Frisby's Art
(11-18-2016, 02:24 AM)SooperSecret Wrote:  Lovely work! You do such sweet interactions with couples, and very nice level of detail, and very, very nice bellies indeed! That Nasir by the lake pic is gorgeous, no wonder you picked it for your avatar!

Keep the art coming!

Thanks so much! And yes, the Nasir pic is a personal favorite of mine. Will be posting some more eventually Smile
Hey guys, It's been a long, LONG time since I've posted anything here. Sorry. But I've been going through a lot, photo bucket's new shitty "third party hosting deal" making me repost everything here from imgur now, and then there's the fact that I haven't been very motivated to draw at all in the past several months. It's gotten to the point where I've considered simply sketching and having to commission other artists to do my work or help me ink them. But I'm still here, and gotta share something. I plan on redrawing A LOT of the work I've originally posted here, just to update them with my own improvement. I know it ain't much to just redraw the same work I've posted before, but when you have so much to do, not much else to do, and aren't inspired to draw something new, what else CAN you do? Better something than nothing.

Anyway, here's a piece that I NEVER posted here, and I'm surprised I never have.

[Image: u0UWuWU.jpg]

This will be one of the pieces I plan to redraw, but for now just enjoy it. It's Marco (one of the first characters I posted here) giving birth to his and Griphin's son. I considered doing a more graphic version of where you can actually see the baby coming out, but anatomically I'd have to work on that some more.
So...I've been working on these two for over a YEAR, and I can never finish anything with them. I have a full story in my head, but can't bring myself to start writing it, and all this art of them has yet to be finished. Either way, I adore them. I'll post a finished piece and a full summary of the story, but until now, I'll end it with the descriptions of the characters.

Joel (right) is 54 years old, caucasian (Nordic), is a retired astronaut and cop, and owns an insurance company that prevents malfunctions to large aircrafts. Noah is 19 years old, Turkish, works as a model and cosplayer, and has graduated with a bachelor's degree in cosmetology and fashion (he makes his own clothes). They plan to name their baby Odin. That's about it lol.

[Image: 0Q58jih.jpg]

The next set of pictures are more references to Joel I'm working on.

[Image: 2lkNRre.jpg]

[Image: shvmXDT.jpg]

I’m really, REALLY hoping to get something done of these two. They are one of my most personal favorites.
[Image: n4FqUZl.jpg]

This is Tanner (21). I originally created him for a Hellraiser fan fiction I had in mind, but it never came to fruition. It was supposed to be about Tanner, who moves to Maryland for a job offer he got in a hospital (he's a nurse and served in the army for 3 years). He's the second youngest of 4 siblings. He shopped for antiques and unique artifacts, and came across the puzzle box (a purple colored one). Upon opening it he was chained up and tortured, and was essentially raped by one of the cenobites (let's go with Pinhead). Upon discovering he was pregnant he started to suffer from nightmarish visions and tormented by the cenobites, even having the fear of the baby itself.

Plot difficulties came around and that's when I scrapped it. I wanted to involve a lot more of the lore of the Hellraiser franchise, including Tanner being hunted down by the cenobites, as ordered by the Leviathan itself (I usually refer to it as a Monolith instead) to avoid the birth of the baby. But due to the whole "prevention of the birth" part of the story is where I became stuck, and didn't really know WHY they wanted to stop the birth of the baby.

In Hellbound (the second film of the series), it showcased that there were MULTIPLE puzzle boxes, so I got a creative liberty and decided that each box represented a different theme. Since the main one always represented pain and desire, I thought maybe a purple one could represent lust.

