now expecting a baby together 3 months later.

This story mostly revolves around both the characters being deeply in love with each other, but Eliad has a lot of concern for his husband especially since Walker tends to go into a blank state of mind; trapped in his thoughts & stares at nothing for prolonged periods of times. Eliad has no idea why & he assumes it has something to with something Walker might have suffered during his years as a sailor. Whenever he asks Walker about it the man refuses to speak about the subject. When Walker gets called up to travel again Eliad doesn't want him to do it. It would be only a couple of months but Eliad worries about his husband traveling without being here, especially since he wants Walker to be here for their baby.

The first image takes place 2 months AFTER Walker travels. He arrives home late one night & Eliad is overjoyed. Eliad got an ultrasound done that day & he wanted to show the pictures to his husband, but Walker is more focused on giving him affection than looking at pictures. Walker even brought his husband a puppy as a present for his return.

The second image takes place the following morning after the first image. Eliad is showing his FB his progress (6 months) & also letting everyone know that his husband finally came back home.

Third image is WIP of Walker simply kissing his husband's belly as he's out for a night in the pool they have.

No explanation needed for the fourth pic Smile

Below is a WIP of a full body pic of Walker, and then a picture of the day they got engaged.

[Image: 2HkdX7H.png]

[Image: kTyamVY.png]
Love your Work!
A boyish notion of false emotion
(06-26-2014, 01:20 AM)the_fashion_thing Wrote:  Love your Work!

Thank you Smile
Amazing! Hope to see more!
(06-30-2014, 02:31 PM)rubmybelly42 Wrote:  Amazing! Hope to see more!

More coming up. Thanks Big Grin
These two images are part of a story that our very own "mprego2" won from me.

[Image: QlmZT45.png]

[Image: hUjJ78E.png]

Nelson Morgan (20) recently graduated college with his degree in fitness & nutrition, & worked at a local gym as well as being an independent nutritionist. During this time neither of his jobs were doing so well, given that it was winter. While at the Starbucks he met a man named Dalton Omni, a world-famous owner of an electronics company that competed with Apple. Dalton managed to sweet-talk Nelson into going over to his house (located deep within the woods), & when they arrived Nelson was seduced by the man.

Just when Nelson thought things were going to get a little more frisky, his naiveness got the best of him & allowed Dalton to convince him to take him out into the back barn shed. Dalton locked Nelson up once he stepped in, & the boy was later brutally raped by a blind orc Dalton kept as a pet. The rape lasted 3 hours straight.

A week after the rape Dalton had been keeping Nelson locked & chained up in the shed. Nelson later discovered, through an ultrasound Dalton kept, that he was pregnant with his rapists baby. Horrified he exclaimed to Dalton that he wasn’t going to go through with this, but Dalton was going to force this young man to go through with this pregnancy at any cost (Nelson couldn't avoid giving birth anyways because aborting an orc fetus was an instant death regardless of how early or late the trimester was). In fact the truth behind it all was that Dalton had plans for Nelson to become his orc’s breeding machine until Nelson was no longer useful.

Throughout this, Nelson remained locked up in the shed for the next 10 months of his life, forced to go through with a pregnancy he never ever intended or even planned to happen even in his life. As his pregnancy progressed his body changed, which irked Nelson because he worked hard for his athletic body, & as the pregnancy continued it became harder for Nelson to work out with whatever he had in the barn. Nelson also realized that, while he never thought about having kids, the baby inside him needed to be cared for & thus he began to grow attached to it.

He has plans to escape the place, & give birth somewhere safer & away from Dalton. His main concern, other than the potentially large baby he might end up having, is whether he might be able to care for the baby at all since he has never known a thing about children, much less orcs. As the final days of his pregnancy come closer his belly continues to grow & Nelson worries whether there is a possibility to escape this place or not.

What I really like about this was the character himself. The story didn't win me over like the others I've written, but the character himself is great. He's also my very first black character in the MPreg series lol

The first image is a full body of Nelson at his final month (10 months). The second image is also Nelson being woke up by the baby during the middle of the night, ferociously craving food. I believe he's around 4 or 5 months around this image.

Here's the link for the story if you're interested
Are you ever going to post the other stories?
(07-01-2014, 11:08 PM)Wickedboy619 Wrote:  Are you ever going to post the other stories?

