Please Help!
So apparently I received a warning about PM spamming today. I think this all started after I upgraded my computer to Windows 10. Every time I would send a pm to someone a box would pop up asking me to retry or cancel the message. Even though it sends the message. No matter which one I choose, that box keeps popping up. Leaving me to exit the site and then come back. This also has annoyed some people because it keeps sending the message over and over.

Let me just say. I had no intention of spamming anyone. And I am sorry this happened. I don't know if this is Windows 10 on my end. Or if it's a problem on your end. I would like to resolve this issue. This happens all the time when I pm since I upgraded. Maybe I just won't pm anymore.

I hope this gets sorted out soon.

Thanks in advance.

My advice is this (because I was in contact with someone who got multiple PMs from you and I did tell that member it was possible it was some sort of glitch sending the same message multiple times):

If you send some one a PM, send it only once and assume they got it. If it asks you to retry, don't. Cancel the retry. If you don't hear back from the person you PMed, trying contacting them through a thread (probably in the RP contact section) with something as simple as "Hey, did you get the PM I sent? I never heard back from you."  That way, you're only sending the message once and the person knows you were trying to contact them, in case the PM didn't go through.
Sometimes, the world is cruel to shiny things...
Ok cool. Thanks so much. I just wanted to clarify what was going on. And whoever this person was, I apologize.

Thanks for the advice.
I managed to revoke your Warning status. Thanks for letting us know about the glitch.

If you have an issue, I can help! PM me or email me here-->
You are welcome and thank you so much.

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