I'll be changing it up to another character. Shame, because I liked where I was going with it, but storytelling problems came around and I scrapped it.
Alright just so you know I am utterly in love with that idea you had for a Mpreg Hellraiser story and would love to see where it could go with some refining. I also love the look you gave Tanner Smile
A boyish notion of false emotion
(08-28-2017, 10:44 PM)the_fashion_thing Wrote:  Alright just so you know I am utterly in love with that idea you had for a Mpreg Hellraiser story and would love to see where it could go with some refining. I also love the look you gave Tanner Smile

Thanks so much. Not sure If this idea will be picked up again, but glad to see someone would like to see me go back to it.
(06-25-2014, 12:41 AM)Frisby2007 Wrote:  Next is another personal favorite story of mine Smile

[Image: mZibotS.png]

[Image: hKx6xbG.png]

[Image: XPdQMMt.jpg]

Marcos Galfeggor (19) had become the next chosen surrogate to give birth to the orc King's next heir of the throne. This happened at a ceremony that was held every 35 years. Every 35 years because when the next heir to the Orc King's throne would turn 35 himself, & by that time the new king would need to have a surrogate bear a son for him. During the ceremony, all the boys & girls of the land ages 18-22 were obligated to attend & slip their names into a giant stone jar. Once that was done the current king would insert a large blade into the back of the jar & the jar would eject the name of the next boy or girl to become the king's surrogate. A feast would later be held after the picking, & once the feast was over the king would take his chosen surrogate to his chamber & share a whole night of intimacy alone.

Once the surrogate would announce his/her pregnancy (which on average took 3 days to a week) they would hen make the decision of either staying the next 10 months with the king or at their own home. IF the surrogate chose to stay home then the King Orc would have an obligation to check up on the surrogate, leave many foods & a satchel of gold to the surrogate in their home for, be obliged to comply with demands relevant to the baby from the surrogate if they were reasonable, & simply be very courteous. The only thing the King Orc was not allowed to do other than abuse his power was give his next heir a name; giving a name to the baby was all up to the surrogate. Once the delivery of the child came, the surrogate would give birth while the father was present. After the child would arrive the surrogate did not have the choice to keep the child. In fact the only way the surrogate could stay with his or her baby would be if they chose to stay with the King orc, which very few have ever decided on.

Marcos did NOT want to become pregnant, let alone even plan on having kids at all. His goal was to go to Alaska in America to become a crab fisher, but those plans were put on hold. Once the pregnancy became official he was far from happy with his situation, & in fact he is aggressively hostile towards his pregnancy, & he resents both the baby & the father (where his hatred is mostly focused on). He hates the father because he impregnated him despite being a very sweet, noble & kindhearted orc (for an orc of his level, stature, & physique), & the baby for being the spawn of the king & for the amount of suffering that it has caused Marcos’ body. There is no doubt in his mind the baby is going to be large in size, so the birth itself is what terrifies him most, which only adds to the loathing.

The general plot is for the character to go through the pregnancy & give birth to the Orc king’s heir, & after that Marcos is free to either receive his reward for his accomplishment or stay & start a family. But the storytelling relies on character development, & how a guy like Marcos can change when something changes his life; in this case he learns to become a better person despite all that has occurred in his life.

The color one is not complete, I still need to add highlights & change the skirt he's wearing because I'm not happy with it at all. The orc at the very bottom of the image is a rough WIP sketch of the King Orc named Griphin.

This story was won by a good friend of mine Smile I love the way he described his character enough for me to develop him in the story. I know the beginning of the plot for this story sounds a lot like "The Hunger Games" but trust me when I say that I was NOT planning o that nor was I even thinking of The Hunger Games as I wrote out the plot for this XP

More coming soon.

This is one I reeaaaally want more of and hopefully a happy ending. I reeaaallly like the idea of this one, especially if it's a happy ending.
(07-02-2014, 02:37 AM)Frisby2007 Wrote:  Next sets, & currently last ones :/ *Sigh*

[Image: FirstofitsKind01_zps5bcc4538.png]

[Image: FirstofitsKind02_zps440e8940.png]

These are just WIP rough sketches as you can tell, but I'm happy with them so far.

This story was also won by another friend on Y!-Gallery, & wow am I in love with the story.

The story to this character is actually an origin story to a particular creature I've been rather obsessed with in the past 3-4 years lol, and if any of you guys follow me on my other sites then you'll know what creature that is: Orcs.

