Trans friends and trans friendly
im very trans friendly!!!
It's nice to see so many trans-positive people on this site! Big Grin
So many ideas, so little quality.
I'm not a transgender person myself but I'm trans friendly, I have a lot of transgender people on my Facebook I chat with from time to time so if anyone wants to chat your always welcome to send me a private message for a conversation Smile
(05-03-2015, 04:02 PM)FweepFwopFwoop Wrote:  It's nice to see so many trans-positive people on this site! Big Grin

I'm a trans-friendly guy!
I'm genderqueer so I'm technically under the umbrella. Hi folks! Big Grin
Genderfluid, trans-friendly
A boyish notion of false emotion
I'm a trans person, I actually identify as a non-binary boy. My gender exists somewhere outside of the binary while also being masculine I suppose? It's hard to explain.
Hey, this is a whole website devoted to challenging the binary of sex and gender in some very visible ways! I'm always open to talk if anyone needs support. I do my best.
Bumping this thread, but I just wanted to say that I'm also a trans guy very into birth.
Identified as trans since 09, planned on taking T, but the cookie just didn't crumble that way. A marriage and two kids later I now identify as a gender-fluid non-binary. But if I had my way I'd get my breasts removed grow a beard and get ripped tomorrow. Lol, still, I've made my peace, and consider myself among the transsexuals. I have some transexual acquaintances but none that I can say are in my close circle of friends, which is unfortunate.
I consider myself genderfluid or not sure, "transcurious" is a word? I'm a biological male, husband and father. And still has a sense, mind or soul of a female AND male, because I'm only me and that what matters.
Father of 3 children (2 boys: one stepson) and a girl.  Angel

Wanting to share the experience of pregnancy with my wife (I love her and her ability to bring life to the world).   Heart

I don't know why I want to, but women are able to do it. Blush
i'm a transguy that has loved pregnancy and birth for as long as i can remember! Big Grin
(08-26-2014, 07:45 PM)FweepFwopFwoop Wrote:  Hey! So, I'm gonna start by saying that I am a transgender male, meaning I was born into a female body, but I identify as a male. And I also love mpreg and fpreg. (Which I guess is pretty obvious, I wouldn't be on this site otherwise.) Is there anyone on this site that's also transgendered, or at least trans friendly? I'd like to have someone to talk to.

(I also like video games and music, but that's not important right now.)

I'm trans-friendly!

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