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The Mortuary Collection
So the good news first of all is that this director's first film has been fully funded, and he has plans to continue the other three in this live-action anthology film. One of these stories deals with a womanizing frat boy who discovers that he’s pregnant with something unhuman:
Hmm sounds quite interesting. Though may be some time till we get to see this. But at least they are trying to make it high-quality which is always a plus.
You had me a Mpreg, you hooked me with Horror Anthology, I am excited!
A boyish notion of false emotion
I can't wait for that mpreg episode to happen <3 sounds juicy <3
Any news?

This kickstarter never delivers for like 3years overdue.
I'm actually a fan of horror anthologies (thought most admittedly suck, but they're entertaining), and it's just such a shame this never came into fruition (three years, seriously?).

As for their it me or is the Netflix series The Babysitter possibly connected with these guys?

Edit: I just contacted them on their website. Hopefully I get a response.

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