Clarification of Rules #4 and #4a
Because there seems to be some confusion recently in regards to these two rules, this clarification is meant to make things more clear to any present and new members wanting to share stories, RPs, and art.

Our rules regarding minors are based on AGE OF MAJORITY, not age of consent. Age of majority is the age in which a person becomes a full, consenting ADULT. The age of majority on our forums is 18 years of age.

This means that any person below the age of 18 should not be portrayed in a sexualized way. This includes past sexual activity, either referenced or in flashbacks.

Also, the age of majority/consent in your country does not matter. On our forums, it is 18, and we reserve the right to refuse to host any stories, RPs, or art which features persons below the age of our site's majority as pregnant or engaging in sexual activity.

Offending content will be locked or hidden, pending admin review. We always offer our members the chance to edit their content to fit forum rules before deleting it.

If you have an issue, I can help! PM me or email me here-->

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