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Miracle of Phil (2008)
I remember watching it online somewhere. But I can not seem to find it now. Wonder if anyone have the link to this movie.
"The Miracle of Phil" is actually the second episode of a xbox video series called Horror Meets Comedy. I don't know if you can still watch it on xbox live. I don't have xbox live myself, but I couldn't find if browsing the xbox TV/movie store. I did find a behind the scenes video, though.
omg I need to see it asap Sad
Thank you for finally putting a name to this! I saw images on one of the old forums but couldn't remember the name. Please let me know if you find it.
found a little bit more about it.
I haven't been able to find the full video in several years, but here is a trailer of sorts, with titillating scenes not present in the "Behind the Scenes" video.  I'll post both for convenience.

Behind the Scenes:


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