I'm debating on that. I want to publish them as actual books but I'm not sure if I would be allowed to do so if I ended up posting them here.
Next sets, & currently last ones :/ *Sigh*

[Image: FirstofitsKind01_zps5bcc4538.png]

[Image: FirstofitsKind02_zps440e8940.png]

These are just WIP rough sketches as you can tell, but I'm happy with them so far.

This story was also won by another friend on Y!-Gallery, & wow am I in love with the story.

The story to this character is actually an origin story to a particular creature I've been rather obsessed with in the past 3-4 years lol, and if any of you guys follow me on my other sites then you'll know what creature that is: Orcs.

Yes, this guy, Onsgar (20), becomes pregnant with an orc fetus, but he has no idea what it actually is. This takes place many years before sophisticated technology & unhealthy life styles (lol). Onsgar was just a shaman-in-training who worked gathering herbs in the fields of his town. He much desired a life with a partner, a certain hunter he's always had his eye on for years, but he never had the guts or courage to say anything, especially since he wanted to avoid embarrassment if the man he loves turned out straight.

Onsgar got called up by the town mayor & was informed by the mayor himself that the gods had spoken to him, & it was his job to inform Onsgar that he had been chosen to become impregnated with a new living being he would introduce to the world. What being that was remained a mystery because the gods only said it would be a new life on Earth, & nothing more. Onsgar accepted this task with joy & honor, & was impregnated later that night by a god that took the appearance of the man Onsgar loved.

As the months started to pass Onsgar has been filled with nothing but joy; he loves that he was chosen to take on such a serious but honorable assignment for his town & the world. He often wishes he knew exactly what he was carrying, but if the gods wanted it to remain a surprise for him & the world then Onsgar had to settle with a mystery baby. His only hope is that the baby wasn't something that would have claws or vicious wings like a bat-like monster. But despite his joy, the pregnancy itself has taken a toll upon him. He had gotten much heavier & gained more girth, causing him to not be able to bend over properly like he used to to pick up special herbs & shrooms for his pastes & potions, which resulted in him having to take a couple of his siblings to help him pick the plants. Other times he got very bad mood swinsg & would lash out on people, especially his family & the man he loved.

Another concern Onsgar has is if he'd ever find a partner in his life. He knew he could raise the baby on his own, but it was his main life goal to find himself a wonderful man whom he could share the rest of his life with & have more kids with, & his own family supports him on that dream.

As the months continue to go by Onsgar begins to slightly worry how long this pregnancy is supposed to last, especially with how much bigger his stomach was getting as the months passed. He hopes things turn out ok because he wishes to survive & help raise the child/creature within his stomach, because he wants the world to accept the new living being as the gods want it.

That's all I have. The story, which is titled "The First of its Kind" is also in the WIP stages.

I hope to start getting some more MPreg drawings done too, either with these characters or some of my other ones. Drawing has become a hassle for me with the anatomy & stuff (even after 3 years it's hell for me), so it's never an easy task for me to draw like I used to.

Thanks again for browsing guys. I will try to get more work done to post Smile
Ugh, I never thought I'd be back to this old thread. I hope I'm not breaking any rules by bringing it back up.

Anyways, this is a picture of a very lovely couple I've been working on for about a month now (drawing two people in one picture is tough). Surprisingly people really love their story even though it's actually pretty simple compared to the most extensive stuff I tend to do, but hey they're lovable characters I suppose Smile The tattoos on the taller one's chest reads: "If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours."

Decided to make Kaiden's race Lebanese just to further emphasize my love & support for interracial couples This also happens to be the youngest couple I've done lol (most of the others have the older man being above 32 years of age). I know I screwed up really bad on the hands, but critique ahead anyways

Vincent (the tall one) & Kaiden (pregnant one) have been lovers for roughly 3 months. Due to a broken condom Vincent got Kaiden pregnant. Despite the accident Vincent (28) was full of absolute joy, & he even asked for Kaiden to move in with his family (whom they gladly welcomed in). While Vincent's mother already has 12 grand kids from her 3 other kids, she was thrilled that her youngest kid was finally on his way to fatherhood. Kaiden's family is slightly despondent about his relationship with Vincent, since they believe the sperm father should be the one making more money, but Kaiden (19) doesn't approve of their old fashioned ways.

