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Normally these pictures will be on my Tumblr only or have gone up there first. So I'll sometimes share a few pics here. My tumblr shares the exact same name an I do have a da page with a different name. However, I'm going to try an keep my mpreg stuff off of there.

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Some more art.

[Image: tumblr_o592i6UIU41sp4h6uo1_540.jpg]
HEre we have Eric, a oc of mine in a thread here on site.

[Image: tumblr_o5lqcx1Ur91sp4h6uo1_540.jpg]
A man in Alaska is confused when his large stomach feels like something is in it. Unknown to him he's going to be having a big litter. I might do something with this not sure yet.

[Image: Q92BT.gif]
[Image: ZY029.gif]
I have a FA account now so most of my mpreg art will go there but I shall give ya one last picture for here.

Here is my Fa account

And now the art down bellow.

Info on him;
This guy is a living plushie that was created by a witch during the Revolutionary war, hence him wearing a British uniform of the time and even a powdered wig. Giving life by the witch during this time, she kept him at a small size so she could hide them easily. Though once the war ended she made him the size of a horse due to his taur half and started to use him to breed creatures she needed for potions. Even though he now has more freedom centuries later, his look hasn't changed and she still uses him to create the creatures she needs for her spells and potions.

Despite often becoming heavy with life, Redcoat has a rather happy disposition and doesn't feel any hatred towards the witch. he is keen to learn new things, though she has ordered him to remain within the forest that is on private property; to avoid him being seen by people who would squeal pretty much. He is a husky taur.

[Image: Q92BT.gif]
[Image: ZY029.gif]

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