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I found this harem manga that involves monster girls. One girl is made out of water and constantly causes funny and awkward situations for the family. I found this one in the later chapters. She looks pregnant doesn't she?

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what is the title of the manga??
monster musume no iru nichijou
(08-14-2014, 06:10 PM)DragonKnight Wrote:  monster musume no iru nichijou

LOL Yeah I saw that before xD
Yes, I am a feminist,
But does that mean I do not love a newborn child? Heart
No, it does not.
I may support abortion but that does not mean I do not respect a woman or man's choice to bring a child into this world.

As long as they love that child I do not care.

I think that was only like a one page thing? I think there isn't any actual pregnancy.
So many ideas, so little quality.
There actually is some brief pregnancy you can see in the manga and anime, though it's just imagined by the lamia and centaur for when they make a baby with the main character. Trying to remember the's in the 20s, I think.

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