Kaiden's family is filthy rich (they are owners of various clothing companies & gasoline stations), but they will not allow their son to take out money for his relationship until they marry. Kaiden says he will marry when Vincent feels it's appropriate, & not force it. Even with the richness Kaiden still makes more money ($13 the hour) at his job, & he encourages Vincent to find a better job as well to make a better income since his current one pays him a low salary & gives him inconsistent hours. Vincent tries to find a better job to do better for his upcoming family, & because they both want to get their own place soon. He also wants to avoid for Kaiden to move out if necessary.

The baby will be given the name Walter, a favorite name of Kaiden & Vincent.

[Image: VincentampKaiden_zps4f22ef84.png]
Great art, love it
[Image: Beachbaseballedit_zpsd2bf39ad.png]

Really happy with the piece so far, though critique is still welcome Smile Will look very forward to getting to this piece in color.

So as a refresher, Vincent (right) had decided to go to the Keiaku beach (they reside in Hawaii) on his day off from work to play some baseball with a few pals & Kaiden (left) tagged along. At 8 months into his pregnancy Kaiden evidently can't play ball with Vince & pals, so he mostly just stays to the side to watch & cheers on. Vince decided to use this day as the perfect excuse to wear his Dodgers gear to play. (He is a huge fan of the LA Dodgers, & hopes to play for them one day; he wants to have this career to get himself & Kaiden a place of their own [they live with Vince's parents] since his current job pays him a mediocre salary & gives him few hours).

Their son is to be named Walter.

They are my youngest couple (Vincent is 28 & Kaiden is 19), which is different for me because I normally always have the daddy-son theme for my pieces (the boys run around 18-21 in age while the men run around 32-52). I'm surprisingly in love with this couple a lot more than what had hoped for. The story isn't as elaborate as my other stuff but I guess the more simplicity of it is what got to some.

The piece itself doesn't have a full story to it, it's just a regular casual-like piece for these two young lovers. The characters as a whole though DO have a story & you can read it on my last post of them.

Credit to the background
[Image: Nazir%20Lake_zps62la5pbw.png]

Yay, I finally finished this piece! It's been giving me a lot of trouble with the anatomy; couldn't find an appropriate background, & I didn't know what kind of tattoo I wanted on him! But I'm really happy with it! Really want to get to it in color if my computer re-connects to my tablet (ugh).

Now for the story on this piece:

Nasir (19) is currently at 7 months into his pregnancy with a baby boy. The father, Riley Cooper (38), is currently back in his hometown of Alabama with his daughter. Riley had no idea he left Nasir pregnant for those 7 months, & he didn't find out about it until he received a letter from the Pakistani boy. The letter read that Nasir dearly missed his "American Sailor" & was filled to the brim with joy when he found out he was carrying his Sailor's child. Nasir didn't care that he was still very young, much too young to be having children, he only cared that his baby belonged to the Sailor he met & hoped he'd see said sailor again soon. The boy keeps it a secret that the baby is part American, because if anyone were to find out they would kill both Nasir & the baby.

Riley, completely dismayed & bewildered after looking at Nasir's pregnancy picture, took immediate action & gave a few friends a call to get the boy over to America fast. The Sailor wanted to bring Nasir into the states appropriately , but now that he got a check on the aftermath of their last moment together Riley knew strings had to be pulled. Despite that Riley was glad his young Pakistani sweetheart would finally be here with him.

The image itself is as the summary described; just Nasir getting his picture taken by a friend in Lake Saiful Muluk in Pakistan, 7 months pregnant, & overjoyed about it all. The FULL story to Nasir & the Sailor will be posted eventually. This summary was just one part of the story.

I really made sure Nasir here had as many of the accurate racial traits of Pakistani guys: almond shaped eyes, thick eyebrows, very long & straight nose, diamond head, & very well groomed hair (lol). The tattoo on his leg is a hummingbird with the head of a jasmine flower (the state flower of Pakistan) & Pakistani streams. It represents his love for hummingbirds (he wants to have a career involving birds) & his heritage. He's not happy being IN Pakistan, but he loves his culture.