Yes, this guy, Onsgar (20), becomes pregnant with an orc fetus, but he has no idea what it actually is. This takes place many years before sophisticated technology & unhealthy life styles (lol). Onsgar was just a shaman-in-training who worked gathering herbs in the fields of his town. He much desired a life with a partner, a certain hunter he's always had his eye on for years, but he never had the guts or courage to say anything, especially since he wanted to avoid embarrassment if the man he loves turned out straight.

Onsgar got called up by the town mayor & was informed by the mayor himself that the gods had spoken to him, & it was his job to inform Onsgar that he had been chosen to become impregnated with a new living being he would introduce to the world. What being that was remained a mystery because the gods only said it would be a new life on Earth, & nothing more. Onsgar accepted this task with joy & honor, & was impregnated later that night by a god that took the appearance of the man Onsgar loved.

As the months started to pass Onsgar has been filled with nothing but joy; he loves that he was chosen to take on such a serious but honorable assignment for his town & the world. He often wishes he knew exactly what he was carrying, but if the gods wanted it to remain a surprise for him & the world then Onsgar had to settle with a mystery baby. His only hope is that the baby wasn't something that would have claws or vicious wings like a bat-like monster. But despite his joy, the pregnancy itself has taken a toll upon him. He had gotten much heavier & gained more girth, causing him to not be able to bend over properly like he used to to pick up special herbs & shrooms for his pastes & potions, which resulted in him having to take a couple of his siblings to help him pick the plants. Other times he got very bad mood swinsg & would lash out on people, especially his family & the man he loved.

Another concern Onsgar has is if he'd ever find a partner in his life. He knew he could raise the baby on his own, but it was his main life goal to find himself a wonderful man whom he could share the rest of his life with & have more kids with, & his own family supports him on that dream.

As the months continue to go by Onsgar begins to slightly worry how long this pregnancy is supposed to last, especially with how much bigger his stomach was getting as the months passed. He hopes things turn out ok because he wishes to survive & help raise the child/creature within his stomach, because he wants the world to accept the new living being as the gods want it.

That's all I have. The story, which is titled "The First of its Kind" is also in the WIP stages.

I hope to start getting some more MPreg drawings done too, either with these characters or some of my other ones. Drawing has become a hassle for me with the anatomy & stuff (even after 3 years it's hell for me), so it's never an easy task for me to draw like I used to.

Thanks again for browsing guys. I will try to get more work done to post Smile

This is the second one that fascinates me, and I just want his life partner to turn out to be the guy he loves.
[Image: AAznhm0.jpg]

[Image: 917wMMv.jpg]

New character WIP.

Won't say much on him other than he's British, which is a first for me (always wanted to do a character from the UK) and named Donovan "Donnie" Poole. I'll give a more basic description of him and pregnancy, and possibly a little of his story with a finished ink.
[Image: zhOrdTw.jpg]

Commissioned piece done by the amazing Reclamon Smile Rough sketch right now, but he'll finish it soon.

I just ADORE how he captured these three, and I'm excited to finally have a piece of these guys done (even if it's not by me Sad ) because I've been NEEDING to have something done of these guys. I won't elaborate too much right now on their story, since I mostly do that for finished pieces, but I'll do a quick little summary of who they are in a bit. I just cannot tell you guys enough how much I love the piece. He did such a fantastic job designing the characters his way, while still keeping true to how I want them, and as a whole piece he captured the sheer love behind them.

These guys are a polygamous relationship (this piece takes place near the end of the trimester for Quinton). Quinton is the pregnant one (19 years old), Cage is the one on the right (46 years old), and Kortan is the one on the left (46 years old).

Hope you guys love it as much as I do.

Below is MY conceptual work of the characters.

[Image: XBkEpwm.jpg]

[Image: FpVoBIi.jpg]

[Image: rWsX9k2.jpg]
Your work is amazing. I rarely get to see art depicting younger guys carrying for the older, handsome men in their lives! I especially loved hearing about Joel and Noah. Such a cute couple! Would love to see more of them in the future!
(10-07-2017, 04:16 AM)rubmybelly42 Wrote:  Your work is amazing. I rarely get to see art depicting younger guys carrying for the older, handsome men in their lives! I especially loved hearing about Joel and Noah. Such a cute couple! Would love to see more of them in the future!

