Scribbles and such
I'd might as well share a few pictures of mine here.
Most of my stuff tends to be furry-oriented; if you don't care for such, I won't blame you for avoiding this thread.

So here's a commission I finished today:

"Why on earth would you want to sing karaoke so close to our due date? It's harder to get a deep breath and sustain the note when I've got cubs pressing up against my lungs."
"True ... but it's still fun, and I love your voice. And I'm perfectly willing to use my pregnancy as an excuse to do irrational things while I can."
"... Sounds good to me. Something by Weird Al?"
"If I could marry you all over again, I would."

Other possible songs include "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" and "Before Me and You."

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I recognized this art style, there used to be a serial of these kind of mpreg furry arts on DA until the user decided to take down all those picture due to the fact those pics contained component of porn sadly I still miss his art.
... that would be me, yes.
As for why I took that old account down, that's ... only about fifty percent right.
There's something disheartening about setting up a side account for your less savory stuff, only to see it get more page-views in six months than your regular account did in five years. At the time it felt like I was being told that the only reason anyone cared about my art was not any merits of my own, but for fap material. When I cleaned out the account, I posted a journal entry with a link to my regular gallery ... and pretty much no one followed over, so it sorta felt like I was right.
But eh. Increasing cost of living will drive a guy to draw whatever gets a few more coins to feed the creditors, so here I am again.
I really like your work. Smile
A boyish notion of false emotion
Another commission - two friends in similar delicate conditions, one of whom is a bit tuckered out from hauling around so many kids all day.
Behold the terror of the vaguely overstuffed couchblob.

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Oh, right. Sometimes I draw humans too. Sorry for being so inattentive about updates.

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Nice pic!
So ... I had lunch at a Chinese place with a Laughing Buddha statue, thoughts went to weird places, and this sketch happened.

"Are you really sure it's okay for me to dress like this for the costume party? It's a little ..."
"Risqué? Sacrilegious?"
"Exposed to the elements. It's October, for heck's sake."

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