All my hallmarks are in this story: young & older couple, younger skinny boy gets pregnant, interracial (Riley is Caucasian), & size difference (Riley is 6'4" & Nasir is 5'8").

Hope you guys like it Smile
[Image: Its%20a%20boy%20Edit_zps8j0auvqk.png]

I LOVE how this turned out! Finally an image of Nasir & his sailor (Calvin) completed Big Grin

Calvin (38) was stationed in Pakistan for 3 years (US Navy). 2 months before being able to go back home to Alabama to his daughter he had his life saved by Nasir (19) as the sailor was almost shot at. Thankful he thanked Nasir by buying him dinner & allowing him to spend nights at his quarters. Eventually Calvin falls in love with Nasir & the two make passionate love. The day Calvin was going to leave back home he promised Nasir he'd get him over to America. But it would take a good amount of time 1-2 years to get legal papers for him. Nasir didn't care & was willing to wait that long.

7 months after getting home the sailor got a letter from Nasir & a picture of the boy heavily pregnant. Shocked he immediately got a few friends to pull some strings to get Nasir to Alabama immediately. When Calvin's daughter, Sahara (21), found her dad & Nasir kissing (she was at the mall when Nasir had arrived) she got angry, & she became outraged. Sahara thought it was unbelievable that her dad would date a guy that was young enough to be her brother. She eventually started becoming more rebellious, barely speaking to her dad, & ignoring Nasir's existence. She often complains to her mother & says lies.

Calvin wants his daughter to accept that Calvin is the love of his life, & that he is still there for her.

All my hallmarks are in this image: interracial (Caucasian & Pakistani), older & younger, mpreg, size difference, & storytelling.

The Instawhore (or Instagram as others call it) version of this image has a song playing called Hoppípolla. Check out the song, truly beautiful (and the entire album it's from).
Hey guys, my new tablet came in a while ago & now I've finally been able to pick up some of these pieces to start coloring & began with Nasir Smile

Now I know the original hair color on Nasir here looked really dark, almost black, in the finished sketch, but after actually adding a few really dark colors (including the black tone of his speedo) into his hair I just wasn't feeling it. He looked very plain. So I messed around with some colors & came to the yellows/blond. I really ended up liking the blonde shades, so I just kept it that way.

I don't know, he now kinda looks more Greek than Pakistani lol. Oh well, at least it's turning out nice so far Smile Can't wait to get to shading this, especially his baby bump.

[Image: Nazir%20Lake%20Sample_zpsf8yr55bu.png]
great job! love the athletic or muscular built guys with big pregnant bellies!
(07-07-2015, 01:26 PM)knockedupjock Wrote:  great job! love the athletic or muscular built guys with big pregnant bellies!

Thanks. I'm hoping to get some more of those out eventually.
[Image: wTwkvDl.png]

"Nasir (19) is currently 7 months into his pregnancy with a baby boy. The father, Calvin Cooper (38), is currently back in his hometown of Alabama with his daughter. Calvin had no idea he left Nasir pregnant for those 7 months, & he didn't find out about it until he received a letter from the Pakistani boy. The letter read that Nasir dearly missed his "American Sailor" & was filled to the brim with joy when he found out he was carrying his Sailor's child. Nasir didn't care that he was still very young (much too young to be having children), he only cared that his baby belonged to the Sailor he met, & hoped he'd see him again soon. The boy keeps it a secret that the baby is part American, because if anyone were to find out in his town they would kill Nasir & the baby.

Calvin, completely dismayed & bewildered after looking at Nasir's picture, took immediate action & gave a few friends a call to get the boy over to America fast. The Sailor wanted to bring Nasir into the states appropriately, but now that he got a check on the aftermath of their last moment together, he knew strings had to be pulled. Despite that, Calvin was glad his young Pakistani sweetheart would finally be home with him."


Hooray, I got it in color! Took me a really long time (because I suck with backgrounds), but glad it worked out in the end
smile emoticon
I changed his original tattoo design from the bird to a mosasaur because I thought it would be a better idea to have him want a career in dinosaurs/archeology. Plus it would be his favorite animal.

I also tried a new style of coloring. I've never done it before (ambient lighting) so I hope it looks good.

Nasir here is just about to take a dip in Lake Saiful Muluk, & gave a quick thumbs up for the camera before stepping in.

Hope you guys like it.

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