Thank you so much! Older and younger happens to be one of my main storytelling themes Smile. I'll be posting some more soon.
[Image: rfcvMEP.png]

The story of Kortan, Cage and Quinton is a rather complicated one, going through many complicated changes and conflicting feelings in their lives since Quinton announced he was pregnant. Kortan and Cage, both married men of 20 years and together for 25, had decided that they wanted to spice up their marriage by adding a third “plaything” in their sex lives. Quinton had recently moved to the city of Anaheim in California from Palm Springs to be closer to his family in LA. He came from a hard working single father, who left Quinton a good amount of money after he had passed away, and Quinton had put it to good use. He started up his own online business which became an immediate success, and made enough money back to purchase a home in full and rent it out to a wealthy family, now residing in a good apartment.

While the Russian wasn’t looking for a relationship, he himself had also decided to look for a casual friend with benefits online. To his surprise he was contacted by Cage ad Kortan about a day later. The 46 year olds wanted a third play thing in their sex lives, and Quinton was OK with it since he wasn’t looking for a boyfriend anyway.

Kortan was a retired marine, having served for 15 years, and immigrated from Ireland (where he was originally part of a tribe), and Cage is a conductor and professional musician. Cage had met Kortan in Ireland, where he was traveling to learn about the culture and music to inspire him for his next performance. At the time the big tusked brute was part of a huge clan, and he saved the life of Cage before falling to his doom, and it was love at first sight when their eyes locked on each other. It took Kortan 2 years to legally move to US, but it happened, and not being able to go to school he decided to join the marines himself.

The threesome was great between them for 4 months. This was the first time the two Orcs tried it, and stuck with Quinton since.

It wasn’t until the 4th month that Quinton got a pregnancy test and found out he was pregnant, and with twins. The most shocking part was that each twin had a different father, one twin belonging to Cage and the other belonging to Kortan (called heteropaternal superfecundation). Kortan and Cage normally used condoms during their sex, but Quinton preferred bareback with them, and he took birth control for it. He made a mistake one of those days and took his pill too late.

Several months went by, and they eventually compromised on a solution. Both Orcs decided that they would adopt the twins from Quinton after he gave birth to them, in order to do the 19 year old a favor and not have him go through something he wasn’t ready for in his life. Cage and Kortan felt that after 25 years together it would be a good time to actually become parents, as sudden as it was.

But all wasn’t too well for Quinton. Around his 8th month he had become attached to his twins a lot more than he expected, as his feelings for Cage and Kortan had also risen as they spent more time together. He knew it was wrong to love two Orcs that were already married, but the feelings were real, and he felt ashamed for it. Quinton eventually admitted his feelings to both Orcs, and it all came together. The human boy couldn't ever come back to their home again and be hurt with seeing his twins, knowing well they would no longer be his; and he couldn’t bear leaving the two Orcs he loved with all his heart.

Weeks passed, and after a car accident the Orcs were contacted by Quinton for help, which they immediately responded to. Not long after, Quinton still felt the same way, but the Orcs themselves have given it a thought too and realized that Quinton was someone they wanted as part of their family. After all this time they spent together, both Orcs decided that they loved the human and wanted him to be their third husband as he essentially changed them them as people too. Kortan had become a lot more doting and fatherly, and Cage felt an attachment to his family a lot more. It took them time to realize it, but they loved it. While it was so sudden, Quinton accepted this proposal and married them.

Quinton is now 10 months heavily pregnant, and married to two wonderful Orcs. Kortan is the most excited to become a father, while Cage seems to keep himself a little more composed but still excited.
It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here, so I thought I’d change that up.

I commissioned this piece from the completely talented Reclamon, and I just ADORE how well he captured my characters. I provided all the concept work of the characters, and several references, he did the rest.

Yes, they are a polygamous married family. Controversial, but it works for them. Kortan is the big happy Orc on the left, Quinton is the delighted pregnant human in the middle, and Cage is the self-controlled Orc on the right.

I have a completed story of these guys, and hope to get it published sometime soon.

Art by Reclamon
Characters, story, and concept by me.

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