Missing threads
I posted a thread and it just disappeared and I didn't delete it.
Where did you post it? What was it called? We need a little bit more information to help.

If you have an issue, I can help! PM me or email me here--> thekicking@gmail.com
It was in the Mpreg RP Proposals it was called Looking for a Seeder who's into stuffing.
I deleted it, because it is in violation of the RP guidelines, which you would know if you read the rules.

Clearly, you did not read the thread I posted two days ago entitled Please Read This **IMPORTANT MOD POST** because if you had, you would know that it's against the rules to post more than one proposal and contact info thread per person -- Which you had done and which is why I deleted that post.

Since people did NOT review the rules, I'm doing what's well within my rights as the RP moderator to delete multiple thread without warning.

I suggest you (and anyone else who has had threads in that section vanish) review the guidelines.
Sometimes, the world is cruel to shiny things...
I apologize for not reading that notice, and forgetting that I cannot post multiple proposals. Thank you for the explanation.

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