So, uh, hey. I kind of need to know where to put certain RP threads. Let's say I'm about to start an RP thread which starts as Fpreg but features Mpreg further down the line (because I am) or vice versa. Where should I post the thread(s) in question? The fact that Mpreg and Fpreg have explicitly separate super-categories means, from what I can tell, that putting them in either is okay - but I would hate to get a warning for posting in the wrong place.
If you put something in the wrong place, you wouldn't get warned for it; a mod would just tell you it was the wrong forum and move the post.

That said, it's been my personal opinion that any RP featuring mpreg belongs in the mpreg section. If it has fpreg too, that's fine, but it should always go in the mpreg section if it contains mpreg.

And, of course, you're free to tag things in the subject line or give a basic summary of your plot, if you're concerned people will be annoyed because "there's no mpreg in this!!!" since it hasn't appeared yet, or vice versa.
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